Top 10 Best Backless Booster Seat 

Has your child outgrown his or her forward-facing car safety seat?

He or she needs a backless booster seat, which looks like a baby chair you would use in a restaurant.

Children should stay in a booster seat until adult belts fit correctly. The choice of backless booster seats, however, is various in the market, and not every parent can make the best buying decision.

Therefore, in my top ten selections, I have considered all the essential features a parent would want the best backless booster seat UK to have.


Our top pick is the Peg Perego Car Seat 2-3 Shuttle Crystal Black.

This is the ultimate best option for parents with kids ranging from three to twelve years of age. The unique seat design delivers maximum protection and comfort.

The Best Backless Booster Seat

1. Peg Perego Car Seat 2-3 Shuttle Crystal Black

This is a safe, comfy, and secure backless booster seat that you must buy. It is a right choice for kids weighing 15 to 36 kilograms (3 to 12 years).

This lightweight seat consists of a base and two ergonomically designed and padded armrests, which make your child feel as if he or she is sitting in a little armchair.

The padding on the arm supports improves comfort over longer distances.

The dual-layer comfort base features an expanded polystyrene layer that does an excellent job of absorbing deceleration during a collision and an expanded polyurethane for maximum comfort throughout a long ride.

It is one of the most accessible seats to install. You can attach it to your car’s Isofix attachment points or the three-point seat belt.


  • Easy to install with the car’s three-point harness.
  • Padded armrests are very comfortable.
  • Great for absorbing deceleration force during an emergency.
  • Suitable for 3 to 12-year-old kids.
  • The integrated carry handle makes it easy to carry.


  • Maybe too wide for some cars.
  • The fit may be a little bit tighter for some kids.

2. Graco Affix Backless Booster Car Seat

This is a great backless youth booster with a latch system. It is not only convenient but also extremely safe.

The seat is uniquely designed to help transport a child weighing around forty to one hundred pounds. The child should also be about forty to fifty-seven inches tall.

It features a one-of-a-kind latch system that can be operated with one hand, which is great because it helps to connect the booster to the vehicle seat.

The secure connection also keeps the promoter steady for easy self-buckling for your kid.

Your child will appreciate the integrated cup holder that keeps snacks and drinks nearby. However, the cup holder must be installed first. A hideaway storage compartment perfectly fits handheld toys and games.

Care and maintenance of the seat are incredibly comfortable because the canopy and pad are machine-washable in cold water.


  • Latch system provides a secure connection.
  • The armrests and base are padded for added comfort.
  • Hideaway storage compartment adds versatility.
  • Cup holder keeps snacks and drinks closer.
  • Comes with machine-washable parts.


  • May come without some fixtures.
  • The latch system may be too short for a wide seat.

3. Cozy N Safe Tambu Group 3 Booster Car Seat

The simple design of this backless booster seat is compatible with any three-point seat belt. Not to mention that it comes with removable and washable covers.

The seat meets the minimum safety requirements of ECE R44/04. It is the perfect choice for children weighing between 22 and 36 kilograms. The recommended age range is 6 to 11 years old.

The Cozy N Safe Tambu has a very comfortable padded seat that contours to your child to provide superior collision force absorption and comfort throughout a long ride. The included armrests are padded for comfort.

However, before you buy this model, be sure to read both your vehicle owner’s manual and the booster seat manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the seat will fit in your car.


  • Installs easily to a three-point seat belt
  • Covers are removable and washable
  • Foam seat offers impact protection and comfort
  • Features very comfortable armrests
  • A suitable choice for kids ranging from 6 to 11 years


  • Doesn’t come with a cup holder
  • Possible to experience poor quality control with some models

4. Sparco SP 924ZG Backless Booster Seat

View on AmazonHave you been looking for a backless booster seat that grows with your child? Look no further than the Sparco SP 924ZG.

This amazing seat is ideal for children ranging from 15 to 36 kilograms, which translates to kids aged four to twelve years old.

The seat does not have an Isofix connection. Instead, it connects to the car’s three-point seat harness, which is great because it offers universal compatibility.

The base of the seat is made from a highly durable and comfortable material. Your child gets all the necessary support and comfort throughout the ride.

It features heavy-duty covers that are dirt and water repellent.

The covers are also removable and machine-washable. It comes with ergonomically designed armrests for support and comfort.


  • E1 approved booster seat for kids
  • Very ergonomic, safe, and comfortable design
  • Easy to install to a three-point harness
  • Washable covers are dirt and water repellent
  • Comfortable and supportive armrests


  • Does not feature Isofix connection
  • It does not come with a cup holder for added versatility

5. MyChild Button Booster Seat

Keep your child safe and comfortable on the road with MyChild Button Booster Seat.

This incredible group 2/3 model conforms to the minimum safety requirements of ECE R44.04. It is a right choice for kids weighing 22+ kilograms and 125+ centimeters tall.

The seat is forward-facing, which means you can install it in the rear or front seat.

Removable and washable fabric covers the comfortable foam base.

The seat is fitted with cushioned armrests, which is great because they provide superior comfort during a long road trip.

You can also use them as seat belt guides when using the three-point seat belt installation.


  • Easy and quick to install with a 3 point harness.
  • Forward-facing design can be installed in the front or back seat.
  • The seat is padded for comfort and collision force absorption.
  • Covers are easily removable for washing.
  • It’s available in three different colour options for preference.


  • Could be more supportive and comfier with additional padding on the seat.
  • Does not feature Isofix connection or installation.

6. ESO BOO Booster Seat

Another great group 2/3 backless booster seat for three to twelve-year-old kids. It is available in black, pink, anthracite, jeans blue, thimble, and blue.

This seat is approved as well as tested to meet the minimum safety requirements of ECE R44/04.

The anatomically designed seat is soft-padded for superior shock absorption and cushiony experience during a long ride.

The upholstered armrests also feature soft padding for added comfort.

The divan base is covered with a polyester fiber that is skin-friendly, removable, and washable.

You can easily connect the seat to your car’s three-point harness in the direction of travel.

The booster can also be installed to the front as well as the rear seats of the car.


  • It’s available in multiple colour options for preference.
  • Forward-facing design is highly versatile.
  • Compatible to the three-point seat belt system of a car.
  • Soft-padding in the divan seat and armrests improve comfort.
  • Covers can be removed, and machine washed.


  • This design may be too wide for some vehicle seats.
  • Could be more versatile with Isofix connection.

7. Safety 1st Manga Safe Group 3 Booster Car Seat

Available in three colour options (back, red, and hot grey), Manga from Safety 1st helps keep your child safe during a road trip.

Easy and quick to install, the fully padded backless booster is engineered to provide safety and comfort as a front-facing seat.

You can effortlessly connect it to the front or back seat of your vehicle. It is a great match for a car seat with a three-point seat belt system.

The minimum weight recommendation for the seat is 15 kilograms, while the maximum weight recommendation is 36 kilograms. The booster is ideal for kids ranging from 4 to 12 years of age.

The seat is padded and contoured for superior support, impact-absorption, and comfort. The armrests are also cushioned for comfort.


  • Extremely lightweight and portable for easy transport.
  • Its installation is quick, easy, and safe.
  • Uses your car’s three-point belt harness for convenience.
  • Seat and armrests are cushioned for support and comfort.
  • Allows for a maximum weight of up to 36 kilograms.


  • It doesn’t come with a shoulder strap for added versatility.
  • May not be the best choice for long-distance road trips.

8. Kids Embrace Group 2.3 Booster Seat

This amazing backless booster seat will make your child feel like a hero whenever you bring him or her along for the ride.

You’ve got two incredible designs or patterns to choose from, including Batgirl for girls and Batman for boys.

It’s fitted with a broad cushioned base that’s supportive and comfy.

The base is covered with a machine-washable fabric that’s designed to repel stain and water.

It is conveniently fitted with a cup holder for keeping snacks and drinks within reach.

The booster is highly recommended for kids weighing between 15 and 36 kilograms, which means it’s a great choice for four to eleven-year-old kids.


  • Available in Batgirl and Batman designs.
  • Arm support and base are cushioned for comfort.
  • The cover is removable and machine-washable.
  • The cup holder helps keep drinks or snacks near.
  • Has an ergonomic seat belt positioner.


  • It’s not a great option for a sleepy kid.
  • Does not feature the Isofix connection system for added versatility.

9. Graco Turbo Booster Backless Booster Car Seat

This innovative model from Graco is the ideal no-back booster for your big child.

It’s specifically engineered to protect front-facing kids who weigh between 15 and 36 kilograms.

The booster is crash-tested to meet or exceed the minimum safety requirements. It’s also top-rated by leading magazines for its support, protection, and comfort.

When it comes to comfort, the Turbo Booster has your child covered with a padded seat cushion and height-adjustable armrests. The sufficient padding on the seat helps with collision absorption. The height-adjustable armrests grow with your child for long-term use.

The color-coded belt guides make routing your car belt easy and quick.

Your kid will appreciate the two hideaway cup holders that keep snacks and drinks within arm’s reach for smooth car rides.


  • A great choice for kids weighing between 15 and 36 kilos.
  • It’s crash-tested to meet or exceed minimum safety requirements.
  • Color-coded belt guides make routing much easier.
  • Armrests are height-adjustable and grow with your child.
  • Padded seat cushion allows for comfortable rides.


  • It’s possible to receive a model with some missing parts.
  • Quality control may vary from one model to another.

10. Safety 1st Manga Fix Backless Booster Seat

This unique booster from Safety 1st offers a secure and lightweight design that your child will grow to love.

This model is designed for children from six to twelve years old, weighing up to 36 kilograms. It’s perfect for keeping your big kid safe on the road.

What’s unique about this booster is that:

  • It comes with dual Isofix connectors that allow for a reliable and stable in-car installation. You can install the promoter using the lower Isofix compatible connectors or the car’s three-point seat belt.
  • The shoulder belt guide is adjustable for superior diagonal belt positioning.
  • The large seat base and armrests are soft-padded for support and comfort during long rides.
  • The booster is lightweight, making it ideal for traveling, carpooling, and moving the seat to another vehicle.

Overall, Manga Fix is packed with conveniences that busy parents love, like the machine-washable seat pad.


  • Isofix connectors provide a solid, stable in-car installation.
  • The three-point seat belt harness improves safety.
  • Diagonal belt positioning is more managable with the adjustable shoulder belt guide.
  • Soft-padded on the seat and armrests for additional comfort.
  • Lightweight and compact design is easy to move from one car to another.


  • It doesn’t come with cup holders for added convenience.
  • Available in limited colour options.

Things to Look for When Buying a Backless Booster Seat

Around four to eight years of age, children typically outgrow their forward-facing harness seats and are mature enough to sit still in the vehicle.

That’s when they should begin riding in a backless booster seat.

The most ergonomically designed backless booster seat raises your child in the vehicle to position the seat belt correctly across his or her chest and lower hips.

Here are the main things you need to look for in a no-back booster seat.

Age and Weight

The right seat for your child depends upon their weight, height, and age.

The UK no-back booster seats are divided into several age groups, such as 0 to 10, 0 to 13, 9 to 18, 15 to 36, and 22 to 36 kilograms.

Choosing the ideal weight range that corresponds to your child’s age and weight helps improve his or her safety while riding along in the car.

But a booster seat will no longer be necessary if the seat belt of your car fits your child properly.

Ergonomics of the Booster Seat

We can’t stress enough the importance of easy and safe belt positioning.

The clip for the shoulder belt positioning must be correctly positioned for improved safety.

The best model would also ensure your child doesn’t experience numb bum when riding over extended durations.

Ease of Installation

It would be best if you didn’t only choose a compatible backless booster seat for your car, but also make sure that it’s an easy option to install.

It’s always better to choose a backless booster that can be installed to a car’s three-point belt harness or through the Isofix connectors.

Before installing a no-back booster seat please always refer to the booster seat manual and vehicle manual for complete instructions and information.

Additional Features to Consider

Look for a model that’s fitted with extra-comfy armrests. For example, height-adjustable, padded armrests help improve comfort for your child during long rides.

You can also consider a model that’s fitted with cup holders on one or both sides.

The cup holders help keep your kid content during the trip when they can easily access drinks, snacks, and toys.

Final Thoughts

The winner of the best backless booster seat is the Peg Perego Car Seat 2-3 Shuttle Crystal Black. This model has a durable design that’s built to offer maximum safety, support, and comfort on the road.

Your child will love the cushiony seat base with soft padding that contours to his or her body. Not to mention the comfy and supportive armrests.

Last but not least, this model has become our ultimate best choice thanks to its two modes of installation.

You can use your car’s three-point seat belt harness system or you can connect the seat directly to your vehicle’s Isofix attachments. This ensures the booster is properly secured for superior protection and comfort.

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