Top 3 Best Baby Swing For Colic 2024

Does your baby have colic?  Are you trying to get some rest but baby keeps crying?

After several hours of baby crying you can easily become over tired yourself and stressed.

Some people may recommend a baby swing to give you your own space and time but this still might not help.

A good baby swing will help pacify a baby at play time but a GREAT baby swing for colic with a perfect motion settings will quickly help relieve Colic.

Babies that have colic become very distressed and finding time to research a cure can be difficult.

Finding the perfect baby swing in the short time you have can also be time consuming so I don’t want to take anymore of your time.

Top 3 Best Baby Swing for Colic

1 Mamas & Papas Starlite Baby Swing

Our best choice baby swing for colic is the Mamas & Papas Starlite Swing.

When researching the best baby swing for colic we loved the fact that this swing ensures your babies back is straight and provides a nice comfortable upright position.

Both of these facts will immediately start to help with colic and reflux too.

Once baby has nodded off, you can then recline the chair back.

Being able to control the swing speed is a great addition to help your baby settle with the motion they prefer.

You can also set a motion timer so you don’t have to manually rock the swing.

The Mamas & Papas swing includes an MP3 player to stream your own music and white noise through the built-in speakers.

Unfortunately the speaks aren’t great quality so regularly have interference which can disturb your baby but also act as additional white noise.

Finally, the best features of this baby swing for colic is the toy bar and lights.  These are easily removed should you need too.

The lights and toys can act as good sensory for baby when they want to play and stimulate the brain.

The frame will fold up for easy storage and supports babies weight up too 9kg (20lbs).

This baby swing for colic will help you and your baby get the rest and comfort you both deserve through the pain and uncomfortable moments that colic brings.


  • MP3 Player Included
  • Several Adjustable Swing Settings
  • Portable
  • Upright and Lie Flat Seating Positions


  • Interference in the Speakers

2 Graco Lovin’ Hug Swing

Second is the Graco Lovin’ Hug Baby Swing.

Graco have produced another amazing product and this time the best feature is the comfortable chair.

Being a large snug chair, your baby feels instantly safe and secure as well as freedom should they want to move around a little or even when they grow.

Most baby swing for colic only support your baby up until they are 6 months old but the Graco Lovin’ Hug swing is eligible for babies up too 1 year old.

Removing your baby from the chair can be made even more simple by easily removing the tray.

The only problems parents found was the seat moved a little when trying to put baby in as it doesn’t lock like most other baby swings.

The 5 point harness helps keep baby safe and secure and ensure they can stay in one place whilst listening to the programmed baby songs.

Graco have made 2 models of this chair, a battery operated one and a plug in one.


  • Washable Seat
  • Six Speed Settings
  • Portable
  • Snug, Comfortable Adjustable seat


  • Seat does not lock

3 4Moms Mamaroo

If you are looking for a top quality, luxurious looking swing then look no further than the 4moms MamaRoo.

The MamaRoo comes with a whole host of amazing features but unfortunately these come at a price.

Some babies find settling in the car much simpler, the MamaRoo can save your petrol.

With several motion settings from back and forth, sideways and Up and Down, you can control the MamaRoo from an App on you phone.

The large, sturdy base, is something to be amazed by.

With enormous built in speakers and the option to stream music from your phone, this is perfect option to play baby music or white noise to help settle baby.

With this amount of features, the baby swing only uses mains power but you will not be disappointed at all should you choose to purchase this swing.

Things to Consider When Choosing a A Baby Swing

Not all baby swings at the same and the Top 5 we have chosen above have specific features.

Each of the above swings help prevent and ease colic in babies.

I always recommend doing your own research as everything written here are our own views.

These views are aimed to try and help you make a decision on which of the best baby swings to go for, but you should always do some research yourself too.

Vibration Features

Most baby swing for colic come with a vibration mode.  This gentle movements provides a good relief for babies suffering with colic.

Whilst the swing vibrates, babies feel safe and secure and remain comfortable

Sounds and music

White noise is a common method of soothing babies that are restless.

A baby swing that plays soothing music is simple, finding a swing that plays your own MP3 playlist can be much more productive as you can create a simple white noise play list which will help calm and soothe your baby.

Adjustable seating

Being able to adjust your babies seating position is always a huge positive in helping colic.

All babies are different so a chair with many adjustable settings are a great purchase.

Some babies like to be in a flatter position whilst others will happily remain upright.

A reclining chair is a perfect baby chair for baby to decide which is the best position for them

Movement of the Chair

Standard baby swings will move back and forth but a baby swing for colic and the more expensive swings have alternative movements.

These movements will start to help baby find a specific movement to help soothe them to sleep.

Some models also have different mode settings for speed that will speed up or slow down.

All this will help you find the most comfortable position for baby to rest.


As an adult a comfortable chair will always help keep you in a good mood.

Babies are the same and need that comfort especially in a baby chair or baby swing.

Younger babies like being enclosed so it feels like they are still in the womb.

Some baby swings come with additional insets that support your babies neck muscles.

A baby swing for colic are designed to provide comfort and security for your baby.

All these features help with the prevention and reduction of colic in babies.


Using a baby swing for colic should be as simple as possible and getting the baby in and out with ease should be a priority feature.

Some baby swings have a seat lock that help you get the baby in and out on your own without struggling.

Removable seat covers are a great idea to help keep the swing clean from food, saliva and sick.

Also, if you are a bit of a technophobe, try and avoid a baby swing for colic with an LCD display / controls.

Some baby swing have apps and displays to help provide more amazing features than your standard swing.


With anything you buy you should always check the safety aspect.

When it comes to your babies / toddlers safety is an absolute priority and certain features of a baby swing for colic will help you keep your child safe;

Firstly you should check for a Five Point Harness.

These come highly recommended and will prevent your baby from falling or sliding in the baby swing.

Second is the weight limit.  Checking the age and weight limit of all baby swings is a must.

The last thing you want is your baby being put at risk due to structure damage.

Finally, the base should be strong and sturdy and not move while baby is in the swing.

Any movement could cause the baby swing to topple over and cause serious harm to your baby.

Why choose a baby swing for colic?

Parents regret not having an amazing baby swing for colic sooner.

These swings provide you that comfort and time to relax your baby, even for a short nap, whilst mummy or daddy manage to catch up on some much needed sleep.

If you manage to settle your baby whilst in the baby swing, then a 20-30 minute nap is plenty of time.

Your child should always be in a flat position in the swing to help protect your babies breathing.

If you are hoping your baby has a longer sleep then a firm flat surface is a much more beneficial place to sleep.

If you find it difficult to get the little jobs around the house complete, then a baby swing is perfect.

Settling and entertaining your baby is important for you and your baby so the housework doesn’t suffer too.

Baby will find a baby swing a great opportunity to learn to play and develop in their own space too.

This also helps baby become more alert with everything around them and the surroundings.

Being able to play with toys is a great use for a baby swing.

Babies development throughout the younger years is the best years.

Eye movement and colours will really help develop your babies eye strength as they will focus on the toys, colours and objects they want to play with.

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