Top 6 Best Baby Jumper Activity Centre – Safe and Fun for Babies

Babies will demand many different things over the first few years of their lives.  This will include time, space, comfort and new toys.  Purchasing the best baby jumper activity centre will help you free up some valuable time by keeping your child occupied for a set amount of time.  They are also great for ensuring your childs hand / eye coordination improves by the amount of activities on display. Many more benefits come with having a Baby Jumper or even a Baby Bouncer Chair but these are just two valuable benefits all new parents can relate too.

With a large amount of baby jumpers / jumperoos / exersaucers too choose from your budget will not be a problem. Every baby jumper we have listed below are all amazing products and completely safe for your child.  Knowing that you can take your eye off your baby from a few moments at a time will give you peace of mind that your child is having fun and learning along the way.  No need to worry of falls and bumps with any of the best baby jumper activity centres as your baby will happily entertain themselves.

Benefits of a Baby Jumper Activity Centre

A baby jumper is more than just a toy. As mentioned above each baby jumper comes with many other capabilities which support your baby’s development. Most parents will choose a standard baby walker to help with baby’s mobility and balance.  Jumpers will provide these same features and some extra benefits;

Strength – Although there is nothing that has actually identified the efficiency and effectiveness of baby jumpers or the role they play in your childs bone development and strength.  Each baby jumper comes with many different activities so not only will they help bone development, but the baby sensory element of each of these products must surely help with babies senses.  As with Baby Bouncer Chairs it is highly recommended to only use these in moderation so not too put unnecessary stress on your baby’s muscles.

Walking – Though not an actual product that your baby can walk around in, baby jumpers can help your baby develop pre-walking skills, by using the lower half of their bodies more and learning to stand up.  Furthermore, the baby jumper activity centres provide great entertainment as when your child grows in strength and confidence, they will start to learn to dance.

Comfort – Jumpers don’t only provide your baby with comfort, they also allow you to spend a few moments of comfort in your arm chair.  They also allow you to get small jobs done around the house without worrying about them.  Unlike baby walkers that move around, these are static so no threat to your child falling down the stairs or escaping in to the kitchen.

Interactive and Stimulating – With so much choice everything depends on which model you choose.  Best baby jumpers come in all shapes and sizes with some small activity centres to a large array of bells, whistles and music. With all the extra features of music and toys, your child can never get fed up of playing with the best baby jumper activity centres, large or small.

One HUGE BENEFIT is that a couple of play times in one of these jumper activity centres and your child will sleep like a log.

Now we will take a look into some of the best selling baby jumper activity centres from key brands such as Fisher Price’s Luv U Zoo.

Best Baby Jumper Activity Centre – TOP 6

1) Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Number one choice for the best baby jumper activity centres has to go to the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo.  What can we say about this product that the world aren’t already talking about.  This amazing jumperoo is like a miniature baby sensory.  By introducing the baby to some amazing sights and sounds and also ensuring your baby can jump around and have a lot of fun.

Highly recommended for babies / toddlers that can hold their own heads but not able to walk just yet.  Usually after 4 or 6 months your child should be able to hold their own head.  The Fisher Price Jumperoo will entertain you child with the many interactive toys on display.  Each one of the activities will stimulate your childs mind and ensure development in your baby is on going.

Fisher Price are a brand that have been around for a long time and are know all around the world.  Dominating the childrens toy market for a very long time and ensuring that they are a brand that is trusted.  For around 60 years Fisher Price have ensured they continue to deliver high quality highly entertaining products that parents need and want.  Fisher Price are one company that do not fall behind the times and are constantly innovating ideas through the right channels to deliver the best products around, and the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is just that.

Product Features

Comfortable and Safe – Babies can sit and play in this jumper and feel safe and comfortable each and every time.  It comes with a safe rotating seat with covers over the soft springs that protect your babies fingers from being caught or pinched. Height adjustable seat to  an amazing three different positions will help ensure your baby is comfortable even as they grow.

Interactive – Fun, Entertaining and Enjoyable is everything your child needs and the rainforest jumperoo does not disappoint. Seat rotation of 360 degrees will help your child enjoy every angle of the jumperoo without disappointment.  Toys are positions in a way that your child find enjoyment in at least 5 different positions. Also, one toy is a moving electronic piece, lights and music will keep your child entertained at all angles.


Easy Assemble
Great Entertainment Every Time
Colourful and Interactive
360 Degree Comfortable Seat
Adjustable Height


Larger Than Others in Size
Baby Must Be Able to Hold Own Head


2) Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

At four months old your baby will start to recognise sounds and colours.  Baby Einstein have developed an amazing Activity Jumper that is suitable from four months old but will also grow with your child.

Complete with a stunning five height adjustment settings you can easily use this product from four months upwards.  The multiple sensory activities available will help keep your child entertained and engaged whilst developing each of their senses.  Interaction between yourself and your child will ensure a fun time is had together.

Baby Einstein have been around for 20 years+ and have continued develop toys and other baby essentials that keep your baby in mind.  They thrive on bringing the products to your baby that help develop the mind and each of the different senses using sounds, colours and language.

Product Features


With twelve activities to keep your child entertained your baby will never get bored including a light up piano.  Without a doubt the activities on this jumper will put a smile on your babies face.


Included is a high back padded seat which is exactly what any jumper activity centre should have.  Ensuring your child is comfortable in the seat will also mean that the safety and the comfort will keep your child happy when playing.

Rotating Seat

With a 360 degree rotating seat your child will be able to spin round and continue playing with all the amazing twelve activities and not need support from yourself to move (once they have their own strength).


Althought the Baby Einstein needs disassembling rather than folding, it still makes for a long lasting product.  It will be able to be reduced down to the same size as the Fisher Price Jumperoo.


Can Attach More Toys Easily
Simple to Assemble
Interactive and Fun Music and Sounds
Five Different Height Adjustments
Chair That Swivels Much Easier than Others


Not Foldable Like Most but Easy Disassemble
Takes Up a Lot Of Space


3) Sassy Inspire the Senses Activity Centre

Babies who have learnt to lift their heads will love this Baby Jumper.  The colourfubest baby jumper activity centre by Sassy INspirel, fun, design will encourage your babies senses.  Babies can use many of their senses with the Sassy Inspire, including hearing, vision and touch and all these will continue to be developed throughout the use.  Babies will enjoy the Sassy Inspire as they can explore and have fun all at the same time.

Product Features

Rotating Seat

The Sassy Inspire seat moves 360 degrees enabling kids to spin right round the activity centre and use all the toys.  Seats are also padded for extra comfort on babies bums allowing for that additional bouncing without pain.


Toys can be removed from this activity centre so they can used anywhere in the house.  They are easily removed and safe to use anywhere. Sassy also provide toys that are compatible with the Baby Jumper which will keep your child even more entertained.  You can switch the toys regularly so that you child has more than one favourite in place.


More Toys Can Be Added
Fin and Engaging
Simple to Assemble and CLean
Includes a Doorway Bouncer Attachment
Not Too Noisy


Smaller Babies Struggle with the Rotation
Not Very Portable
Tends to Move if Baby Jumps Too Hard
Smaller Babies May Struggle to Reach Hanging Toys


4) Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn JumperBEST BABY JUMPER ACTIVITY CENTRE BY EVENFLO

Safe, Colourful and Entertaining helping your child to learn and play whilst jumping.  The Evenflo comes with an array of toys suitable for children of all ages and help improve key development areas in babies and toddlers.

Baby exercising through the Evenflo helps with the amazing base.  This is balanced perfectly to help with coordination and strength in your child.

Evenflo have built a large following over the year and a huge trust in the company has been established between themselves and parents.  This has helped Evenflo become a top competitor in the baby and toddler markets.

Product Features


With all the reviewed baby jumper activity centres, safety has always been a key attribute we have looked for.  Evenflo have ensured that safety is guaranteed with their product and any child will feel safe whilst using the jumper.  Parents will not have to be scared or worried that the baby will fall from the jumper.


An unbelievable 58 activities exist within the Evenflo Jumper and as one of the best baby jumper activity centres, you will soon see why.  Each activity focuses on many important development areas of children and the jumper provides enough to keep children entertained each and every time they use it.


All the toy can be removed easily so they can be taken with you.  This is a great feature if your child has a favourite they like playing with.  Also, if the toy is worn they are easily replaced.  Finally, by being able to remove the toys you can enhance yours child learning experience by leaving just a few toys that will help focus on certain areas.


Simple Assembly
3 Height Adjustments
Lots of Fun Sounds
Comfortable Swivel
Cleans Easily


Difficult to Move Around
Springs Can Break Easily Customers Have Reports
Takes Up Quite a Lot Of Room
Much Fewer Sound Options Than Other Modes



Babies and animals are a great combination and the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo by Fisher Price does not disappoint.  Spin, Jump, Rattle in the jumper along with the bright colours and the fun sounds and music your baby will be happy and content to be around their animal friends.

Fisher Price are one of the largest brands in the world for childrens toys and products from new born baby up too young child stage.  Every product is made with extreme precision and caters for all your childs needs and entertainment requirements.

Product Features


The strength of this product and the non slip finish helps keep this product a safe choice for any parent.  The durable steel will help keep parents minds at ease as your baby can jump around and be extremely safe.  The adjustable seat to 3 separate positions also ensures your baby can grow into the jumperoo and legs are supported when they are jumping about.


Removing the tubes on the jumper will help you travel with this jumper as its easy to take apart and put back together.  This also helps for easy storage to help put away whilst baby sleeps freeing up some much needed space in your lounge.


Robust Steel Frame with Non Slip Feet
Assists with Jumping
Animal Toys and Bright Colours All Round the Toy
3 Different Positions to Easily Adjust
Removable Fabric Seat Cover


Not Much Music Choice
Designed More for Taller Babies
Feels Wobbly and Unsecure
Baby Could Hit Stands When Jumping


6) Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockersbest baby jumper activity centre jolly jumper

Slightly different to the previously reviewed jumpers is the Jolly Jumper.  Much like a door jumper except, no door.  The jumper is on a stand that is secure and great for exercising and helping during walking training.  The seat is comfortable and secure and the whole product, although looks very simplistic, caters for your childs development needs including strength, rhythm and coordination.  Easy to take down and take anywhere, the Jolly Jumper will be a great accessory at friends / relatives houses.

Product Features


The back support in the seat will help support the spine and bones of you baby meaning your child can entertain themselves with this product every time without worrying they will develop posture issues.


The height can be easily adjusted with a simple movement of the chains.  You will not need another jumper again as this has 4 more adjustable heights, even when a baby is 11months old ensuring they will still fit.


Simple to Setup
Toys Can Be Hung From the Jumper
Easy to Fold Up
3 Adjustable Heights


Expensive for What It Is
Nothing to Play With
Takes Up Too Much Space
Requires Disassembly


What To Look For in a Baby Jumper Activity Centre

Finding the perfect baby jumper can be very difficult as the range is so wide, any decision you make can be a difficult one.  The variety of baby jumper activity centres range from boring to the super spectacular super fun activity centres. The best Baby Jumper Activity Centre have a huge array of toys and audio/visual activities to keep your child busy for just a few moments. So what should you be looking out for?

  •  Portable

  •  Toys and Activities

  •  Colours, Music and Lights

Obviously, the higher priced jumpers will include all of the above and probably even more. If you find a jumper that has two out of the three then you’re on to a winner, but all three and EVERYONE is a winner.  Portable so you can easily transport the jumper to Grandmas and Granddads (this helps you and your parents when babysitting duties kick in).  Toys and Music and your child will be entertained each and every time they use the jumper.

Owning a baby jumper activity centre provides free time to parents to shower, do jobs around the house and sometimes just relax.  Ensuring only 30 – 40 minutes at a time as your child should not use a Jumper in long periods of time (60 minutes maximum).

Door Jumpers Vs Activity Centre Jumpers

When researching jumpers these two common jumpers always appear in our searches, but what is the difference?  Well, without stating the obvious, once attaches to the door and one doesn’t. When trying to make a decision which jumper too buy you may want to consider the below differences / benefits of each;

  • You can only use a suitable door frame to attach a doorway jumper too, activity centres can be moved to any room anywhere in the house
  • Baby Door Jumpers are much cheaper than an activity centre
  • Baby Jumper Activity centres are much more entertaining with lights, music, toys & games in comparison to a door bouncer

Neither of these I would consider to be better than the other, both have their valuable uses.  Owning the best baby jumper activity centre is always a big plus and is one of the biggest selling points due to the number of activities and fun your child can have.

Baby Jumpers Most Common Complaints

Baby safety is always a number one priority and for products that have some smaller pieces, you would expect a high number of complaints.  Actually, these products are built so well, almost perfectly, that there aren’t that many.  Lets take a look at the most popular concerns / complaints made about baby jumpers.

  • Rotation on the seat is not great – Activity Centres
  • Shorter babies struggle to reach the ground with their feet – Activity Centres
  • Not much to play with or do – Door Bouncers and Some Activity Centres
  • Take up too much space and not very portable / easy to put away – Activity Centres
  • My baby continues to bang his / her head off the door frame – Door Bouncer

In Summary

Choosing the best baby jumper activity centres is not an easy choice so I hope with the above 7 products we have made that choice a little simpler.  All baby jumpers have been reviewed for some of the key fundamentals required for them to be the best.  Safety, reliability and above all else entertaining.  Babies development is key in the early stages and everything they see, touch, feel and hear helps them progress through their young stages of life.

Fisher Price have always led the way with Baby Toys and activities so it is very difficult for other brands to break down the market, however, companies are evolving all the time.  The activities in the jumpers make the product.  Us as customers, by providing the right level of feedback and reviews also ensure that parents choose the right products for their child.

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