Should I use baby booster seats or high chairs for feeding?

Between 4-6 months, many babies become developmental ready for solid food. That is when parents start wondering what type of feeding chairs you should get.

Do I really need a baby booster seat or high chair?

You may already have other equipment to hold your children such as a swing, a bouncer, or your adult dining chairs. We do not recommend to feed your children in those.

Getting a secure seating option such as booster seat or high chair for feeding are generally considered necessary for family household. The reason is simple. Children must be seated upright and properly secured in order to reduce choking hazard and fall-over risk during the meals.

A seat of their own at the dining table also helps foster their sense of independence. After all, meal time is family time.

What are the differences between baby booster seats and high chairs?

You can find a lot of similarities between baby booster seats and high chairs. We found that the key differences bolt down to its size and portability.

A high chair is a seat that is usually mounted to the ground. It has four legs and is often bulky and heavier. A baby booster seat, on the other hand, is a seat attached to an adult chair so it can be used by an older baby or toddler up to its max allowed weight. It is portable, easy to store and space-saving.

The pros of a high chair are:

  • Stable
  • Relatively more secure than baby booster seat
  • Some high chairs offer adjustable feature that accommodate even older children beyond 3 year old.

The cons of a high chair are:

  • Bulky
  • Cannot be used as a floor seat
  • Cannot be store away easily
  • Cannot bring with you on the go

How do I choose the right booster seat and high hair for my family?

It is important to know what kind of booster seat you need for your family. This will depend on the space and use of it.


The size of your dining area is a factor that should be considered when making the right choice. If you have a small space, it’s best to go for an option such as baby booster seat that takes up less space.


A versatile high chair would be one that converts into multiple positions, making it easy for you to use at different stages of your child’s development.

However, bear in mind, a high chair cannot be used a floor seat and is not portable. If you are a family that loves to go on a picnic, a baby booster seat may be more suitable.

Above all, remember that safety is the most important factor. Ensure that the chair you choose has all the safety features in place. This includes straps, harnesses and appropriate materials.

Here are our choices of baby booster seats and high chairs.


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