Guide to Buying the Best Nomi Baby High Chairs

If you’re looking for the best baby high chair to buy, you’re at the right place. Our main goal is to provide you as a parent with the essential information to find the best baby chair that is versatile, adaptable, and not so expensive.  Baby products are usually high in price and as your child grow, the product may become unusable. That is why we choose carefully the products we review to make sure that you’ll get the best out of them.  This is what was in our minds while reviewing Best Nomi Baby High Chairs and its accessories.

When you start looking for the best high chair for your child, you may want to ask yourself some questions first?
Would the high chair have certain qualities such as stylish, unique, light, safe, and practical? How long will your chair last? Won’t it be ideal if it lasted until your child becomes a teenager?
I asked myself all these questions before writing this Nomi High chair review and the answers were really satisfying. Nomi by Evomove is one of the most popular brands so let’s discover everything about Nomi Evomove.

Lets not waste anymore time and take a look at the three main Nomi High chairs for different ages.

Best Nomi Baby High Chairs for Different Age Groups

1 Nomi Baby (If Your Child’s Age is Between 0 and 6 Months)Best Nomi Baby High Chairs for babies

You should provide your child with high chair from birth for the proper development of his/her muscles.
During this stage, your child still needs support all the time and should stay on a flat surface nearly all the time. Nomi Baby is the best choice to create a comfortable, cozy spot for your child and introduce him/her at the family table from the beginning.

Also, check the Nomi Baby Bouncer from here: Nomi Baby Bouncer.
Also, you can check how Nomi Baby looks like from here:

2 Nomi Mini (If Your Child’s Age is Between 6 and 24 Months)Best Nomi Baby High Chairs for toddlers

When your child’s age reaches 6 to 9 months, he/she can start sitting without any assistance. At this age, your child can start crawling and furthermore sitting.
All you need to do is to attach the seat, back, and footrest of Nomi High chair to Nomi Baby. Also, add Nomi Mini restraint for extra support.
Nomo Mini is the best way to help your child develop his/her motor functions properly.

Check one of the Nomi High chairs models from here:

Notice that you should attach High chair Harness to the Nomi Mini.
High chair harness can be attached easily without any tools. It has been tested and it follows all the EN standards of safety.
Nomi High chair harness provides your child with maximum support and safety while climbing in and out of the chair.

Here is how you can attach Nomi Harness to the high chair:

3 Nomi High chair (If Your Child’s Age is Above 2 Years)Best Nomi Baby High Chairs for kids

After 2 years, your child will start to move around. Once you notice that your child is climbing the chair up and down, you should remove the high chair restraint. Keep an eye on your child in the chair and try to help him/her a little. Just get your child up and down for a while. After that, your child will use the Nomi High chair without any help.
Even if your child did a sudden movement, the chair will provide the necessary support and safety in all directions and positions.
Nomi High chair makes the motor skills of your child develop properly. In the future, your child will sit right without any bad sitting habits.

Check one of the Nomi High chairs models from here:

Why Should You Choose the Best Nomi Baby High Chairs?

There are a number of reasons why you should buy a Nomi High chair for your child and not any other type.

1. Your Child Love Moving Around:
Children move all the time even while sitting. Nomi High chairs offer your child the proper support in addition to the freedom to move around both while sitting and while climbing in the chair again or out of it. It’s hard to find a baby high chair with this feature but it’s available in Nomi chair.

The high chair was designed to provide children with the best possible experience in form and function. The high chair doesn’t require tools to be adjusted and you can easily change the support of it to match your child’s needs while growing up.
Nomi High chairs are soft. Ergonomic, and stylish. That is why they invite your child to sit in them and at the same time, they stay active and can move in different directions.

2. Nomi High chairs Grow with Your Child:
This is one of the greatest features of Nomi High chairs. They can be customised and fit your child from birth and evolve into teenage years with him/her. The high chair can be customized using accessories to fit your children no matter their age.

Nomi Baby High chairs are the perfect choice for babies from 0 to 6 months old. They are totally safe and secured by attaching the high chair onto the wooden stem. When your child grows and becomes ready to sit upright, the back support and the footrest will help him/her to sit and move around naturally.

If your child is between 6 months to 2 years old, we recommend buying the Nomi Mini High chair. When your child needs support, you can provide it through the back seat and footrest. However, when your child no longer needs support and is able to climb in the chair and out of it, you can remove the support easily.

3. Strength, Durability, and Flexibility of the Middle Stem:
Nomi high chair comes with a wooden stem that makes the chair stronger, more durable and more flexible than other types of baby chairs. The shape of the chair is unique which makes its height and depth perfect for sitting.

The wood used is FSC-certified steam-bent veneer which provides the chair with the highest possible amount of strength and flexibility. All you need to do is to adjust the height of the seat and the footrest. The depth will be adjusted automatically due to the outstanding design of the wooden stem.

Different colours of the wooden stem are available. However, they are all the same in all other options. Just choose the best color and the rest of the options are guaranteed.

The wooden stem also comes in two options; either the basic stem which is a core of steam-bent beech veneer covered with oak veneer and treated with white oil or black varnish or the premium stem which is steam-bent oak veneer treated with natural oil or steam-bent walnut veneer treated with natural oil.

4. Nomi Baby Chair Provides Your Child with the Warmth of the Family:Best Nomi Baby High Chairs
If you want your child to grow in a healthy family environment, Nomi Baby High Chair is the best high chair to buy for this particular purpose. Your baby will enjoy being at the centre of the family where everyone can talk, play, and keep eye contact with him/her.

Also, Nomi Baby High chairs are moveable so they can be placed at any place in the house. They are also adjusted easily according to the needs of your child. Your child’s head will rest on the soft mattress which provides your child a cosy, comfortable spot near you all the time.

Also, when your child becomes able to sit in an upright position, the chair can be adjusted to fit him/her for better eye contact with the members of the family. If you decided to go away for a while, just return the chair to the horizontal position.
It’s recommended to use all the options of Nomi Baby High chair and adjust them according to the needs of your child.

5. Nomi Mini Restraint for More Support and Safety:
When your child becomes stronger and ready to sit upright, the Nomi Mini restraint should be attached to the chair for more support and safety.

At this period, your child learns how to site without any support or assistance. The Nomi Mini resembles an arm surrounding your child and keeping him/her safe.
The Nomi Mini provides your child with the necessary support and at the same time, it allows him/her to move around freely.

Some people might think that this accessory is hard to assemble while in fact, it simply clicks on. At first under the seat and then on the back-rest of the chair.
The unique design of Nomi High chair also provides maximum safety through the leg gaps. The contours are organic, soft, rounded, and very comfortable. And since there is no restriction of movement, your child will be able to move freely, explore, and share in the activities surrounding him/her.

Also, the wheels on the high chair rear legs are designed to reduce the tilting risk. This feature provides your child with proper safety if he/she pushed backward.
Keep an eye on your child all the time and make sure that the restraint is attached properly before using it.

The Nomi Mini should be removed once your child becomes stronger and ready to climb in and out of the chair.

6. It’s Easy to Adjust:
Most of the other types of high chairs available in the market require tools to be adjusted. Nomi Baby High chair is the best high chair to buy if you’re looking for a high chair that is easy to assemble and adjust according to the needs of your child while he/she is growing. All this can be done manually and without the use of any complicated tools.

The seat and the footrest can be adjusted by turning a knob manually. Once you feel that the needs of your child have changed, loosen and tighten the knob using your hands. You can also use this option if you have visiting children.
The unique design of the stem and its conical shape add extra safety and prevent the seat and footrest from sliding if you didn’t tighten the knob well.

The height of Nomi Baby High chairs should be adjusted according to your child’s height and the height of the table. It’s recommended to make the height at the same level as the table and then adjust the footrest according to the height of your child. You child’s elbow should be on the same level with the table and his/her feet should rest in a flat position over the footrest; that is the best and most comfortable position for your child.

Don’t worry about the depth of the seat and the footrest. They adjust automatically according to the height.

7. Nomi Baby High chair Safety:
If you’re looking for safe baby high chair to buy, we can say that Nomi Baby High chair was tested by FIRA and CATAS and it follows the highest possible standards of safety and security.
Here are the reasons why the Best Nomi Baby High chairs provide your child with the maximum safety.
• The gap between the legs of the chair is wide which makes it stable all the time.
• Tilting is not possible because of the rear wheels. Even if your child pushed backward, he/she will still be totally safe.
• The seat and the footrest are designed to provide your child with the maximum comfort. Their size and structure ensure the ultimate rest for your child.
• The design of the wooden stem makes the whole chair stable even if you didn’t tighten the adjustment knobs properly.
• Nomi High chairs follow the latest EN standards of safety.

8. Nomi High chairs Grow with Your Child and Last Longer:
If you’re looking for the best high chair to grow and evolve with your child, Nomi high chairs are the ultimate choice for you. The skills and needs of your child evolve since the moment of birth and each stage is unique and has its requirements; that is why Nomi High chairs are the best from newborn to teenager.

Peter Opsvik, the designer of Nomi High chairs, wanted to create a versatile high chair for the kids. He wanted the children to have a safe and stable place to be able to move around freely while sitting in their chair.
He designed the seat, footrest, and back in a way that provides the child with the ultimate support no matter the position or the direction so that the child remains active while sitting. This is important for the development of the child.

Nomi High chair for Adults:
Nomi High chair is designed mainly for children. However, it’s a light, comfortable spot for adults too. Nomi can continue to be your child’s desk chair as a teenager. It’s flexible and your kid will remain active while using it.

Why Do Parents Love Nomi High chair?
Nomi is the perfect choice for parents; it’s a parent-friendly high chair. It’s easy to move around and lightweight. It won’t cause any kind of scratches to the table because it has rubber knobs under the seat that are located between the high chair and table. Also, it’s easy to clean. Just clean it with a piece of cloth.

Comparison Between Different Nomi Chairs & Accessories:

Features Nomi BabyNomi High chairNomi ChairNomi CushionNomi Tray
Age0 to 6 months6 months to 2yearsAbove 2 years0 to 6 months6 months to 2 years
Weight 20 lbs330 lbs330 lbs11 lbs
Colour Availability Black, Gray, Coffee, WhiteBlack, Coffee, Gray, Lime, Ocean, Pale Pink, WhiteBlack, Coffee, Gray, Lime, Ocean, Pale Pink, WhiteBlack, Gray, Coffee, White
Wooden Stem It comes with the chair and available in different colorsPremium Oak, Premium Walnut, White Oiled, Black OiledPremium Oak, Premium Walnut, White Oiled, Black Oiled
Fabric Colour Availability Dark Gray/Sand, Pale Blue/Sand, Pale Pink/SandDark Gray/Sand, Pale Blue/Sand, Pale Pink/Sand
It Works With Nomi High chairOnce you remove high chair harness and restraint, it can be used as Nomi ChairNomi High Chair, Nomi ChairNomi High Chair

Nomi or All the Options in Just one High chair

With the use of accessories, Nomi High chair lasts for ages. If you’re looking for the best high chair to purchase, I guess you now know how great Nomi High chair is.
Here are all the features and options of Nomi Baby High chair to help you choose the best high chair for your child properly.

Nomi Baby High chair provides your child with the best spot to participate in family activities. It can be adjusted easily from the horizontal position to the upright position.
2. Nomi Mini Restraint provides the maximum safety and security for your child while sitting at the table with the family.
You can adjust the seat and the footrest easily and without any tools.
4. Once you adjusted the height of the seat and the footrest, the depth will be automatically adjusted due to the unique design of the wooden stem.
5. The design, shape, and structure of the seat and footrest protect your child from sliding forwards and provide your child with the best support for your child’s foot.
6. The foot knob adds extra support to your child’s foot and provides your baby with a place to rest his/her foot on it.
7. Nomi High chair provides the optimal support for the back and arms of your child.
8. The contours are organic and soft. This prevents the formation of knocks.
9. The rear wheels reduce the risk of tilting and protect your child.
10. Your child will be able to climb in and out of the chair and move freely in the chair.

The Conclusion (Should I Buy One of the Best Nomi Baby High Chairs for My Child?):

If you’re thinking of buying a high chair for your child, Nomi high chairs are the best choice for both your child and you.
As a parent, I highly recommend it. We’re looking for the best for our kids all the time and this is the best.
Thank you for reading and I hope you make the best decision for your child.



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