Best Most Comfortable Backless Booster Seat for Your Childs Comfort

Keeping your child comfortable and safe on a long journey can be difficult without the right seat.  Finding the best most comfortable backless booster seat is not easy when there are so many to choose from.  Some children start to get uncomfortable in a normal convertible car seat as they grow however, they may seem too small for a backless booster seat.  The decision when to switch is down to you and only you but first of all you should check out the laws in your country for booster seats.  You must also make sure that your car seat is fitted correctly and meets the manufacturers requirements.  Check out the guide to fitting a car seat correctly for more information



Before putting your child in a backless booster seat you should always check these laws as the consequences can be quite severe.  Also check the manufacturers guides and installation information to ensure they are fit correctly.

  • Best Most Comfortable Backless Booster Seats are exactly that, backless. They provide a boost to your child who may be too big for a normal car seat.
  • Using a backless seat will mean your childs back is supported by your standard car seat and head rest.
  • You must use your cars fitted seatbelt to protect your child

If you have a smaller car then there are compact, smaller, booster seats available.  You may also want to explore compact booster seats if you have to move the seats around or your looking for a cheaper backless booster seat.

Lets take a look at the options

Best Most Comfortable Backless Booster Seat

1 Graco Affix Backless Booster​Graco Affix Best Most Comfortable Backless Booster Seat

Graco’s range of baby car seats and booster seats will never let you down and the Graco Affix Booster is another amazing product available.  As your child starts to use a backless booster seat, comfort is a must and this booster seat will provide just that.  This is why we have it as number one for our best most comfortable backless booster seat reviews.

Supporting your child to a weight of up to 100lbs or 57 inches tall, it is a perfect booster seat for first time parents looking for that next level comfort.

As your child won’t require a booster seat for too long, this is one of the more simpler backless booster seats on the market. The price is also very reasonable so is a great seat to keep around should you need a spare.


Easy to Install
Easy too Adjust
Easy to Move Around


Booster Seat is Lightweight but Bulky
Can Cause Problems When Trying to Seat Three in the Back

2 Graco Backless TurboBooster​Graco TurboBooster Most Comfortable Booster Seat

Graco returns with the TurboBooster and just like the Affix abve, the backless booster seat supports children up too 100lbs in weight and 57 inches tall.  It is also a completely versatile booster seat with a fantastic price.

As with any new car seat or booster seat, the manufacturers guide is keep to ensuring the safety of your child.  The TurboBooster is slightly different to some of the other backless booster seats so read the additional info before purchasing.

Graco have yet again delivered another fantastic seat that continues the trend with many of Graco Backless Booster Seats.  One of the more noticeable differences with the Graco TurboBooster is the latch system which makes this seat just that little more special.


Easy to Install
Easy too Adjust
Great Quality Fabric
Easy to Clean


Short Children Have Trouble Getting Comfortable in this Booster Seat
Easy to Clean However Germs and Dirt Have Places to Hide

3 Disney Store and Gobest most comfortable backless booster seat for toddlers - Disney store and Go

​Disney will always provide popular products that are made to a high standard.  Disney have provided the Disney Store and Go which, in our opinion is one of the best most comfortable backless car seats available.  The design is also complete with some recognisable Disney characters your child will love.  Supporting childrens weight of up too 100lbs and 57 inches tall.

Being made by Disney, you can guarantee that the Disney Store and Go will be loved by all.  Overall, parents will love how safe the booster seat is and your kids will love the design, which also includes a nice little cup holder.

The design shown is great for the boys in our lives however, there are similar booster seats for girls.  Check out the Disney Frozen Dream Booster below


Improves Posture
Great Design / Contour
Built in Drawer for Toys
Safe and Secure
Comfortable & Great for Long Journeys


Belt buckle is a little difficult
Can be seen as babyish as child gets older

4 Disney Frozen Dream Booster ​Disney Frozen Booster Seat

Any child will love Disney characters and the backless booster seats provide plenty of options for boys and girls.  Earlier we shared the Disney Store and Go which is a fantastic booster seat and here we have the Disney Frozen Dream Booster.

Children up too 100lbs or 57 inches tall will be suitable for this seat and the bright colours used, plus the addition of Elsa, will get any young girl into the seat.

For any child that loves Frozen then this booster seat is for you.  Comfortable, user friendly and a favorite for kids and parents.


Basic and Colourful
Design is Perfect for Girls
Padded Arm Rests


Wider than most seats
Easy to Clean However Germs and Dirt

5 MiFold Grab-And-GomiFold Best Comfortable Backless Booster Seat

Moving up the price range slightly but still one of the best most comfortable backless booster seats is the mitfold grab-and-go.  Supporting a weight of up to 100lbs and height of 57 inches, this seat works really well with you and your child.

Being a lightweight, portable, backless booster seat makes this a great purchase for families that like to travel a lot or have children that are in and out of different cars.  For example, days out with grandparents / friends / family members, you can easily take the booster seat out of one and into another car without hassle/

Generally, the Mifold is a good seat but a little more expensive than the others.  Being so handy and lightweight makes this a hit with busy families.


Lightweight and Portable
Simple to Move Between Multiple Cars
Smaller than the Other Best Backless Booster Seats
Easy to Install and lineup with Car Seatbelts


Not Suitable for the Middle Seat
Not Suitable for Larger Children

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