Best Highchair for Twins and Multiple Babies That Are Quick and Easy to Setup

Planning for a baby is a joyous experience.  Not planning for Multiple babies is a little more difficult.  Every couple that try for a baby never expect the surprise that actually, one baby planned has become twins or triplets.  Feeding, nap and changing time becomes much more difficult.  To help you with feeding times we have found the perfect solution, the best highchair for twins and multiple Babies.  Somewhere to seat both your babies whilst preparing and feeding is made so much easier.

Double Up – Two Chairs To Feed Two Mouths

Unfortunately, there are no special chairs that allow two children to sit together in one highchair.  This is not something we have come across in our research.  Most parents use two highchairs side by side and have a feeding routine.

Feeding your babies one after the other will help keep both their attention.  Use one spoon and one bowl, this will save any un-necessary mess.

It will also help your babies spend quality time together.  In these highchairs they will also be able to play together and sometimes even take a nap together, although not recommended as it will be uncomfortable.

Top 3 Best Highchair for Twins and Multiple Babies


Top of our best highchair for twins list is the Abiie Beyond Wooden Chair.  Aesthetically pleasing and best functionality this chair is hands down the best.  The chair is designed for long time use and supports from baby to toddler.

Easy clean, waterproof seat covers that are comfortable and protected help for a great lunch time experience.

For safety the chair is complete with a 5 point and a 3 point harness.  This will prevent your baby slipping out of the high chair whilst remaining comfortable.  The tray is also simple to remove and replace with one hand.  This helps keep space within the chair as your baby grows.  You can also easily adjust the height of the highchair as your baby becomes a toddler.

Supporting babies and toddles up to a whopping 250lbs this chair is designed to last a very long time this chair is a perfect gift or accessory for any parents.

2 Graco Convertible 6 in 1 High Chair GRACO BEST HIGHCHAIR FOR TWINS

Graco are one of the biggest names in baby products including Car Seats and High Chairs.  The Graco Convertible 6 in 1 chair is a great high chair for multitasking and can easily adjust to support your growing babies.

Six different height settings and a further 3 comfortable reclining levels helps keep your twins comfortable.  As your babies grow, they should be able to sit with you at meal times.  The Graco chair helps you achieve this.  Whether it be a low counter top or a high dining table, the adjustments can be made with this chair.

Being able to adjust the tray with one hand is a great way of being able to place your babies in the chair simply and comfortably without difficulty.  The tray does not even need to be taken completely out when putting your babies in.  To help keep them clean the trays are dishwasher proof.

Finally, the safety harness fits just like a Graco Car Seat.  Clipping together over the babies chest helps for additional security and also keeps baby comfortable.

3 Evenflo – Convertible high chair BEST HIGHCHAIR FOR TWINS

Evenflo have created a chair that will last through baby and toddler years.

Being able to convert this highchair to be used at a table is a great way of keeping your toddler included at meal times. The chair is a full sized, sturdy highchair, easy to clean and comfortable.  The tray is simple to remove and very easy to clean.

If you have a toddler table then the high chair converts so your baby / toddler can sit there too.

The harness keeps your toddler safe and comfortable whilst using the chair and ensures that your baby cannot escape or slide out.

How Do I Feed Two Babies at the Same Time?

Having 2 mouths to feed instead of 1 can seem a little daunting however, it isn’t a difficult as it may seem.  Keeping it simple for both you and your little ones is the easiest way to manage.

Here are a few tips to help you;

  • Define and keep to a feeding schedule. Ensure that feeding time is the same time every day.
  • Keeping to the schedule each day will help your babies establish a great table manner and sit nicely through meal times.
  • Your strict time management and schedule times will help ensure meal times run smoothly as they grow
  • Don’t be too concerned about mess – babies make a mess, that’s natural. Being patient throughout the whole meal process will help them learn in future not to make a mess
  • Twin babies have a very close connection with each other and tend to mirror each other. Be mindful that sometimes one twin may just refuse to eat and the other might be patiently waiting to eat.  This is natural.


Finding the Right High Chair for You and Your Twins

Once your twins are moving to solid foods, a high chair becomes your biggest asset.  Choosing the best highchair for twins and multiples can be difficult.  Here are a few details to help you choose the right one (or two);

  1. Simplicity

The simpler the highchair is the more practical it becomes in your home.  When you are looking for the best highchair for twins then you have to remember you need twice the effort.  Putting in and taking your babies out should be quick and easy.  Test the chair first to see how simple the chair really is.

  1. Food Tray

Detachable food trays are the best feature of any highchair.  Once the tray is fixed to the highchair, it needs to be completely secure which will also provide a solid structure and frame.

  1. Cleanliness

Keeping a highchair clean is extremely difficult.  The best highchairs should be very easy to wipe clean and keep clear of germs and bacteria.  Also clearing any left-over food in those hard to reach places.

  1. Adaptable and Versatile

Looking for a highchair that can convert into a kiddie chair or even a booster seat is always a great way of getting your monies worth out of your purchase.  Being able to adjust the height of the chair will help babies feel they are part of the lunch time routine, especially if they sit with you.

  1. Sturdiness

Wide legs or base might take up much more space in your dining area however they become much more difficult to topple over.  Some babies like to move around and shake highchairs.

  1. Comfort

Padded seats and back rests are a great feature of the best highchairs as they provide that extra comfort during meal times.  The last thing you need is an uncomfortable hungry baby.  This will make lunch time much more distressing for everyone.

  1. Safety

Biggest and best safety feature of any highchair is a 5 points harness.  This will prevent your twins from standing or sliding out of the chair.  A simple and strong buckle will really help keep your children from having any accidents.


Summary – Best Highchair for Twins and Multiple Babies

Do not feel anxious or unsure about feeding time, especially with twins.  Choosing the best highchair for twins actually means, choosing the best pair of high chairs that will be safe and comfortable for both your babies.

Once your babies move on to solid foods the highchairs will become much more useful at feeding time.  Your babies will be comfortable and so will you.  Plus you can get your routine in order to ensure that both your babies are fed at the same time.

Being able to feed your twin babies at the same time helps them interact and learn from each other.  They will always watch and engage with one another.  Over time they will grow and develop a great table manner.

Routine is key to feeding your twin babies and sticking to it not only helps you but helps your babies understand when feeding time is how they should behave.


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