Best Folding Baby High Chairs

It is essential to give your little one a high chair. A folding one is a lifesaver. The reason is that it doesn’t take up a lot of space in folded mode. Just like all high chairs, these models achieve stability from legs spaced. They use hardware to secure your chair. Also, it features locking tables, footrests, as well as safety belts. With the right folding baby high chair, your baby can get the right security and reach his foods. In this post, we will show you our top five best folding baby high chairs.

Top Five Best Folding High Chairs Reviews

Baby Trend Sit Right High Chair

This chair is suitable for children and infants who can sit on their own. The model comes with two designs, including blue jungle animals and pink paisley. Moreover, there are some adjustable options, such as 6 different heights and 3 different recline positions. You can also remove the tray from the front of the chair.

You can also use a dishwasher to clean the tray quickly. Besides, you can wipe the thin padding on the chair. There are two leg pieces in a release button that allows you to fold the chair. This product is an affordable choice. However, it is very bulky.

Evenflo Symmetry Flat Fold High Chair

If you are looking for a folding high chair to bring with you when traveling, you should consider this model. It is available in two different colors. It also comes with a black floral design. Moreover, it is easy to clean.

It comes with a removable nesting tray. You can place it in a dishwasher after uses. The Evenflo is an adjustable high chair. You can adjust it to your growing child. Moreover, there is also a leg separator. Therefore, you haven’t to worry about your baby slipping out of the chair.

However, it is not easy to remove the tray. Besides, you will get little support from the seat because of the thick fabric material.

Joovy Nook High Chair

This model is available in five color options. It comes with an easy-to-clean seat with a leatherette padding. You can wipe it down between uses. Also, you can remove and wash it in a washing machine.

There are a few adjustable places. It comes with four different positions, so you can adjust it to your baby’s growth. You will also find a five points harness to keep your little one secure. Besides, it comes with a leg divider attached to the chair.

It comes with a carry handle as well. Therefore, you can transport it with ease from one place to another. However, this model is more expensive compared to others.

Summer Pop’n Sit Portable HighChair

When it comes to the best folding baby high chairs for travel, we cannot ignore this product. It has all the things you need for travel use. It comes with four lightweight legs. Also, there is a fabric seat.

It doesn’t come with any adjustable features. However, it is still lightweight and small. That’s why it is suitable for travel. It brings a storage pocket to keep all the toys and bibs of your baby nearby when you travel with it.

You can clean this chair with ease. You can remove the fabric chai, as well as wash it in a washing machine. This model is not very large. However, it is still safe for your little one. It includes a fabric leg divider for this purpose.

Graco Slim Snacker High Chair

The last product on our list today is the Graco Slim. It comes in two different colors. Also, it comes with a mesh basket to keep the supplies of your baby for quick access during his meal. Furthermore, this model brings safety features your little one needs.

There is a leg divider connected to its tray. Besides, it has three reclining positions in the seat. You can wipe the seat padding with ease after use. There is no removable liner included in the tray.

Another drawback of this model is that it comes with many crannies and nooks. Therefore, your little one’s food can easily get caught in.

Things to Consider when Choosing a Folding Baby High Chair


This feature is a must for babies and toddlers. You should choose a high chair with a strap since it helps to prevent the downwards “slip n slide” escape.

Ease of use

The fact is that you will need to fold your chair up and down several times per day. Therefore, you need an easy and quick mechanism. You should look for a high chair that is easy to use.


With the wheels, you can easily push your chair while getting your little one into place. Although these features are not essential, you still should look for a high chair with wheels. This factor is especially important for those who have a heavy baby.

Easy to clean

Your babies will start to learn to feed themselves when they become a toddler. You should look for a chair that is easy to clean since there will be splatters, spills, or crumbs. We recommend you to choose ones with removable parts. You can also choose ones made of easy-to-wipe materials.

Your style

This factor should be your main point. However, you can draw to different colors, materials, and designs, thanks to your style.


If your baby doesn’t feel comfortable, he maybe not interested in mealtime. You should look for a high chair with soft padding. It can keep your little one comfortable to eat and explore. Besides, you can also choose ones with a seat well-shaped.


Folding baby high chairs is an excellent choice for restaurants and travel. Also, they are smart space saver at home. You have got a detailed review of our top five best folding high chairs for babies. Depending on your specific need, you can make the right decision. All of the above models have their pros and cons. Look at our reviews to make your wise decision.

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