Best Exersaucer for Entertaining and Developing Babies and Toddlers

Two questions always spring to mind before anyone buys an exersaucer for their baby, “how safe are they?” and “will my baby enjoy it enough for me to take a little break!?”  Searching for the Best Exersaucer can be difficult too as they are so similar to Jumperoo’s.

Exersaucers, like Jumperoos, are an updated, safer version, of a baby walker except Exersaucers are stationery compared to a walker.  Owning a baby exersaucer can give you that hands free you’ve been dying for since your baby was born.  What you do have to be mindful of is your baby, depending on the age, can get bored very quickly and very easily.  Even with all the extra toys, lights and sounds that come with exersaucers.  Baby exersaucers do provide lots of exercise and stimulation

We have reviewed and provide a list of the best baby exersaucers that will help entertain your child and is safe and affordable.

What is an Exersaucer?

When we first started looking into Exersaucers, we thought ‘That’s a Jumperoo’ and we also thought, have we searched for a spaceship here? BUT, they don’t fly and they are only similar to Jumperoos in the look.

They also look a lot like a baby walker however, they do not move.  This is also great as your baby is secure once they are inside and there is no fear of them hurting themselves.

Can My Baby Use an Exersaucer?

Probably the most common question asked.  Simply, depending on you babies height and strength depends on whether they can use an Exersaucer.  Age isn’t always the right gauge to use as all babies develop at different speeds and ages.

Once your baby can reach the ground when in the seat then this should be fine.  You would also want your baby to be able to hold their own heads, usually from 6 months old.  Keeping your child entertained is great in an exersaucer and they can be used up unil they are approx. 18 months old.

Are Exersaucers Safe?

In a word, Yes, Exersaucers are safe.  Doctors do recommend that you keep usage to a minimum as they can cause posture and development problems but they are great for quick breaks such as your own bath / shower time or even tea time.

Tummy time is great for babies development and this should always take priority over a baby exersaucer.  You should also make sure that baby to human interaction is continued as well.

Some of the biggest problems with the best exersaucers and activity stations are that they are so bulky and difficult to store due to the size.

 Lets take a look at the Best Exersaucers available

1 Oribel PortaplayBest Exersaucer Oribel Portaplay

First of our Best Exersaucers Top 10 is the Oribel Portoplay.  Oribel have solved all of the problems faced with baby exersaucers  and also included some amazing features.  Not only that the Oribel is a bouncer, play table and activity centre to help keep your baby entertained and exercised all in one.

With all the additional features comes an additional price and the Oribel is price much higher than most but you get value for money.


One of the great features of the Oribel Portoplay is that it can easily be converted into a play table.  This allows for the Oribel to be used all the way up to 5 years old.  This feature is great for toddlers to use as a table for colouring, writing, and playing with their toys on or maybe even eating their tea on.

Exersaucers generally last 12 months as babies quicky become bored when they can work or get about on their own.  They then become extinct and take up lots of space.  With the Oribel converting into a table, you quickly find a new idea to entertain your babies.

There are 3 adjustable settings which will massively help when baby grows.  Moving the seat position help keep your baby comfortable and helps this product adapt with your baby.

Not many Exersaucers or Activity Centres are foldable unlike the Oribel Portoplay.  Once you remove the toys as well the height, once collapsed, I just 4 inches tall which makes storage so simple.  With the toys left on, it is still only 8inches.

You can easily fit the Oribel into the boot of your car which will help when you are going out to friends or family. Grandparents will love the smile on the little ones face when they see them laugh and smile and enjoy themselves.

Complete with five amazing, fun and engaging toys, each of which will help improve different areas of your babies development.  All the toys are also detachable which will help keep your child engaged in the activities even when not using the Exersaucer.

All exersaucers share one great great feature and that is that all the best exersaucers are so easy and simple to clean.  This helps keep off all the germs that your baby will be passing on to the toys and table and if you wanted to sell on or pass down, you simply can.

The seat, believe it or not, is machine washable and the fabric on the whole Exersaucer is simple to wipe down.


The biggest downfall that lets the Oribel Portoplay down is the price.  This is the more expensive Exersaucer on the market today.  Although the additional toys and features make it a great product, I still don’t feel it warrants such a hefty tag.


Convertible into a table
three adjustable heights
Easy Storage
Full 360 Spin
Bouncing seat (2 to 3inches)
Easy to Clean


Dearer than other models


2 Evenflo Jump & LearnEvenflo Jam Session Jump and Learn Best Exersaucer

Evenflo are no strangers to baby products and lead the way in everyting the deliver.  With fresh innovative ideas in Baby Bouncers and Convertible Car Seats, they have also completely dominated in the best exersaucer market.  It is very difficult reviewing the best exersaucers products when most of them come from the same company.

The fact that the Evenflo name appears in any search for any baby product makes Evenflo the most trusted manufacturer.  They also ensure that their products cater for all different budgets.

Take a look at the Evenflo Jump and Learn.  The most popular part of this exersaucer is the solid base which stays completely still and helps strengthen babies legs.  Plus the biggest selling point for any parents is the flashing lights and activities that help keep baby entertained.

Complete with removable toys that you can swap or replace and also use on the buggies and car seats.  The biggest problem faced is the 3 activity stations require a total 12AAA Batteries to keep the lights and interactive activities going.  Another huge bonus is the Jump and Learn can spin a full 360 degrees so your baby can see you wherever you have moved too in the room.

Being in the best exersaucer list, it wouldn’t be complete without stating the fact the Evenflo model can also be cleaned very easily with plastic parts that can be wiped clean and a machine washable seat cover.

Adjusting as your baby grows is simple with three adjustable heights.  Dependant on your babies abilities, this seat can be used from around 6 months old up too 18 months.  Babies generally lose interest in any of the best exersaucers once they start walking.

We have already mentioned the 12 batteries that are required but the other downside is the size.  This model is extremely wide and struggles to fit through standard doorways which prevents the Jump and Learn being moved between rooms.  Also, you couldn’t quickly take apart and build back together as it takes approximately 45 minutes to build (this is probably being generous too)

If you have a large enough room in your house for a static exersaucer that entertains your baby by spinning, lighting up, making noise and entertaining then this is for you. However, the time it takes to build and the fact it cannot be transported anywhere else, makes this a difficult choice.


Bounces and Spins
More than 26 Different Activities
Toys can be Changes
3 Completely Interactive Activity Sessions
Simple to Clean and Machine Washable
Strong and Safe


Requires 12AAA Batteries
Not Portable Takes up too 45 minutes to Build


3 Evenflo Sweet Tea Party best exersaucer evenflo tea party

When we had our second child we were well aware of the number of nappies and baby wipes we would be going through.  What we weren’t prepared for is just how difficult having 2 children is when only 3 years apart.  One needs lots of attention as they are in nursery and learning and the baby needs lots of care and attention as all babies do.  One huge advantage of having a second baby is learning from previous mistakes.

Owning one of the best exersaucer helped us the second time round as we were able to use this when our 3 year old required some additional attention OR when making tea etc.  Previously we just used a baby door bouncer or a baby bouncer chair but this time entertainment of the second child was key.

The biggest problem with the best exersaucer we bought, was the number of batteries required.  This cost us a small fortune in the long run as some of them require up too 12 AAA batteries, which in the UK is not cheap at all.

With battery time on most models stating up too two and half hours you will quickly burn through them and be back to the shops to purchase more.  We also found that the cheaper batteries didn’t always work in the Exersaucer so we were required to buy the more branded batteries like Duracell.

Had we have discovered the Evenflo Sweet Tea Party then batteries would not have been a worry as it requires no batteries at all and is a lot cheaper than other models.

Now, with most products in any market, you may think that the lower cost means less features.  With the Evenflo Sweet Tea Party you may be right and initially a little disappointed.  There are no lights or music but there is still so much to the Evenflo Sweet Tea Party which is why it is number 3 on our Best Exersaucer list.


This Exersaucer Spins, Rocks and Bounces which allows your child to reach all the toys and strengthen leg muscles.  The rock and bouner is only minimal but enough to keep your child entertained.

It is called the “Tea Party” for a very clear and obvious reason, the them is a miniature tea party.  With cakes that you can stack and flowers that rattle, there is plenty to entertain your baby.  Plus mirrors for little on to laugh at themselves.

The weight of the product is lighter than most which makes it nice and simple to move around the house.  The four small feet are also nice and safe for your floor and the base is super stable.

Like most of the best exersaucers, there are 3 heights to choose from to help when baby grows and like any exersaucer, they should only be used when baby has a strong head and neck (usually around 6 months old).

Installation of the Evenflo is simple and quick and as with every Evenflo product the instructions are very clear and idiot proof.  It can take up too approx. 15 minutes to setup which is great for the eager baby.

Cleaning the product is also simple with a quick anti bacterial wipe and a machine washable seat, your Sweet Tea Party should keep clean for quite a while.


Good Stability and Really Light
3 Height Adjustment Positions
Bounces, spins and Rocks
Low Price
Simple to Build
No Batteries Required


No Lights or Music
Less Toys to Entertain Hence the Cheaper Price


4 Baby Einstein Reefbaby einstein reef Best Exersaucer

We have a fish tank in our house and both our children love it – they also love Finding Nemo which is one of my favourite films too.  The Baby Einstein Reef is a great colourful exersaucer which will definitely entertain your child.

Baby Einstein are becoming a much more popular manufacturer and the Reef Exersaucer is one of the best.  With a huge range of activities which include an amazing piano and some automatic melodies that your child can listen too or even some nice fun sounds of the sea.

As you move round the Baby Einstein Reef continues to provide more fun.  Extra loops for more toys, 360 degree swivel on the seat which allows baby to reach all of the wonderful toys on offer.

Another Exersaucer that provides 3 separate height options and an easy to clean seat which can be removed and wiped down.

Amazingly, the Baby Einstein Reef has three language options, English, Spanish and French.  Learning a new language can be fun, so why not give it a go.  The earlier they start the quicker they learn.


Bright Coloured Ocean Theme
3 Height Adjustment Positions
360 Degree Rotating Seat
More than 12 Activities
Child Can Learning 3 Languages. Spanish English and French
Simple to Clean


360 Rotating Seat is not Smooth
Piano Keys Can Be quite Hard


5 Evenflo Life in the AmazonBest Exersaucer Life in the Amazon by Evenflo

Does your child love animals? Are they interested in all the vibrant colours?  If the answer is yes to both then this Exersaucer is just for you.  Complete with Toucan Birds, Chameleons and Monkeys, bright colours and a huge array of activities, this Exersaucer will keep your child completely engaged and entertained.  Too them it will feel like they are in the Amazon Forest.

Evenflo’s Lie in the Amazon is not only on of the best exersaucer for your child it can be used from newborn to young child.  From newborn it can be used as an activity mat and then a Exersaucer Activity Center for your young toddler and then a table for your pre-school child.

For transport purposes, the Evenflo can be folded down and carried which makes it great for storage and also transporting to grandmas.

With all the amazing activities that are included in this exersaucer, the big drawback is the time it takes to build.  This is definitely a two person job and following all the instructions will ensure you don’t miss some very important parts.  Also, some of the parts can be removed easily, particularly the birds.

If you are a working parent like us and you have a baby sitter / grandparents that help, then this is the best exersaucer for transporting.


Easy to Fold and Store Away
11 Activities
Each Activity Supports Development
Converts to a Mat, a Table and Activity Center
Saucer Does Bounce


Can Be Quite Difficult to Put Together
Toys, birds mainly, Can be Pulled Off


What are the Advantages of an Exersaucer​​?

Anybody with a child will know how much they enjoy being entertained and causing mild mischief.  The biggest advantage of owning one of the best exersaucer reviewed above is that they act as a great short-term baby sitter as they will entertain your child for the whole time they are in there.

They also provide a great safe environment if you need to leave the room for a short time to do the dishes or load the washer.  If they are in a baby walker they are mobile and hazardous but in an exersaucer they are still and comfortable and fully entertain your baby.  Plus most of them are completely portable.

Best Baby Exersaucer Recommended Age

Using an exersaucer has many positives from development and strength, to freeing up time for yourself.  Experts have raised many concerns about using an exersaucer regarding growth and age of the child using the exersaucers.  Ensuring your child can hold their own heads and neck and sit comfortably will make sure that they are not affected negatively when using a baby exersaucer.  Posture and growth can be really impacted if your baby cannot support themselves when using.

If your child can support themselves but are still quite small, it is always recommended to remove the games and toys to keep them safe.  As your child grows more and more most of the best exersaucers will transform to allow for other uses.

Exersaucer can still be used when your child cannot sit inside as they will be able to play with the toys and activities from the outside of the table.  The entertainment is still there and your toddler can continue to use the toys and activities without any disruption.​

Summary: Best Exersaucer to Entertain Your Toddlers

Challenging as it may seem, finding the best exersaucer has hopefully been made easier with the above Top 5 Best Exersaucer.  Although experts are concerned about the time spent in these and the controls parents put in place for themselves to ensure that they are used correctly, they are extremely helpful to parents and also great for entertaining.

Furthermore, the best exersaucer are also great for reaching those development goals for your child.

Parents must always remember that as safe as the best exersaucer maybe, their attention is still required.  They are already secure and made to look after your baby to allow you a bit of free time when required.  Remember to stick to small amounts of time and not exceed two hours.

Exersaucers are great for entertaining and developing your child and providing some free time for you as parents.  I hope tis reciew has provided you with some great insight into what is available and what to look for in a baby exersaucer.

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