Best Double Strollers in the UK Reviews 2020

Wanting a baby is a huge decision in anyones life.  It changed mine.  For the good of course.

If you are planning for one and have two then your life has definitely changed and probably whirlwind out of control.

What do we need? Where do we get it? Whats the best? We need 2 of everything.

Or you may have decided to have two children close together so you would still need a double stroller.

Either way, you’ve made your decision and now you need to know what the best double stroller is for your babies / toddlers.

Tracking them down is a difficult one as there a literally hundreds and hundreds to choose from.

Today you have decided to visit this page and I am hoping that I have taken the difficult decision away from you by providing the Top 5 Double Strollers on the market based on value for money, safety, portability and durability.

Lets dive straight in….

Top 5 Best Double Strollers for your Little Ones

1 Baby Trend Expedition

If you are looking for a side by side option that is not too expensive and does exactly what it says on the tin, then this is it.

The Baby Trend Expedition double stroller is perfect for joggers and walkers.

Each of the 3 tires are filled with air, like bike tires and can easily be pumped with a standard pump.

The quality of the product isn’t as great as others we have reviewed but that is reflective in the price.

Some customers find this product quite frustrating as it doesn’t have a car seat.

Overall, the Baby Trend Expedition has a simple to use recline, comfortable padded seats.

This double stroller is great if you are not too fussed about bells and whistles and want to just be able to get your child from A to B.

It also includes some nice little features like a cup holder and nice neat pockets for your bits and pieces.

The main downfall of this product is the fact it does not accept car seats.

This can make it difficult for babies under 6 months old.

Due to the price, we believe that you are getting a very good double stroller that you will not be disappointed with.

If you like jogging then the wheels are durable enough to withstand most bumps and surfaces.

2 Thule Urban Glide 2

WOW, what can we say.  The Thule Urban Glide 2 is an amazing side by side double stroller.

It is so easy to use and push around.  It is literally like it glides around.  The manoeuvrability of this double stroller is second to none and the quality of the product is absolutely pristine.

For a 3 wheel double stroller would make a great addition to any family but does come at a price.

When you first see it you will wonder how you get this anywhere but it folds down so easily and can be put into the boot of your car.

The wheels really help you manoeuvre around anywhere, including small spaces in shops etc.

Furthermore, they help you when getting up curbs and bumps as they literally just smoothly mount the curb.

Although the Thule Urban Glide accepts car seats, you can only fit one at a time so if you have twins, this is not the double stroller for you.

It is also quite heavy so folding is simple, but lifting maybe difficult.

What we would like to say though if you have the funds and expect to use a double stroller for a long tie then this would be perfect.

3 BOB Revolution Flex

All terrain, 3 wheels, suspension and perfect for jogging with.  The BOB Revolution is a superb Double Stroller.

The quality of this product is unbelievable and the manoeuvrability is amazing.

Again, this double stroller does not accept 2 car seats and if you wish to connect a seat you need to purchase an adapter.

If you are using this to job with, please bare in mind that children under 8 months old should not be pushed around for a jog.

Folding it down is good, but there is not simple way of lifting it as there isn’t a carry handle.

The tires are great and allow for a smooth ride and will last a long time.

The sunshade is a great way of protecting your children from the sun and covers plenty of your baby, safely.

Overall it is a great double stroller and we would use this more as an everyday stroller for quick walks out in parks or shopping centers.

4 UPPAbaby Vista Double

Next we have the UppaBaby Vista.  Superb Stroller,  and a top recommendation by most buyers of this product.

With multiple seating configurations this carrier is perfect for 2 children or twins.  It also allows 2 car seats to be fit allowing comfort for both.

With 4 foam filled tires, a puncture cannot stop you on your travels.

Simple to fold allowing for quick and easy storage in your home or vehicle and an all wheel suspension supporting oyu and your babies on your journey.

One of the biggest downfalls of this amazing double stroller is the price.

If you are on a budget then keep scrolling.  This is not for you.  Also, it may be simple to fold but it is extremely difficult to lift.

The increased price lets this stroller down as it is the only one we have reviewed of many that allows 2 car seats.

The quality and design of the product is perfect.  For those that have 3 children you can purchase a stand for them to ride along too.

5 Evenflo Pivot

Finally, Evenflo is mentioned in our Top 5.  Wherever we go for baby products Evenflo is there.

This full sized double stroller is a great product and a superb price.

You can install 2 car seats and have them facing either way that suits you.

These type of strollers are great for twins and young babies and is so similar to the Uppababy in regards to its versatile design and amazing style.

Although the top end quality might not be there, you actually get what you pay for.

It is a little flimsier then the more expensive products and does feel like it is wobbling or rattling when walking.

However, depending on what your plan is for your walks out, this could be perfect.

How to Choose A Double Stroller 

Value for Money

Having 2 children is expensive. Having twins is even more expensive. But that expense doesn’t stop.

Double strollers are also expensive. Above I have tried to provide a good price range between products and hope your find something you find very useful.

The Evenflo is by far the best value for money as long as you don’t choose offroading with it.

Keep it in the street and the parks and you will be absolutely fine.

Your babies will love being in it, you will love pushing it and everyone can relax (including your bank balance).

Using your Stroller

Strollers are part of having a baby and are part of your everyday life.

Whereever you go with your baby or toddler, you will need it.  So it needs to be practical, easy to move around and easy to push.

Make sure you check out the weight of a product before purchasing as some may fold down nice and easy but lifting them can be difficult.

Foldable Stroller

Being able to fold your stroller helps lift any restrictions with your baby.  If you want to go further adrift then you need to be able to take the stroller with you.

Folding it and putting it in your car should be quick and simple so you can manage this.

The quicker the better as you will have your 2 babies with you and need to get from A to B so they don’t start crying.


An absolute must for any stroller.  A Sunshade should ALWAYS be part of any stroller to protect your little ones from those dangerous sunrays.

Check the level of cover the sunshade has also if you are worried however, they are always very protective.

A canopy style sunshade is perfect way to cover your baby from rain or sun from getting to them.


Like any product you buy, there are always others in the same category that are better or worse quality.  Ultimately the choice is yours.

Although the Evenflo is lower price and cheaper quality it will still do a great job for you.

The quality of materials used is always the main concern ins a double stroller.

One bump and you could topple over which no one wants.

Spending a little more on your double stroller will always ensure you get the best possible product, quality and versatility you can imagine.


There are literally hundreds of double strollers on the market, to many for us to review them all.

We have hopefully found the best 5 that tickle your fancy and help you make a choice.

Our choice is the Evenflo, but this is personal choice.  For us, our walks are literally flat, solid terrain and this is perfect.

With great value for money and a great comfort for a baby, the Evenflo would do for what we need.

If you do decide to purchase one of the above strollers, please feel free to drop us a comment on what you thought of the product.

We would always recommend to check out the products yourselves too as this post is just a guide to help you make that important decision.

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