Best Convertible Car Seats for Toddlers UK Reviews 2020

Driving on the road or going on a long journey cross country can be a challenge in itself, with a little one(s) on board, this challenge becomes greater.  Are they comfy? Are they safe? Comfort and Safety are the two main things you need from a car seat and the Best Convertible Car Seats for Toddlers will provide just that.

Hundreds of different brands, makes and models are available on the market and it can make choosing the right on very difficult.

With all the different makes and models around, this makes the market competitive which is great news however, it can also be a huge disadvantage to us as consumers as it quickly becomes confusing.  Which one is for me? Which one should I choose? Does it have all the bells and whistles I need for my child?

These are pretty much the questions and concerns most parents have when it comes to choosing a toddler car seat.  Don’t worry, I intend to try and ease the pain a little bit.  In this amazing article I will provide

If these are your concerns, we’ve certainly got you covered! In this article, we will provide you with a list options that will make choosing the best convertible car seat easy for you. Of course, we want to help parents like you get the best and the safest convertible car seat for your child. Please see some of the best car seat options for small cars.

Just like when choosing a baby bouncer or a baby swing you must check all parts and instructions to ensure they are fit correctly and also secure.

Top Convertible Car Seats for Toddlers

Firstly, I have two children of my own so choosing a car seat is stressful.  We have tried, tested, tried, tested and tried again.  Through this thorough testing and trying, we were able to provide a list of the Top 10 Best convertible car seats for toddlers.  Each of these car seats have your toddlers comfort and safety and the forefront of everything and will make sure your child is in the right hands.

For me, the best convertible car seat is the Evenflo Tribute LX for comfort, safety and affordability.  Car seats can be quite expensive and also have a huge price range however, the Evenflo caters for any budget.  We will explain in more detail below.

1) Evenflo Tribute LX

Our best convertible car seat for toddlers has to go to the Evenflo Tribute LX. Any parent will tell you that buying a car seat can be expensive and also worrying.  Going cheap and get you in all sorts of problems with durability, growth, space and comfort.  Going to the more expensive range can be great, if you can afford it, however some seats are just far too pricy.

Being on a smaller budget does not necessarily mean you have to put your child at risk.  The Evenflo car seat caters for families on a smaller budget but ensures your childs safety is kept in mind.  Babies grow out of car seats so fast and before you know it you wont need one, so is it necessary to break the bank?

Product Features

  • Tested and passed all safety tests making this just as safe as any other convertible car seat.
  • Crash tested and PASSED on a collision two times stronger than a standard crash test. The car seat remained in place and with no damage.
  • Evenflo have kept the Tribute LX lightweight and the design helps this seat fit all cars, including small cars. The size and weight of the seat will make it compatible with most if not all cars.
  • Easy access to the amazing five point harness. Located in the front to help you easily take out and put your child in.
  • Adjustable shoulder harness also helps this seat confidently protect your child up too at least two years old.
  • Rear Facing reclining support also helps increase the comfort of your baby.
  • For longer journeys you can simple use and adjust the crotch buckle position. This will ensure that comfort is kept throughout the journey, no matter how long

Standout Feature(s) of the Evenflo Tribute LX Car Seat

Obviously the price of this product in comparison to others is the most standout feature of all.  Once we delved a little deeper we found that there were some hidden gems, one of which being the washability of the seat.  We have made this our number one choice of best convertible car seats for toddlers for these two reasons.  Most convertible car seats just don’t come near when wanting to clean.  The Evenflo Tribute LX allows you to remove certain parts for easy clean and replace keeping your child seat fresh.

Minor Problems

Overall performance of this convertible car seat is great and the buckle and harness is one of the best.  The placement of the buckle however is not favourable to everyone.  Furthermore, the cushions on the seat are not as soft as other models or rear facing seats.


  • Fits most cars due to lightweight design
  • Crash Tested for safety of child during a collision
  • Easy to remove parts and washable items
  • Two crotch buckle for to support safety and comfort
  • Great for longer travels
  • Rear facing support


  • Latch is quite difficult to reach
  • No covers on the straps
  • Seat padding not as thick as others

2) Graco Extend2Fit, Spire

Graco Extend2Fit is the most impressive Graco Car Seat that has been produced for years.  For as long as I can remember, Graco have produced some top quality, best-selling, car seats for toddlers.  Amongst the extensive list of amazing car seats, the Extend2Fit stands out as the cream of the crop.  Complete with lots of amazing features that will make your baby feel safe and extremely comfortable when travelling.

Product Features

  • The Graco Extend2Fit is apparently 5 times safer than many of its competitors. There are very few convertible car seats for toddlers that provide complete and ultimate protection, regardless of the roads surface and bumps you may face.
  • Baby will be comfortable at all times and the legs are able to extend without being squashed or scrunched.
  • Amazingly, this car seat will grow with your child with its fantastic Extend2Fit technology. The base extends to support and accommodate your childs growth, allowing for consistent comfort and leg room.
  • The chair supports a child who weighs around 50lbs and is 45 inches tall (3 foot 9 inches). This is helped with the extendable base allowing your child to stretch out when they want.
  • The strap system stores the buckle out of your childs way. This fantastic harness storage makes it easier for you to put in and take out your child from the seat.
  • Adjusting the harness and head rest is also extremely simple and user friendly. All of this can be adjusted in one simple motion and you should never need to re thread the straps each time you adjust the chair.

Standout Feature(s) of the Graco Extend2Fit Car Seat

Being one of the best convertible car seats for toddlers, the Graco Extend2Fit has many features and it wouldn’t be one of the best if you didn’t allow this seat to show you for yourself what it can do.

  • Providing an amazing five inches of leg room for your baby with its three position extension seat. This allows your child to use the rear facing position for a longer time than a normal conventional seat.
  • Six different reclining positions to provide more comfort to your baby. Keeping your child comfortable is a priority, especially if you travel a lot.  You will always be able to find a suitable reclining position, even when your baby grows.  This seat is suitable for children aged two years and in some cases, even longer

Minor Problems

As with any product you buy, including the best convertible car seats for toddlers, the Graco comes with one frustrating problem.  The harness is very tricky to fit.  It is also reported that once they are fit it is difficult to get optimum tightness.  Furthermore, the Gracy Extend2Fit does not fit well in smaller cars as this will greatly reduce the reclining options available from this seat.


  • Versatile and Reliable for Babies up to 50lbs
  • Easy installing and lightweight design
  • Rear Facing for much longer than other models
  • Child Protected by Steel Frame design
  • Cup Holders for babies juice cup


  • Difficult reaching optimum tightness
  • Does not fit well in small cars

3) Graco Size4Me 65

If you are looking for a car seat that has the strength and durability to keep your child safe, then a Graco convertible car seat will do just that.  Graco have produced a vast array of amazing convertible car seats and the Graco Size4Me is no different.  Great for delicate babies and newborns, this chair protects you baby throughout their whole car journey experience.  Reliability in this car seat makes this one of the best convertible car seats in the market today this is why we have ranked in the Top 3.

Product Features

  • Super strong rear facing structure helps protect your child from damage.
  • Supports children up to 40pounds in weight.
  • Rear and Front Facing which should help you save some money as you will not need to change the seat.
  • Front facing seat can cater up to 65pounds in weight
  • Crashed Tested for durability and reliability and confidently passes
  • Side impact test also carried out examining the strength of the harness

Standout Feature(s) of Graco Size4Me 65 Car Seat

The harness positioning on the Graco seat helps your child keep comfortable and you to fit them easily.  With the ‘Simply Safe Adjust Harness System’ you can quickly and simply adjust the height of the harness as your child grows.  Most car seats dont have this feature and that makes it frustrating when adjusting the seat.  Rethreading the harness will also be a thingo f the past with this seat as it will adjust itself automatically.

Minor Problems

Leg room could be an issue if you place the Grace Size4Me in a smaller car.  Some people have reported that the material used can be uncomfortable for some children.  Finally, there are some occasional rattling issues where the lever behind the head rest is.


  • Lightweight and Durable – allows for comfortable, longer use
  • Great protection from crashes including side impact
  • Rear and Front Facing
  • Quick and Hassle Free harness adjustment
  • Three position recliner


  • Not suitable for smaller cars

4) Graco 4Ever

Back again with the next best convertible car seat for toddlers, the Graco 4Ever.  This booser seat will give your toddler the comfort they need when travelling.  If a booster seat is what you are looking for then look no further, stop scroll, and click on the image NOW!!

As far as front facing car seats go, this is the best quality front facing car seat on the market.  Graco have made this chair extremely comfortable and some amazing features to support your toddler on short and long journeys.

Product Features

  • Includes the Simply Safe Adjust Harness technology so no rethreading of the harness is required. This helps easily adjust both harness and headrest.
  • a HUGE 10 position headrest adjuster – your baby should ALWAYS feel comfortable and safe
  • Accomodates Newborns
  • Cup holders for your toddler to store drinks / toys
  • Posture of your toddler supported by the six position recline feature. Helps support your child whilst they are growing.
  • Rear facing supports child up too 40 pounds, forward facing up too 65 pounds. This means you can keep the seat throughout there early stages
  • Easy to adjust to a booster seat. This then extends the weight that can be held all the way up too 120 pounds.

Standout Feature(s) of Graco 4Ever All-in-One Car Booster Seat

Identifying the best convertible car seats is mainly down to safety and the Graco 4Ever provides just that.  Meeting all the safety standards required for the perfect safety seat for toddlers.  The chair also passed many side impact tests too.

More importantly, this seat can take twice as much impact as a normal car seat.  Durable and extremely strong due to the steel reinforcement this seat has built in.

Minor Problems

Installation of the seat belt is not simple as you need to remove the cushion beforehand.  Smaller toddlers will struggle to reach the cup holders and the material used to make the Graco 4Ever does not breathe,  this can make humid weather conditions cause problems in the seating.


  • Will fit smaller cars due to its lightweight & compact design
  • Guarantees protection of your child with the additional safety tests that were passed!
  • Suitable amount of cushion and protection for added comfort
  • Can be converted into a booster seat so you can use the chair for a long time
  • Up to 10 different head rest positions to keep comfort of your babies and toddlers soft head


  • Rear-facing is quite frustrating and difficult to install
  • Cup holder is quite small and does not fit standard sized toddler cups – so they get stuck

5) Evenflo Tribute

Car seats come in all shapes and sizes and the Evenflo Tribute is one of the best convertible car seats for small cars.  Quality and safety is also provided with this amazing seat to ensure your toddler is protected at all times.

Product Features

  • Rear facing and forward facing both safely and comfortably holding children up to 30 pounds for rear facing and up to 40 pounds for forward facing.
  • Exceeding most safety standards and is one of the fewer car seats to go through a series of impact tests. Child’s safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds when designing and building these convertible car seats. Its multiple shoulder harness positions can withstand strong shock and impact.
  • Easy access to the buckle release system and four should strap system to support the growth of your child.
  • Energy absorbing foam liner which increases the safety of your child.
  • Buckle covers, head rest and harness all have additional padding for extra comfort
  • Machine washable seat and easy clean metal and plastics which helps keep the car seat like new at all times.

Standout Feature(s) of Evenflo Tribute Sport Car Seat

Fitting a car seat can be difficult for many people to fit especially when most car seats are quite bulky and cannot accommodate larger family cars.  This is why the Evenflo Tribute is one car seat that excels due to the compact design making this one of the best convertible cars seats for small cars.

Minor Problems

Finding the correct angle in the recliner is quite difficult and becomes frustrating and also does not come with a proper head support.  One more frustrating problem is the fabric used on the Evenflo Tribute is not breathable.  This can make sitting for long periods of time uncomfortable in humid conditions.


  • Perfect for smaller cars as well as large family cars
  • One of a few car seats that are air travel approved
  • Foolproof strap adjustment system
  • Simple to install
  • Front and Rear facing making it ideal for infants and toddlers


  • Material not great in humid conditions
  • No head support supplied

Things to Consider When Choosing A Convertible Car Seat

Throughout this review process we have come across many different convertible car seats that you and your toddler will love.  We are not trying to say these are the only car seats on the market but what we are providing you is a very healthy guide on the best available convertible car seats and also support in what too look for when buying your own.

With so many options available it is easy to waste your money a couple of times before buying the perfect seat and this can become frustrating.  We definitely don’t want that!!

Harness System

All the above convertible car seats have an amazing harness system installed which makes putting your toddler in simply and quickly.  The harness is also amazingly simple to adjust which helps as your baby grows into a small toddler.  Always ensure you check where the harness should be based on the childs weight and size, this will ensure optimum safety.

Most can be re-adjusted by simply removing and re threading the straps.  See instructions in each car seat for how to do this.  Some more modern car seats use a simpler system to adjust.  The design of each seat can be very different.  Always pay attention to where the chest clip is as this should be located at around the armpit.  You should also be able to get a finger and thumb under the straps which ensures they are not too tight.


Having a multiple choice of reclining angles is always a fantastic feature for any convertible car seat.  This helps your child grow into the seat without having to buy a new one.  The best convertible car seats do provide a very useful guide as to which angle the car seat should be at.  This will help with the comfort of your toddler.

Upright position of a car seat should only be used when your child is strong enough and big enough.  Keeping your child at the most reclined position is the safest and most reliable for any baby and child.  Again, you must always check the instructions and guides to help you ensure your choosing the right angles.


One huge advantage of these modern day convertible car seats is the comfort they have.  Additional padding and layers of material in the bum and the back as been added over the years to ensure that you child is safe and comfortable no matter how long the journey.

Built in cup holders and extra added support makes the ergonomics of each of the car seats much more improved than say 10 years ago.  Removable head rests and cushions also ensure that you can keep the seat clean and tidy for longer lasting.

All car seats now go through more safety tests than ever before.  Each seat will have front, rear and side impact tests which again ensures the safety of your toddler.  All our best convertible car seats have been tested and passed each of tests.  Some have had twice as much impact than others.  The Federal Safety Standards tests ensure that no car seat will enter the market before meeting these standards.  Any convertible car seat that has not been through these tests will quickly be removed / recalled.


With many different types of car seats available, including a wide price range and a whole host of brands, it is clear to see why this decision is quite difficult.  We hope this buyers guide will really help you make a choice or support your decision in keeping your toddler safe.

Each of the above are the absolute best in their own rights whether it be comfort, safety, price, all of the above.  Although they are ranked 1 to 5, they are all the best in our opinion.  Keeping them clean and ensuring they last a long time will save you a lot more money in the long run.

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