The 15 Best Convertible Car Seats UK Reviews 2021

Unlike an infant car seat, which is only used for the first few months, convertible car seats can be used from infancy through toddlers.

They can accommodate both infants from 5 years and toddlers over 20 pounds. As your little one gets older, the seat can be converted from the rear-facing position to the forward-facing position.

Also, convertible seats have extended usage, and they can meet the growing needs of your child.

However, just like choosing any other car seat, figuring out the best for your child’s needs can be overwhelming. This is especially true due to the numerous brands of convertible car seats in the UK market.

This article will provide you with a review of some of the best models in the market. Also included is a buying guide discussing the key features to consider when making your buying decision.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Convertible Car Seat UK

Buying a convertible car seat for your kid can seem overwhelming, especially if it’s your first one. When looking for the best convertible car seats, there are several factors you need to take into account.

Comfort Features

When choosing a car seat, you want to ensure that you keep your child’s comfort in mind. Comfort is one of the most important aspects especially if you are planning a long trip.

Comfort is also essential since your child could spend up to three or four years on this seat.

You want a seat that has plusher fabric and well-padded straps. The fabric should also be anti-bacterial and breathable for adequate air circulation.

If you want a seat for new-borns or infants, make sure that it includes infants inserts. Generally, inserts are designed for comfort and to provide adequate support for your baby.

Safety Features

Most convertible car seats adhere to the safety standards set by the government. Nonetheless, you should look for extra safety measures like additional shock absorption and a built-in levelling system to ensure your child is kept safe through the ride.

Side-Impact Protection

This is another key feature that you should keep in mind when scouting for the best convertible car seat for your child.

However, it is important to note that the side impact protection may vary from one model to another.

While some seats are designed with single-layer protection, others have double-layer protection while other models have side impact absorbers.

Also, note that this feature could add to the cost of the seat.

Ease of Use

A good convertible car seat should include features that make it easy to get your kid in and out of it such as harness holders. Also, it should be effortless to get the seat in and out of your vehicle.

Convertible car seats with hard-to-use features will not only ruin your experience with the car seat but also comprise your child’s safety.


The convertible car seat you choose should be designed for long term use to grow with your child.

It is highly recommended to keep your child in the rear-facing position for a long time. This is because it is the safest way for them to travel.

Therefore, it is vital to look at the weight or height requirement of the car seat before you make your purchase.

Make sure that it has an extended rear-facing weight range so they can use the seat for a long time, saving you money in the long-run.

Recline Adjustment Location

Every convertible car seat has been designed to recline, allowing your baby to seat in a more relaxing position.

However, more expensive brands have conveniently placed the seat recline adjustment for ease of use. For these models, this feature is located at the front of the seat. Moreover, you should consider seats that offer several recline positions.


While this a paramount factor, it is unfortunate that most parents assume it. Before you head out to purchase a new car seat, make certain that you know the size of your back seat, including the length and width. This way, you can pick a model that will comfortably fit in your vehicle.


Price may also be a factor to consider especially if you are working with a tight budget. However, it should be your last consideration since cheap models lack useful features that will provide more safety and comfort for your child.

Reviews of the Best Convertible Car Seats UK

Bebe Style Convertible 1/2/3 Combination Car Seat and Booster Seat

This car seat from Bebe style is designed for children from 9 months to 12 years who weigh about 36kg. Something that stands out about this car seat is that it can convert to a booster seat with ease.

Parents love this seat because it has been designed with protection in mind. It is safely protected with side impact protection.

In addition, the shoulder straps can be adjusted to accommodate the growing needs of your children. The height of the headrest is also adjustable for ease of use.

Graco Slim Fit Convertible Car Seat

Secure your child in this Slim Fit car seat that lets them grow both in the forward-facing and rearward facing positions.

Thanks to its compact design, you can save ample space in your back seat. Uniquely, the cup holders can rotate away to make the seat slimmer.

The seat boasts a safe adjust harness system that allows you to adjust the height of the headrest and harness.

Thanks to the right latch system, attaching this car seat to your car is quick and easy. The plush support in this all-in-one seat will keep your kid comfortable through the travel.

Kinderkraft Car Seat

Infant and children up to 12 years will find this car seat extremely comfortable for their use. The seat features a modern design and fits well in all types of cars.

It has 7 headrest adjustments to accommodate the growing needs of your child. To ensure the protection of your child, the seat is equipped with a 5-point harness safety belt and side protectors for the head and shoulders.

In addition, the Kinderkraft comfort up offers a convenient backrest adjustment.

Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat

If an easy installation is an important feature for you, then you will most likely love this car seat. The click tight feature ensures easy installation and eliminates the need for rigid latches.

It also has a 14 positions harness and 7 recline positions for the best comfort.

This car seat is designed with safety in mind as it features an impact-absorbing base as well as a layer of side impact protection.

During a crash, the impact-absorbing base shrinks to prevent the car seat and the passenger seat from colliding.

Also included are an impact-absorbing tether, a steel frame that stabilizes impact, and a removable infant insert.

Graco Milestone All-in-One Car Seat

If you are looking for a versatile car seat that will grow with your child, the Graco Milestone is a good choice.

This seat can be transformed into three riding modes; rearward-facing position, forward-facing position, and high-back booster to accommodate kids from their birth up to 12 years.

It is designed with special plush inserts to ensure the comfort of small babies. Other exciting features included are a removable cup holder and a four-position recline.

Plus, the headrest and harness can easily be adjusted to grow with your child.

Britax Bromer First Class Car Seat

Britax Bromer’s car seat is reputable for providing ultimate protection for new-born babies. It is equipped with a pitch control system, side-impact protection, and chest pads.

Additionally, there are removable new-born inserts, making it the safest way for new-borns to born.

The seat has two seat belt routing options if your child prefers the forward-facing position. Better yet, the seat incline can easily be adjusted in a forward-facing position without interfering with your baby’s sleep.

You will also have peace of mind putting your child in this convertible car seat thanks to the built-in click and safe harness.

Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

This is a 4-in-1 car seat that provides the option of rear-facing, forward-facing, booster seat, and backless belt-positioning mode. It has become a parent favourite because it gives 10 years of usage.

Also, it is equipped with a Safe Adjust Harness System to ensure a proper fit for your kid. With the 6-recline positions, you can be assured that your child will be comfortable during the ride.

This Graco model also features an InRight Latch system with a one-second attachment for easy installation.

Maxi-Cosi Axiss Swivelling Car Seat

Are you looking for a travel car seat for your older child? If so, you might want to consider this unit which is suitable to use for children between 9 months to 4 years (9-18kg). It is highly versatile thanks to its 8 reclining positions.

The chair sits on a sturdy base that swivels at 90 degrees. This allows easy access to buckle and get your child out, making it ideal for quick travels.

The harness and headrest can be adjusted with one hand, so you can customize the seat according to your child’s comfort and security.

Mcc 3in1 Convertible

Planning to take your 9 months to 11 years child for a long trip? If so, you need a comfortable are a seat like the Mcc 3in1 convertible.

This is an affordable option that is roomy and equipped with energy-absorbing foam, a 5-point harness system, comfortable armrests, and a thick headrest to keep your baby comfortable and secure.

This seat is highly versatile and can be transformed into a high back belt-positioning booster to accommodate children weighing 15 to 36 kgs.

Also, it can be placed in a backless belt-positioning booster for 2-36 kg kids.

Graco Affix High Back Booster Car Seat

This car seat is best suited for babies between 3 to 10 months old. The back booster is always designed to keep your smallest traveller safe.

The booster also features front adjustments that let you tighten the seat to your car and enhances the safety of your child.

Impressively, the chair features ISO catch connectors with self-buckling to secure the seat in place. The booster seat is also amazingly comfortable and is equipped with energy-absorbing foam.

It also comes with an adjustable headrest and full covered backrest to ensure extreme comfort and support of your child.

There is kid-approved storage and the seat can easily convert to backless mode once your child gets older than 10 months.

Britax Bromer DUALFIX 2R

Another one from Britax Bromer is this flexible car seat with a nifty 360 degrees rotation. With this useful feature, you will enjoy all-round flexibility with both the forward and rearward facing position.

Plus, it has a 90 degrees rotation that lets you turn the seat to the car door to get the baby in or out.

If you want to place your baby in the rearward facing position, you will be pleased to know that the seat comes with a shorter rebound bar. This provides more leg space for your child.

This car seat belongs to the group 0+/1 and is ideal for new-borns to children weighing 18 kgs.

Maxi Cosi Titan Toddler/Child Car Seat

This a group 1/2/3 car seat that is ideal for babies, toddlers, and children that weigh approximately 9-36 kg (9 months to 12 years).

This multi-stage car seat offers 5 comfortable positions that serve its function whether your child wants to stay upright or take a nap.

For extra comfort, the chair has cushioned inlay and cosy padding. The headrest of this convertible car seat is also easy to adjust and it grows in 11 steps for ultimate comfort.

The seat features an ISOFIX installation with top tethers to provide great stability.

Hauck Varioguard Convertible Car Seat

This convertible car seat is a combination of style, flexibility, and comfort without compromising on functionality. This is also a suitable choice if portability matters to you.

Most parents love the compact size that makes it possible to place it in the forward-facing or rearward facing position. Additionally, they can effortlessly carry it from one car to another.

The unique IsoFix anchor points let children up to 18 kgs to sit in a rearward-facing position. Also, the 7-position levelling system is useful if your little one loves to adventure.

Britax Romer Tech III

This model is great for long term use as it can accommodate kids between 9 months and 6 years. This means that it can keep your 6-year old comfortable and safe in the rearward facing position, something that is rare in most models.

The seat comes equipped with a 5-point-harness that can be used up to 25 kgs. Another outstanding feature is the side impact protection system for the added safety of your little one.

Also, the seat features two cup holders on either side to keep your child’s drink close by.

Diono 3RXT

This all-in-one convertible car seat allows you to keep your kid in the rear-facing position longer. This is because the rear-facing position has a weight range of 40lbs to 100lbs.

Other than rear and forward-facing, this car seat can also be turned into a booster seat.

Unlike most convertibles, you can comfortably fit three of these chairs on the back seat of most cars. Other exceptional features include infant inserts, cup holders, and bells and whistles.


When you invest in a convertible car seat, you will not need to worry about replacing it as your child grows. If you have made the decision to buy one, use these reviews to help you make a great choice.

These top 15 convertible car seats are among the best sellers in UK and you can rest easy knowing that they offer the best features like comfort, safety, adjustability, durability, and more.

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