Top 5 Best Clip on Highchair 2022

Travelling with little ones is a difficult task, as previously mentioned in our Baby High Chairs post.

Whether it be a short trip to the grandparents or an afternoon tea in a local restaurant, there are so many items needed to be considered just for a short day out.  A Clip on Highchair is a great asset to any parents baby accessories.

Best Clip on High Chairs hook on to all different tables and are very easy to move around.

Carrying out some research of your own wont hurt as you need to ensure your Clip on Highchair is suitable for your child.  You will however feel much more prepared when our on your travels if you take this with you.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Clip on Highchair

Each clip on highchair has different features and others come with additional addons.  Lets take a look at what the clip on highchair range has to offer.  These can all be additional addons that may come with extra cost so is up to you if you want these.
Additional Features you may want to consider;

Carry Case / Bag

Carrying all your babies accessories everywhere with you can be difficult.  Why not purchase a carrying bag for your Clip on Highchair.

Machine Washable

Having a machine washable cushion is a great idea. Babies can make a lot of mess and being able to wash the cushions regular will help them last longer.  Some clip on high chairs come without cushions.

Keeping Cleaning

Food gets everywhere. No matter what, your child will find somewhere that doesn’t have food on to make a mess.

Finding an easy clean clip on highchair is great but if you struggle to clean your highchair then it might be worth looking for a better model.


Not all high chairs have storage but some are quite unique with storage pockets for bibs, dummies and other small items required when feeding.


Hook on high chairs can come with or without a dinner tray. If you purchase one with a dinner tray, these are always much better for your baby however, finding them that are dishwasher proof is the greatest feature.


Clip on high chairs come in a wide range of styles, colors and patterns. If you believe in getting one that suits your home décor then I am sure they wont be hard to find.


Many of the clip on highchair safety harnesses come with anything from 2 to 5 point harness protection. This helps keep baby secure when using the chair.


Having a padded bottom and back chair will really help keep your child comfortable. Everyone loves extra cushion on there bottoms so why shouldn’t our babies have that too.

Weight Limit

ALWAYS check the weight limit on each of the chairs. If you do not check this you could have a serious accident with your baby.

Check the weight limit and make sure your baby is suitable for the chair before purchasing.


Some of the lip on high chairs available are adjustable and provide different setting to ensure your child isn’t too low when sat in the chair / too high.

This helps keep good posture and comfort throughout the use.


Check the thickness of the table you are attaching the chair too and check the settings of the chair.

Each table has a different thickness but each chair has a different adjustable setting.  Always check the instructions and description before purchasing.

Best Clip On Highchair for Your Child and Your Home

1 Inglesina Fast Table Chair

Our top choice for Best Clip on Highchair is the Inglesina Fast Table Chair.  This chair will support and fit on more different styles of table than any other clip on highchair we have reviewed.  From 3 and half inches thick tables to curved edge tables.  This clip on chair supports your child.

Complete with a nice little carry bag, the Inglesina folds completely flat and stores away nice and is easy to take out with you.

When the chair is in use, the bag can be simply placed in the rear pocket of the chair so you don’t misplace it.  The fabric cover is easy to remove and is machine washable.

The weight of the chair is also a major advantage as it weighs a mere 4.2lbs yet amazingly supports children up to 37lbs.  Lets take a look at the pro’s and cons of this chair.

  • Fits a variety of tables up to 3.5 inches thick
  • Folds Flat and stores away nicely in the carry bag provided
  • Machine Washable cover which is easy to remove
  • Weighs just 4.2lbs
  • Supports children up too 37lbs in weight
  • Lifted backrest to add additional support
  • Scratch free couplings
  • Carry case is sewn into the base of the chair
  • Rear pocket for small accessories like bibs and wipes
  • Quick and Easy to Install and comes in a variety of colors


  • Higher priced than some of the other clip on highchairs
    only has a waist belt and not a shoulder harness
  • If child can stand this chair is not suitable

Overall it is hard to compete with the Inglesina Table Chair due to the durability, the removable cover that is washable.  The chair also supports children up too 37 pounds and has a backrest that lifts for additional comfort.

There are approximately 9 different colors available and will help you choose the right one to match your childs favorite color or your home décor.

Although higher priced than most this chair has very few flaws.  One downfall is the harness.  There is only a lap belt so if your child can stand then it may not be a suitable choice.

2 Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On Highchair

Baby high chairs are so bulky and difficult to carry around so if you are looking for a nice, lightweight clip on highchair then look no further.

Our second choice is the Mountain Buggy Clip on Highchair which is probably the lightest clip on chair available.  Weighing just 2.2lbs you will hardly even notice this chair is in your luggage.  It folds and can be stored in the carry bag that is included.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use this chair will fit tables up too 2 inches thick.

With an aluminium frame that helps support your child, the shoulder harness is further support and for additional comfort, the padded back support.  The clamps have additional safety feature which include non slip pads to prevent movement.

  • Weighs a very tiny 2.2lbs
  • Simple storage and foldable to be able to carry anywhere
  • three stylish colors
  • Fits tables up too 2 inches thick
  • Can be used in and outdoors so great for picnics / beer gardens
  • Non slip pads and strong aliminum frame
  • Includes shoulder harness and back support
  • Machine Washable and Supports children up to 33lbs


  • Limited to the types of tables this can be used on
  • Leg holes are smaller than normal making it difficult for larger babies to fit comfortably
  • Can seem a little flimsy

As one of the lighest clip on chairs, you may be put off however the Mountain Buggy chair will still support children up to 33 pounds.

The leg holes may seem a little small for your child and the whole look and feel of the chair might seem a bit flimsy, but this chair is an amazing choice.  Don’t let the look prevent you owning an amazing piece of kit.

3 Regalo Easy Diner Portable Hook On Highchair

Next up we have the Regalo Easy Diner.  If you require a simple looking, easy to use clip on highchair then look no further.  This very simple design has a steel frame and a padded seat.  Safety and comfort covered quickly and easily.

Complex with a five point harness the chair is guaranteed to support your child during in use.  The clip on highchair is quick to fold down and comes complete with a carry bag that helps you take on your travels.

Regalo Easy Diner is a nice affordable option and supports children up to 37lbs.  Complete with the extra comfort and safety for your child the back support provides.

One downfall is that they are difficult to fit on some tables especially if they have a skirt.  It also does not come with a separate tray and can feel like your child is less supported.

  • Full steel construction with padded seat
  • Five point safety harness for additional safety
  • Simple to fold down and store in the carry case provided
  • Fits tables up too 2 inches thick
  • High padded neck and back support for additional comfort
  • Supports children up to 37lbs in weight
  • Easy to clean
  • Great price


  • No dinner tray with the Regalo
  • Does not work with tables that are large with a skirt
  • Does not offer much support

4 phil&teds Lobster Highchair

Many parents like to have the most modern high chairs and baby equipment in there home.  Phil&Teds Lobster Highchair provides just that.  A modern look for a modern looking home.

Being able to fold down this chair into your babies carry bag makes it extremely portable and simple to move around.  The fabric is simple to clear and the clamps for the chair are secure and safe.

Complete with a four point safety harness and comfortable shoulder pads, the chair weighs just 4lbs.

Phil&Teds Lobster Chair first on thick tables and supports children up to 37lbs in weight.   Another great feature is the feeding tray which can easily be removed and is dishwasher safe.  Due to the design of the tray your table is protected.

Although the chair fits thick tables, there is still a restriction on the types of table.  It also costs a little more than similar models on the market today.  One major flaw is the seat, especially the leg space.  If you have a larger child, they may struggle getting their legs in the holes.

  • Portable
  • Simple to fold down and store in the carry case provided
  • Easy to Clean
  • Weights under 4lbs in total even with an alimunum frame
  • Non Slip Grip for in or outdoor use
  • Children up to 37lbs can use this chair
  • Nice modern design
  • Tray protects table from marks and spills


  • Restricted to certain tables
  • Leg holes are smaller than most restricting movement for larger babies
  • Costs a little more than others

5 Chicco 360 Hook On Chair

Chicco had to be in our top 5 and the Chicco 360 is just that.  Providing six different positions, this 360 chair is extremely accommodating and will help you and your child at meal times.  The chair is 5lbs in weight and can be folded and carried around in the carry bag.

The Chicco 360 is also machine washable as the fabric can be removed PLUS the tray is dishwasher friendly.  Also the table grips are completely safe and will not leave any marks on your table.

This amazing chair can rotate and comes in many different colors.

As with big branded products there is also a expensive price tag comparted to the others we have reviewed.  Also, the leg holes are a lot smaller than other chairs making it difficult for larger children to sit comfortably.

  • Weighs 5lbs and is Portable in the carry case provided
  • Fabric seat is machine washable
  • Tray is completely dishwasher safe
  • Great 6 different positions of the seat for yours and your childs support
  • Supports most tables with the secure attaching mechanism
  • Child can face all directions and see whats going on around them


  • Most expensive of all clip on highchairs
  • Taking cover off is simple, putting back on is very difficult
  • Food can get stuck in the frame

Why should I Purchase a Clip on Highchair


Baby high chairs are bulky and take up so much space.  They are difficult to travel with and some require further assembly before use (if they even fold down or disassemble easily).

With a Clip on Highchair you have the luxury of it being small, lighter than a normal chair and quick too use once you are out.

There are several advantages to owning a clip on highchair;

  • Space savers when not in use and you can store away without it clogging up too much space.
  • Having your baby at the dinner table with you makes them feel part of the family
  • Easy to take out when you are visiting grand parents or heading out to a restaurant etc.
  • Some clip on high chairs support babies up to 37lbs which helps for quite some time
  • They can fit most table
  • MOST are machine washable and some are just easy clean plastic. Can also clean the trays in a dishwasher if they come with a tray.
  • Prices in some case are much more affordable than the larger bulkier high chairs


As with everything you buy or sell there are always cons to the pros.  Owning a clip on highchair comes with this also.  Lets look at the cons;

  • Fittings vary between clip on high chairs and they don’t always fit every table.
  • Check the details of the clip on highchair as they can damage certain tables if you are not careful
  • Check the weight allowed on the chair as a heavier child could seriously injure themselves if not suited for the chair.
  • Without the option to recline the clip on highchair, these are not suitable from 0 to 6 months old
  • Check the height of the child in the chair to make sure they can still see you when sat in.  Babies require lots of eye contact which they will not get if they cannot see you

Clip on Highchair – Safety Tips to Consider

DO NOT use a clip on highchair if you are unsure if your table is up to standard.  Several tables are a definite NO GO;

  • Glass Tables
  • Loose Top
  • Table Cloth
  • Folding Tables
  • Camping Tables

Check the clamp of the chair and ensure the child cannot dislodge the chair once sat inside.

Quickly put pressure on the chair once you have fit to ensure that the chair is stable

ALWAYS read the manufacturers guide and safety advice before using.  Weight, Height and Age Restrictions are a MUST to follow

Secure every strap available to you child.  Do NOT leave any harness not connected.

DO NOT Carry the child in the clip on highchair.  Unclip the harness then remove the child before unclipping the chair.

In Summary

Our overall first choice is the Inglesina Fast Table Chair.  Due to the safety aspect of this chair and how versatile it is, this chair is a popular choice amongst Moms and Dads.

Machine washable with the removable fabric and it will fit most tables, this clip on highchair is the most versatile of them all.  It is also lightweight making it easy to move around and take on your travels.

When we looked around for the best clip on high chairs, we found that the choices are never ending.  Lots of expensive chairs that don’t have the versatility of the Inglesina and then the cheaper versions that leave you feeling nervous about putting your child in the chair.

Our reviews above are our own views of these chairs and we strongly recommend that you do your own research as well to ensure you are buying the right chair for you, your home and more importantly your child!


My name is Christine Elliott, I have been trying out chairs, swings and jumpers for my kids. And I has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, and this site is my great hobby.

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