Top 5 Best Bumbo Multi Seat Reviews 2022

Being a parent is challenging and can affect both mum and dad.

Some challenges are faced with the simplest of baby tasks like holding baby in the correct position whilst feeding OR ensuring your baby is safe and secure whilst you complete your daily chores.

Baby products come in all shapes and sizes with baby sitting position being one that is designed into most baby chairs.

More moderns baby chairs help ensure baby is in the perfect position when sitting.

They also help as they can secure your baby in a seating position whilst you complete your jobs.

The Best Bumbo Multi Seats help your baby sit perfectly, play with toys, feel secure and allow you a short time to complete jobs.

The included tray will help your child play and eat whilst sat in the Bumbo Multi Seat.

There are a lot of different companies that produce these seats in many different colors and sizes.

You should always check the size of the Bumbo Multi Seat before purchasing to ensure it fits your babies bum.

Second and just as important is the materials used and how durable the seat is.

Using quality, strong, materials should be at the forefront of your mind to ensure you child is safe and secure at ALL times.

Choosing the Top 5 Best Bumbo Multi Seat was not an easy decision to make as there are so many different makes and models out there.

Finding Bumbo Multi Seats that give you the best value for money whilst offering extras like durability, stability and comfort.

All of this whilst ensuring you are also able to find a Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray to keep your baby in a comfortable seating position allowing you to monitor them.

Without wasting anymore time, lets take a look…

Top 5 Best Bumbo Multi Seat with Tray 

1 Multi Bumbo Seat – Cool Grey Baby Booster and Seat

Our number one choice for Best Bumbo Multi Seat is the Cool Grey Baby Bumbo Booster.

This seat not only grows with your child but is designed for three uses, floor seat, feeding and booster.

This Bumbo Multi Seat is a great, comfortable seat that will accommodate older children too.

The design of the seat is extremely unique and is made from top quality materials and is completely durable.

This seat provides so much support to your child you will not be disappointed.

Highly recommended by baby experts, this Bumbo Multi Seat is completely safe and secure.

2 Summer Infant Forest Friends Super Seat

Our second choice is the Summer Infant Super Seat.  The included tray is made from high quality materials which helps during feeding and play times.

As this is also an activity center, your child will enjoy lots of fun with the bright colors and animals included.

Plus the over head bar helps for babies vision and attention to detail. If you have a child that plays a little rough as well, this tray will support this.

The safety belts that protect your child are strong and adjustable.

The seat is very simple to use and extremely comfortable and just like the Bumbo Multi Seat, you will have no issues with safety.

Easy to clean and take on the travels with you, this seat is a great choice.

3 Bumbo Multi Aqua Seat

The Bumbo Multi Aqua Seat is our third choice.

Suitable for children three and under you can quickly stop the stress about where to feed them or how they are sitting.

Bumbo Multi Seats are all you need to make life that little bit easier at meal times when you want to get some jobs done.

With a strong and stable base, this Bumbo Multi Seat will not move anywhere once baby is seated.

The base is also adjustable to support the toddler stages up to three years old.

Highest quality materials are used to ensure that your child and toddler are safe when using the Bumbo Multi Aqua Seat.

4 Mamas and Papas Baby Snug and Activity Tray

The seat accommodates growing little ones as the seat insert can be removed for extra space, while the ergonomic design offers comfort when it’s time to sit and relax.

An extra-wide base offers stability, and the activity tray is equipped with colorful toys that can keep baby happy and engaged.

Rest assured that messes can be tackled in no time, thanks to the wipe-clean design that’s also lightweight for simple portability.

5 Bumbo Combi Sitter with Tray

Finally, the Bumbo Combi Sitter with Tray in a fantastic array of colors is an excellent comfortable seat.

This model has a detachable stray that can get broken however, there are trays available to purchase separately.

Made to last through your childs baby years and up to three years old, the seat is easy clean with a simple wipe and made from high quality materials.

Bumbo Seats provide a comfortable seating areas for your baby and provide comfort and safety at all times.

Being just a seat, the Bumbo Seat is affordable and helps child to relax whilst eating or playing.


Although not all the Bumbo Multi Seats above come complete with a Tray, there are additional extra provided that can assist.

All of the above do come with the highest of quality and provide excellent comfort for your child.

Bumbo Multi Seats are an excellent way to teach your baby to sit and play whilst your get your jobs done.

They are also safe and secure and provide comfort for your child.

The additional tray helps them to play comfortable and also leaves somewhere to put the toys.

Some babies will also enjoy having their snacks in the Bumbo Multi Seat.

Also available are the Floor Seat Activity Centers which again are a great way for your child to sit and learn how to play with there toys.

Overall we have found that owning a Bumbo Multi Seat has helped us find a little more time in the day to relax or get jobs done.

These are, without a doubt, a great purchase for any mum and dad that wants to help toddler develop and free up some you time.

The reviewed Bumbo seats have the right quality. It’s where you put your money and see it work for you.

The seats are also excellent, and you will enjoy its service and the safety your child gets. Go through the review and decide to have one from the list.


My name is Christine Elliott, I have been trying out chairs, swings and jumpers for my kids. And I has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, and this site is my great hobby.

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