Best Baby led weaning accessories (Latest 2022 review)

There are many benefits to start with baby led weaning. But staying neat and clean is not one of them. After many hours of cleaning up the food residuals and washing stained baby clothes, I have become aware of what are the best baby led weaning accessories you will need for baby led weaning.

In choosing the best baby led weaning accessories, you should check the following:

  1. Whether they are compatible with the high chairs or booster seats
  2. Whether they encourage self-feeding
  3. Whether it saves my time in cleaning up the after mess

Baby led weaning tableware

You will need a strong suction bowls and plates. Exploring is part of baby’s natural instinct.

It is very likely that your babies toss the plates and bowls around, bite them to test their texture and even drop them on the floors to understand the sound it makes.

A strong suction bowls and plates would do the job to prevent you from all the hassles of cleaning and repeatedly pick up items babies drop to the floor.

Here are my top picks:

1 bamboo bamboo ® Baby Plate and Bowl Set

Made from 100% bamboo materials, bamboo bamboo tableware is toxin free for your children. More importantly, it is has powerful suction base to prevent any spill and flip, toss and turn during meal time.

We absolutely for its various playful animals design. It certainly attracts your baby’s attention and encourage appetite.

2 Miniware First Bites Set

What I love about this miniware first bites set is the cassava-based materials. It is one of the kind in the market. The suction lid is not only detachable but super powerful. Some suction plates and bowls do not stick well on non-smooth surface but this one generally works well on high chairs tray.

3 Bumpkins silicone suction plate

What is convenient about the Bumpkins silicone suction plate is that it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Its silicone can withstand low and high temperature up to 190 degrees. It fits the Ikea Antilop highchair perfectly. The plate has certain depth that allows you hold certain quantity of food and has been popular amongst parents for its simple design.

Baby led weaning cutlery

You will also want to pick the cutlery that encourage self-feeding. I would typically go for bright, colours, shapes that fit their little hands and safe materials for them to chew on. Your little ones will require a lot of practice before getting used to cutlery. Parents can use the food based materials and ingredients for them to practice cutting and scooping before they set on a self-feeding journey.

Here are my top picks:

1 Doddl Cutlery Set

This award winning cutlery set is great in encouraging self-feeding. The handles of the cutlery sits perfectly in their palms and was easy to hold. The distance between the scoop and handles aren’t too far apart, allowing children to scoop up food easily. This helps them in gaining confidence in using cutlery.

2 BÉABA – Silicone Spoon for Baby

What I like about Beaba is that it is universal and the its flexible silicone materials. In the beginning of their self-feeding journey, it is not uncommon to see them hitting their teeth and gum with cutlery. The flexible silicone materials reduce risks of them hurting their gums.

Baby led weaning bibs

It is inevitable your baby drops some food particles, squeeze juice out of food or clean their hands on their bibs. Having a catch-it-all bibs is essential in baby led weaning. You cannot start baby led weaning without a bib.

While we all want to foster our children’s independence, you do not want to stand by the sinks doing washing chores all day long. Easy to clean is a must when choosing the baby led weaning bibs.

Here are the must-have bibs: I recommend having few of different type as they serve different purposes.

1 Tidy Tot Weaning Tray Kit

The Tidy tot bibs are my absolutely favourite. It comes with large tray to prevent crazy mess and the bibs provide great protection against all the mess onto the children. You do not have to change your baby every time after each meal. The best is that the tidy tot bibs are machine washable. All you need to do is to remove food residuals from bib and trays and toss them into washing machines. I strongly recommend getting two sets to alter between meals.

2 Bumkins Superbibs

If you have a tight budget, then Bumkins superbibs may be your choice. It comes with various cute design that are eye catcher for your baby. It’s also BPA free and machine washable. It contains a little pouch that helps to hold the food residuals. While it is not well-covered as the Tidy tots, it certainly is an alternative choice for budget concern.

Baby led weaning mats

Other than baby led weaning bibs, you’ll consider having a large mats placed right below the high chairs.

The safety concern for placing a mat below a high chairs is what you must pay attention to. A slippery mat could result in tip over accident.

It is also important to consider whether its water and stain proof.

Here are my top picks.

1 Splat Mat for under highchair

Splat Mat would save your hassle in wiping the floor all the time. It has a anti-slip materials, keep the high chair in place. It is also very versatile. Not only can this be used as a high chair mat during feeding, you can alternatively use it as a mat for sensory play and/or arts mat for your babies to explore finger paints. You can also take it out on a picnic or use as a table cloth for play and draw time.

2 Little Malio Splash Mat for under highchair

If you are into design and would like to make your baby accessories as part of the art piece at home, don’t miss the little malio splash mat. The animal prints also serve as a great attraction for children to play on it. The artfully designs are loved by many parents and children. It is also machine washable.

Baby led weaning cups

You’ll need a spillage proof cups. It is very common that they constantly toos the

1 Munchkin Miracle Non-Spill 360 Degree Seal

This cup works wonder. It has been extremely helpful in serving drinks for my babies and toddlers. I have also used this cup to wean off my toddler from milk bottles. They gradually learned how to “sip” instead of “sucking” the drinks out of cup. It is 100% spill proof and is perfect to bring onto a restaurant when you need some peaceful moment dining with your family.


My name is Christine Elliott, I have been trying out chairs, swings and jumpers for my kids. And I has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, and this site is my great hobby.

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