Best Balance Bikes for 2 Year Olds UK Reviews 2021

Whilst we are looking into baby seats, we have come across some of the most amazing balance bikes for 2-year olds.  Helping you to find some of the best affordable balance bikes.  Keeping them safe and comfortable whilst out on their balance bikes.

Teaching your kids to ride a bike is difficult but a very enjoyable part of watching them grow up.  Balance bikes help ensure your child / toddler knows how to balance safely and when to put their feet down to stop them falling.

Our children have overplayed in soft play centres and now they want to explore the great outdoors, not just on foot but on wheels too.  Parks are a great way of getting the whole family out and about whilst teaching your toddler to ride.

5 Best Balance Bikes UK

Who knows, you may have the next Dave Mirra on your hands.  Teaching your child to ride a bike for the first time is an awesome experience, especially when the hard work pays off.

Starting out with a balance bike seems to be the way forward these days and kids go racing round, with no fear, learning to push along and balance.  Buying a great balance bike for your child will help them along the way.

When I was able to get Isaic (my 6 year old son) it was one of the best feelings of my life.  The look on his face was amazing and the sense of achievement he had was unbelievable.  He couldn’t wait to tell his mummy.

Balance bikes come in different sizes depending on your child’s height and age.  The size, as with any bicycle, is determined by the diameter of the wheels.  All bicycles are designed with safety at the forefront of their mind.

Strider 12 Sport

Highly rated and recommended is the Strider 12 sports balance bike.  Lightweight and simple to control makes it an outstanding choice for any toddler.

As with most balance bikes, the idea is to be able to reach the floor when you’re losing balance.  The seat is relatively low making it simple to reach the ground.

Once your child starts to lose balance they can simply put their foot down on the floor and stop themselves from falling.  The size of the seat is also ideal for smaller bums (2-3 year olds).

One major fault with some bikes is the weight.  The Strider has strong but light tires making it so much simpler for your child to ride and pick up the bike without trouble.  The weight and strength of the tires helps the bike speed through any surface.

With an adjustable seat, this bike will be able to grow with your child until they are comfortable with riding a normal bike.


  • Strider 12 offers large adjustment range.
  • The tires are strong to withstand tough surfaces.
  • The wheels are ultra-light.
  • The bike comes with a two-year factory warranty.
  • The bike is color full to attract kids.


  • The bike is suitable for children of eighteen months up to five years only.

Strider Bike for 8 Months+

Similar to the Strider bike above, this bike is extremely well made.

Watching your child ride around on these amazing balance bikes is perfect for keeping them happy and into the great outdoors.

Sat behind a computer or tablet inside all the time is great on a wet day however, dry sunny days I believe all kids should be outdoors enjoying themselves.

Both Isaic and Elliot are outside at every opportunity, whether it be playing football, chalk drawing on the paving or riding on their bikes.

The tyres are maintenance free which makes the whole experience enjoyable for kids.

Strong breaks are included in this one which makes it easier for the child to stop.

As the breaks are easy to pull, a younger child should have no problems pulling them. If the breaks were loose, they may struggle.

The handle bars have a super amazing grip helping keep a strong sturdy grip. This will help keep your child confident when turning and riding as their hands wont slip.

Balance bikes require strong sturdy footrests, that goes without saying. This helps ensure your child has somewhere to rest their feet when gliding.

By having strong footrests the strider balance bike allows  your child to have the security of their feet being away from the floor but close enough should they feel the need to balance again.


  • 12 classic bike offers comfort and confidence.
  • The Strider classic is a unique bike for unique experience.
  • Its frame is quite sturdy and very light.
  • 12 classic bike’s tires are super tough.
  • The seat post is very adjustable.


  • The Strider -12 classic balance bike is expensive but worth its price.

Schwinn Top

Next up we have the Schwinn Balance Bike for boys who love pink but generally bought for girls.  After just a few hours use, reviewers of the Schwinn have said that the child has learnt to balance.  The tyres are inner tube and air filled making the ride a much more comfortable one.

Adjustable handle bars are also a nifty feature of the Schwinn which helps adjust the height as your child grows.  This will enable you to get a lengthy use out of the balance bike and even hand down if you have younger children.

Being bright and colourful the kids will love it and be able to show it off to their friends whilst riding around.  Also, being bright will enable the bike to be seen by other cyclists and children.

You will not  regret the decision, the look on your childs face will be one to savour for a long time, especially when they eventually learn to ride their bike.


  • The Schwinn balance bike has excellent braking system.
  • The bike is aesthetically attractive.
  • The tires are very light and strong.
  • The Schwinn balance bike is durable.
  • The balance bike offers physical development advantages.


  • The Schwinn balance bike has no proven malfunctions.

KaZam Classic

Kazam Classic is a great looking classic balance bike.  Great for ages 3 and up and as a first experience on a bicycle they will be over the moon.

Balance bikes come in many sizes and colours and designs, but this is the only one we have found that includes a foot rest.

Great for resting tired legs whilst still riding along (great for going downhill and relaxing your legs)

With an extremely comfortable seat that can easily be adjusted to allow for extra comfort.

It is quick and easy to raise and lower and the moulded seat will keep your child comfortable for long periods of time.

The handlebars are also adjustable and have a super soft padding keeping them nice and comfortable.

With both the seat and handlebars being adjustable the bike will be suitable for kids over 3 years old and again should last a long time.

When using a balance bike, kids quickly learn how to balance and keep steady so they can ensure.

Just like a normal mountain bike or road bike, the wheels come with steel spokes and air filled tyres.

By using air to inflate the tyres help keep the bike lightweight, whilst the steel spokes help for much straighter balance.


  • The bike is approved by most parents and toy experts.
  • The bike is easy to put together.
  • The dependent bike components are of high quality.
  • The frame is crafted from a friendly material.
  • The tires are easily inflated by air.


  • A starter balancing child can easily get his small legs into the spokes.


The YBike is a very different looking balance bike and can come across as more of a ride along bike.

Safety was at the forefront of the creation of this bike and the YBIKE does not disappoint.

Super Tough Frame on this bike really makes it one of the most durable and long lasting bikes on the market.

It is capable of taking some big bumps and bangs without much damage, if any at all. Nice style, curves and design makes this bike very different to any other.

The rear wheel is covered by the seat which allows for additional comfort when cruising.

Your childs feet can be rested parallel to their bottom. Also, the seat moves and is adjustable so you can ensure as your child grows, the bike grows with them.

Comfort and safety are key to the design of the YBIKE and your child will feel both when riding along.

The front wheel is designed so that when your child turns, the balance of the bike remains the same, allowing them to be in line and balanced at all times.

Due to the size of the wheels, your child can go “offroad” and not have to worry because the bike will grip and ride right along.

This bike has been ridden on any surface crom Sand and Snow, to Grass and Concrete and the comfort has stayed the same.


  • The YBIKE frame is crafted from a tough and long lasting material.
  • The wheels’ range is relatively convenient.
  • The YBIKE is sleek and attractive.
  • The YBIKE is safe and infatuating.
  • It is an award-winning kids’ balance bike.


  • The seat is not adjustable.


All children learn at different paces and you should never over estimate this when riding a bike. Children can learn many different elements of riding a bike, before actually being able to ride one.

Co-ordination and Attentive Listening skills are 2 very important factors. If your child struggles with listening skills then riding a bike will be difficult and should be done in closed areas away from traffic.

With any bicycle or balance bike your child should be visible at all times, day or night. Reflective clothing as well as a Light & Bell to alert passers by.

Finding the best balance bikes can be difficult. With our list above we are hoping you can really find something trendy and suitable for you and your child.

Hopefully you will own a balance bike for a short time before being able to move to a proper bicycle. But do not worry, the balance bikes are all adjustable so will grow with your child until they are ready to move up.

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