Top 5 Best Baby Swings 2022

New parents can have a difficult time wracking their brains for great ideas about how they should keep their babies entertained. Thank god for the best baby swings!

Even before your new one steps into this world, experts recommend giving this wonder object a thought.

Of course, it occupies a significant amount of space in the house. Investment too is another potent factor.

But when you have to take care of your child, given how parenting is a full time job, the role it plays in imparting your infant the much-needed comfort and happiness of this world is simply unmatched.

Not only are baby swings a great idea but chairs and jumpers are just as amazing.

Baby chairs can help provide your baby a place to sleep whilst you carry out your jobs around the house but a Baby Jumper will immediately entertain your child and give them a safe haven for entertainment, whilst strengthening their leg muscles

Best Baby Swings

Sungabunny Cradle ‘N Swing from Fisher Price

Imagine your little one snuggling cozily into a full size swing that offers optimum comfort. This is what Fisher Price’ latest offering has in store for new mummys and daddies!

The product features a soft head rest, small canopy, mirror, 16 songs, 2 nature sound effects, six speeds, two swinging motion varieties and 3 cradle positions.

The choice of ‘side-to-side cradle motion or head-to-toe swing motion’ offers the baby unrestricted movement. If any of the directions need to be positioned, an easy to reach button needs to be pressed.

The head to toe pillow made from plush fabrics keep the baby snug and warm. Given how sensitive the skin of a baby is, every fabric and even the objects (like mobile birdies) are cuddly.

For add-ons, a removable velvety bunny toy gives the baby company. You may find out more about it in niche baby swing reviews.

To provide safety and stability, the wide base of the swing is attached with strong grips. The seat is fixed having a steel frame support bar for added durability.

Parents can heave a sigh of relief for an adjustable 5 point safety harness can be positioned to offer the much needed comfortable fit.

This swing is ideal for a baby who just wants to lie and swing, in a cradle motion. What makes this swing stand out its attached snugabunny seat with a comfortable cushion and harness for safety.

The swing also features a small mirror and birds hanging to entertain your baby. Regarding the motion type, the swing can go both ways, either sway from one side to another or front to back and the seat can be set accordingly.

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘n Swing comes with 6 different speeds, and 4 sounds to choose from. The swing can be folded when not needed and be easily stored on a wardrobe for example or carried when travelling e.g. in your car.

Overall, Cradle ‘n Swing is great option for parents who are looking to keep their baby, calm, comfortable and safe—the babies also seem to love the sounds and toys attached and the swing seems to work like a charm in keeping your baby distracted, so that you have more time to make chores and do something else besides keeping an eye for the baby.

Abbington, Soothing System Glider from Graco

The glider having 4 modes, which includes a gliding swing, bassinet, portable bassinet and bouncer is one powerhouse baby gear. When in glider mode, there’s a gentle motion used for cuddling the baby in the nursery glider, while the portable bassinet keeps the baby snug throughout. The portable bouncer on the other hand is a complete entertainer for your newborn.

With dual gliding modes, 2 vibration speeds and 2 portable bouncers, the bases are all covered. There’s a handle on the bouncer helping keep the baby on the move, in addition to giving him or her necessary warmth. A total of 6 gliding speeds will almost invariably suit the baby’s mood.

The bassinet canopy acts as a shield to guard against unnecessary lights. Even when you wish to have your sleeping beauty beside you, the removable bassinet is what makes way for a portable place.

In both the swing and bouncer modes, the canopy is used with two soft toys. These work as visual treat and provides for adequate playthings too. Coupled with them are 10 classic melodies, 5 nature sounds; all of which ensure perfect happiness while the baby enjoys the gliding motion. The 5 point harness maintains that your little one is safe, giving it a lot of traction in baby swing reviews.

As a baby glider, Graco’s offering prides in a plush body support bringing total comfort. The body support can be removed at will just to accommodate the growing infant. Besides, the seat is roomy so that your child can have sufficient hand and leg area. The baby swing and bouncer cam ne reclined as per your choice by just a quick and easy one-hand adjustment.

When fixing up this versatile object, you can either go for batteries or a plug in cord. The freedom of choosing the power method means you can carry your portable baby glider. A timer mode is attached to it so that the battery life is maximized and you can keep it on for as long as you wish to.

Graco DuetSoothe Swing & Rocker

Although many models either swing back and forth or from one side to another, there is a small portion of models designed to sway both ways—and since you don’t know which motion your baby will prefer, this is the perfect solution to this issue.

So whether your baby prefers a cradle or rocking type of motion, this will satisfy all your needs. This particular model also comes with other useful and practical features like: a cushioned seat with a two point harness, a cord with a plug-in and battery insertion, pleasant baby sounds, and JPMA seal of approval.

This swing by Graco also comes with 6 different speeds beginning from slow to fast so you can gradually adjust to suit desired speed without overwhelming the baby.

Furthermore, the swing position and angle has 3 different settings to keep the baby feeling at ease. Other secondary features of the model, include rotating baby toys, soft material and a timer that helps save energy in case you have decided to run in on batteries and don’t want to look for replacements very soon.

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Starlight

The Starlight has a comfortable nest like design which supports your baby from the two positioned seat.

Complete with a super secure three point harness combined with an extremely sturdy frame helps keep your baby safe when the swing moves side to side and front to back.

The Starlight has a grand total of  split between 8 for day time activities and 8 soothing songs for night time.  Adjust the settings to help with nap time by choosing one of six soothing speeds that work in either swing or cradle mode.

An adorable canopy surrounds baby to provide a warm, safe, enclosed feeling. Above the canopy is a beautiful starry light that can be turned on with the flick of a switch.  This is great for helping baby to get too sleep.

Graco Lovin’ Hug Swing

Keep your little one soothed and relaxed with the Graco Lovin’ Hug Swing. This comfortable and cozy swing features 6 speeds, 4 recline positions, and 15 melodies and nature sounds.

Complete with a padded headrest and a five-point harness ensure your baby is properly secured and supported, while a mobile with soft toys provides entertainment.

For simple and easy storage you can fold the chair away by removing the detachable snack tray. This battery-operated swing can also be plugged into a wall outlet to preserve battery life.

With four perfect seat positions, from fully reclined to upright, the Lovin’ Hug makes it great for playtime, feeding, and napping.

Choosing one of the six swing speeds will ensure that you choose the right amount of motion to help keep baby relaxed. The hanging mobile includes three plush toys providing entertainment and visual stimulation.

The Lovin’ Hug features a comfy, cushioned seat, a five-point harness and a removable padded headrest that provides additional support for newborns.

The swing comes with 10 musical melodies and 5 soothing nature sounds, so you and your baby will easily find a favorite tune to enjoy. It also includes a programmable timer that automatically turns off the swing after a predetermined amount of time.

This lightweight swing is easy to move from room to room. And when it’s time to store the swing, it can be folded effortlessly to be stowed away. The swing can be plugged into an outlet or operated using batteries.

Safety Measures for Baby Swing

Every year, around 1,600 babies are injured in baby swings. This finding was made by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

To offer your baby protection from falls and other harm when utilizing a swing, practice the following baby swing safety measures:

  • Do not leave your baby alone in a swing.
  • Utilise the safety harness available at all times. Do not depend solely on a play tray to control your child.
  • Arrange the swing as per the instructions from the manufacturer and store them for reference in future. Set aside at least thirty minutes so that you can carry out the work efficiently.
  • Avoid using a swing whose parts are broken or missing.
  • Do not place a swing which is portable on a lifted or soft surface like a sofa or bed. If it topples over, it can lead to suffocation or a fall.
  • Put your baby’s swing far from sources of heat like a radiator or stove and also from cords for drapery, phone or window-blind which are dangerous as they can strangle.
  • Do not allow older children to push the baby swing. Also, if your child is mature enough and can push himself by moving about in the seat, you should not use the swing anymore.
  • Begin with a setting with is very low, for swings with multispeed. High settings might be too bumpy for your infant. Babies who are very young normally like speeds which a slow. Older babies prefer a pace which is faster.
  • To avoid falls, always adhere to the requirements for age and weight, laid out by the manufacturer. Avoid utilizing a swing which is full-sized or portable, when your baby attains the limit for maximum weight or becomes very playful and attempts to get out of the swing.
  • Discontinue the use of a cradle swing if your baby is able to roll over or use hands and knees to push up.
  • Avoid moving your baby in a swing or utilizing a portable swing as a baby carrier unless the swing provides an option for detachable seat carrier like some do
  • Maintain safety near the swing. The safety regulations for swings are set out to offer safety to the occupant while the swing is being used.
  • Remember that swings can be dangerous to children who are playing nearby. Also, do not allow your baby or an older brother or sister to play with the swing when it is not being used. Additional baby swing safety measures:
  • Beware of recalls. In previous times, some baby swings were recalled due to complications with the set up between the frame of the seat and the seat, feeble harnesses and loose screws. You can get details on the website for CPSC at gov on recalls and subscribe for alerts.
  • Submit the card for product registration or go online to register your swing at the website of the manufacturer. This ensures you will be alerted when a recall comes up

Kinds of Baby Swings and Comparison

Swings are not complicated at all. When making a decision for purchasing consider the place you want to utilize it and whether you want it to be portable or not.
Below are three types of baby swings to think about:

Full Size baby swings

Bells, whistles, music are what you would find in full size swings. They occupy a little corner in the home and believe it or not, look cute! Most of them are partially portable (about 30%), though a lot depends on the model used.

Ideally, they offer several benefits to the newborn and parents too, like:

  • Visually attractive and interactive toys that babies love to enjoy
  • The swinging motion is great and lulls baby to sleep without much hassle
  • The vibration feature is particularly appealing that can also be set to a low if undesirable
  • A cord is available on few that serves as a wall plug-in! This means that batteries won’t go down so fast and you can also remove them when needed to power other items

On the flip side, full size swings:

  • Can be a tad pricey
  • The size is comparatively larger than the others
  • With so much of music options, the swing can become a bit loud in certain cases. Using loud-white noise is a good idea
  • The weight can give many the jitters! Few are semi portable no doubt, but carrying the heavy object is a headache, especially for mothers who have had C-sections.
  • For long term use, batteries must be replaced frequently (every 7-10 days). Unfortunately, rechargeable batteries don’t work here.
  • Full size baby swings are often loaded with options that portable models lack.

Portable baby swings

As the name implies, this is a portable option. In other words, you can carry these swings as per your convenience in whichever part of the house you wish to.

For parents who are a little tight fisted, this option is the best.

Much like their full size cousins, the portable ones offer valuable benefits too, like:

  • Lulling the baby to sleep is an easy job using this
  • Pricing is the most convenient factor (almost 50% lower than full size swings). In fact, few that are manufactured in Nepal come at much lesser prices
  • For those on the go or working parents who wish to keep their infants in grandparents’ home and the like, setting up the gear is easy. From compartmentalizing to arranging in minivans or even car trunks, portable ones are handy. No wonder, they are called ‘travel swings’ too!

The swings contain few drawbacks too:

  • They are really low towards the ground. Larger sized or taller babies can have a difficult time within the first couple of months or so
  • Not recommended if you wish to put your baby to sleep. Compact size means swinging motion is limited, which of course doesn’t put the baby to sleep so easily.
  • These swings can be set for a certain span of time only. There is every possibility that the timer shuts off every few minutes and your baby can wake up without having a sound sleep.
  • The very cheap ones can cost you heavily! In other words, you wish to give your baby the very best experience, so keep a tab on the brand you select.

Baby Gliders

This is a fairly innovative form of baby gear. Not exactly like the former two, gliders are more like rockers or comfy chairs. For most first time parents, this is the best baby swing 2020 for the newest addition in the family.

Aside helping the baby to relax, this piece of furniture puts the baby to sleep if it rocks well.
If you choose to use this, reap in the following benefits;

  • This lies fixed and flat on the floor. Parents can hence be secure in the belief that babies won’t fall when turning or rocking back.
  • Most are crafted from durable wood like oak, so the quality stands firm
  • Baby gliders enhance a mother’s gentle touch. Most offer the necessary dose of care and pampering
  • Popular ones like those with ottoman provide a greater degree of soothing and glides are also longer
  • Loads of styling options like stylish covers and cushions are an added advantage
  • Few are available with removable a pad, which means a greater level of comfort is assured. Besides, they can be changed at will too.

However, there are few limitations of this chair as well.

  • Few make such noises that comfort seems to be a rarity
  • Avoid small chairs that offer no room for the baby’s movement
  • If you spend substantial time in the nursery, ensure that the chair matches to the theme and color of it. Your baby might develop angst if it fails to appeal to his or her mood.
  • Few gliders forsake on the safety factor. Chairs having sharper edges are likely to hurt your baby
  • Despite assessing the pros and cons of each type of the best baby swing, parents often make an error while selecting from a wide variety.

Comparing Table of Baby Swing Types

Swing Type Full Size Portable Gliders
Material Polyester, metal, plastic Plastic PVC and high resistance alloy
Portability Can be converted from one position to another Extra convenient handles ensure thorough portability Highly portable, most parts can be fixed without tools
Ease of Use Optional music and alternate motions that help relax the baby Machine washable set pad, highly fashionable for young entertainment Battery or power operated; makes it easy to use and play music
Mobility Not generally mobile,  unless for special wheeled models Most models are not mobile Built for the move, high resistance wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my baby sleep in a baby swing?

It’s fine if your baby takes short naps in a baby swing but I definitely would give a second thought about swapping out your crib for one. Baby cribs keep your baby safe through the night. A baby swing was not designed with night sleep in mind and could prove dangerous.

2. What is the weight limit of baby swings?

The average weight limit on baby swings is between 20 -30lbs. Be mindful that each brand baby swing can have a different weight limit.

3. How long can I leave my baby in a swing for?

While many experts recommend that you should limit your baby’s swinging to under an hour a day; there are no hard or fast rules. Of course that doesn’t mean you should leave your baby in the swing all day. Common sense goes a long way.

4. Is a baby swing an essential item?

No, but they sure are nice if your baby take to it. Baby swings they are a luxury item that should only be purchased if you can afford all the standard baby essentials and still have money you can spare. There are definitely cheaper ways available (although they may not be as hands off) to soothe and entertain your baby.

Top Brands for Baby Swings

Find below a list with the best baby swing brands:


This is a small company based in Pennsylvania. It was named after five moms, but ‘4moms’ sounds more attractive, thus the name. They were the first focus group and since that initial meeting, they have been presenting their ideas and skills to the company’s items.

Apart from swings, they also produce bathtubs for babies and the mamaRoo baby seat. These can be found in shops for specialised infant items and on the website of the company.

Bright Starts

A grandmother thought of a method of preventing infants from sliding in the bathtub. This was in 1969 and ever since, Kids II, which is the parent company for Bright Starts, has created a variety of items such as centres for activities, toys for infants and toddlers, play yards, high chairs and many others.


Carter’s Inc. manufactures clothes and similar products especially for infants and young children. The company is the owner of brands for Carter’s and OshKosh. These can be found in department stores, specialty traders and national chains.

They are available locally and internationally and via 400 and more stores run by companies. Child of Mine brand from the company can be found at Wal-Mart.

Its brands such as Just One You, Genuine Kids and Precious Firsts brands can be found at Target. The headquarters for Carter can be found in Atlanta.


This is an Italian brand and is pronounced ‘Kee-co.’ It is a multinational firm whose specialty is manufacturing clothes and equipment for infants and toddlers.

These include high chairs, strollers, toys and car seats. They can be found online and at many retailers.


Brands like InStep, Maxi-Cosi, Quinny, Cosco and Safety 1st are manufactured by Dorel Juvenile Group. This also includes brands like Eddie Bauer and Disney, which are licensed.

They are available online and at many retailers. For more details on choices of buying, visit individual websites.


This company was founded in 1930 by Helen Schelle, Herman Fisher, and Irving Price. It presented 16 toys made from wood in New York City at the International Toy Fair.

The initial toys’ uniqueness became popular fast and turned into a trademark of Fisher-Price. Products from this company include games, activity centres and many more.

Fisher-Price is a branch of Mattel Inc who owns it entirely. Its Headquarters are in New York, outside Buffalo.


This company began in the 1950s and initially dealt in metal products. It developed into a company for baby items and produced the Swyngomatic which is a famous baby swing.

Today, Graco produces a whole range of infant items such as nursery items, centres for activity, car seats and strollers. They can be found in many places and online.

What to Consider when Buying a Baby Swing


From basic, simple swings to fully loaded entertainment options, there is no dearth of varieties for new age parents. If you are someone who is constantly on the go, opt for something compact and more portable travel units. But if space availability and budget are no big concerns, stick to full sized ones.


Regardless of the type of swing you opt for, the cradle style ones recline in the best possible way. Your infant must have enough of leg room and also be able to reach and grasp objects, without the fear of toppling over. Ensure that the seat cushion is padded and the base, strong.


A sturdy, wide frame is ideal for a baby swing. Check to see that it is at a balanced height, neither too low to the ground nor high above. In case, your baby leans to the side, there must be no fear of the object losing its base strength. A plus factor would be its ability to fold or disassemble for storage or travel purposes.

Ease in cleaning

There’s every chance that your baby throws up once in a while or diaper overflows, which are common. Though these occur mostly in the initial months, yet babies take time to control their bowel movements.

It is therefore recommended that you go for a swing having a removable, washable cover or cushion pad. At the same time, they must be cleaned frequently to smell good.

Speed and motion

With few swings moving back and forth, the cradle versions having rocking motions (side-to-side) are more appealing to babies. For their relaxation and comfort, find a product that has no less than 5 speeds. You can start at the lowest speed and vary as per your baby’s preference.

Safety concerns

This is by far the most important aspect to look for when purchasing a baby swing. When you care so much for your little one and his or her comfort, recreation and so on, forsaking on this ground is completely unacceptable.

Find products having ‘Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA)’ label or seal of approval on the swing or packaging.


Additional features are commonly found in most baby swings that aid in the sleeping process of the child or for entertainment purposes.

Some can be found having detachable toys, trays, toy bars and so on. Others have multiple songs, tunes, lullabies, nature sounds and endless other varieties. Not to miss out vibrations and light displays that sell equally well!


Most infant swings suffer on grounds of complains registered by users. This is not always the case, but buyers must check for certain strict laws and standards that most companies or manufacturers adhere to while supplying baby swings. After all, you want to give the best experience to your little one. There’s no harm going the extra mile to achieve that.


My name is Christine Elliott, I have been trying out chairs, swings and jumpers for my kids. And I has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, and this site is my great hobby.

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