Best Nursing Chairs UK Reviews 2020

Setting up a baby nursery is a difficult and challenging time of pregnancy.  With so many different items to choose from and so many companies on the market, it’s hard to know where to begin.  Then you need to way up the cost and evaluate what the furniture will be used for or even if it fits the room your nursery will be in.  The best baby nursing chairs are, in my opinion, a fundamental piece of furniture that all parents should own.  Just like owning a baby crib, mattress and even a changing table, baby nursing chairs are that important.  Several reasons why they are important;

  • Throughout pregnancy they are extremely comforting to the mother
  • When baby is born they help parents in the night feed as they are generally placed next to the crib
  • They can help rock baby to sleep after / during feeding time
  • They are comfortable when feeding baby

Baby nursing chairs have also been used as a standard armchair after baby is a little older.  My parents both own one and it has helped support them as they can be much more comfortable than a standard arm chair.  Plus, the rocking sends them to sleep in the afternoon for a quick nap.

Lets take a look at the Best Baby Nursing Chairs for your nursery…

Top 5 Best Baby Nursing Chairs

1 Tutti Bambini GC35

Tutti Bambini nursing chairs are a must have product for any nursery.  Preparing for family life and the arrival of a little one is a big step and an exciting part of any family life.  Preparation is key and you have a good 9 months to prepare and select the right furniture for you.  Baby nursing chairs or glider chairs as they are also known should be on any parents list, especially the Tutti Bambini.  Against other chairs, this is by far our best pick.


Starting with the cushions, the Tutti Bambini has the best quality cushions and super comfortable glider.  Made completely of high quality beechwood, the baby nursing chair is completely durable and supports a huge 100kg.  The very elegant white finish helps this baby nursing chair fit in any room or nursery in any home.

Complete with a matching stool that also rocks quietly with your motion just adds to the comfort you are receiving from this amazing baby nursing chair.

Designed for comfort and support, the Tutti Bambini delivers.

  • Arm rests are extremely supportive and at a perfect height.
  • Reclining backrest
  • Side pockets to store some essential items
  • Gentle & soft fabric

The Tutti Bambini baby nursing chair is an ideal solution for any parent to relax, sleep or just rock your baby too sleep after a hard day.  These chairs can be used anywhere indoor or outdoors and help give you your much needed rest.

Chair Size: 74 x 104 x 69 cm
Stool Size: 54 х 41 x 38 cm

2 Hush Hush Rocking Chair

Traditional baby nursing chairs aren’t for everyone however, the Hush Hush Glider Chair is definitely different to your standard models. With years of support and functionality is definitely one of the best baby nursing chairs on the market.

One obvious point to note here is that the design of the Hush Hush is just eye catching.  Stylish and Elegant, this nursing chair is of the highest quality and soft fabrics with an extremely sturdy rocking base.

The thick cushion on the padded backrest provides unbelievable support to the base of your spine and back.  The seat itself also provides a lot of space and comfort for your bottom and your arms on the armrests.  As with all baby nursing chairs, the Hush Hush is ideal for anything you desire, whether it be relaxing, cuddling baby, feeding or just taking a well deserved break, you will find this chair supports everything.

Hush Hush have ensured that the fabric is easy to clean and unbelievably is converting as it is a 2 in 1 convertible baby nursing chair. Complete with 4 feet you can easily convert this from a rocker to superb, high quality, fixed arm chair that will look amazing and stand out in any lounge room in your house.  If you are looking for a great investment for your money and a long lasting product then this is it.  Comfortable, great looking, versatile and convertible, this baby nursing chair is a little dearer then the Tutti Bambini but provides comfort like no other.

Chair Size: 90 x 95 x 90 cm
Stool Size: 40 x 50 x 38 cm

3 KUB Chair and stool

Having a baby makes some of the more simple of tasks become a challenge as you need to have baby in your arms.  KUB have been manufacturing baby products for nurseries for several years now and they know just what parents need.  The KUB Chair and Stool looks good, feels good and fits in your nursery nicely.  Padded velvet seats and arms and a number of handy pockets help you store important baby equipment like bibs, bottles, nappies, wipes etc.  KUB have ensured that the design of the chair ensures the padded cushions do not lose shape with precision stitching.  Adjustable up to 7 reclining positions, the chair fits around your body helping to push aside any tension in your muscles.

Chair: 67 x 102 x 83 cm
Stool: 50 x 37 x 39 cm

4 Kidzmotion Nursing Chair

Baby nursing chairs are not just great for pre baby use but also post baby and the Kidzmotion is yet another of the best baby nursing chairs we just had to share.  Mums to be can struggle towards the latter end of pregnancy as being on their feet just becomes painful.  Hip and Backpain just becomes too much to handle.  Swelling of feet and legs is sore.  Baby nursing chairs help with all of this and the Kidzmotion provides 7 reclining positions to give you options of comfort.  Once baby is born, the 7 positions become ideal for settling baby whilst rocking, snuggling, feeding or just relaxing between feeds.

The Kidzmotion Nursing Chair has everything you need and the wooden frame makes it ideal for most home décor.  Smooth rocking and gliding motion along with soft, supportive, padded cushions all adds to the comfort this baby nursing chair provides.

Complete with 2 side pockets for simple storage of other baby accessories, you will quickly find yourself lost in a world of comfort and relaxation. The fabric is also easy to remove and clean should any stains occur like baby sick or milk.

Chair: 68 x 103 x 72 cm
Stool: 50 x 38 x 40 cm

5 FoxHunter Nursing Chair

And Finally, last but not least is the FoxHunter Nursing Chair.  When reviewing our best baby nursing chairs we just could not ignore the FoxHunter.  With its eye catching sold white wooden frame and gorgeous light blue fabric the FoxHunter will turn heads.

Complete with extra soft cushions and a recling backrest, this chair supports up too 110kg and provide extremely comfortable sitting area.  The cushions are also machine washable so you will have no trouble keeping this seat clean and lasting a long time.

A sturdy sold frame helps ensure that you are kept comfortable when using and able to support your baby should you be relaxing.  A side pocket is also available for those much needed baby accessories that are needed quickly and at arms-length.

Chair: 56 x 102 x 72 cm
Stool: 49.5 x 37 x 39 cm

In Summary

Overall all of these baby nursing chairs we have reviewed have there own special unique features but we have to go with the Tutti Bambini as our overall pick.  We found this most comfortable and relaxing during long periods of sitting.  The design and quality of the materials used was just so much better than the others and we were able to relax so quickly once sat in this seat.  Each of the chairs were extremely comfortable and I would recommend all of them so please ensure that you do your own research before purchasing as these are our own opinions.

Having a baby is a big step so ensuring your nursery is setup perfectly should be your choice.

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