The 12 Best Baby Jumpers 2022 Reviews

There is no better way to help your baby play and exercise than with a baby jumper.

Once your baby is able to sit up and demonstrate good head and neck control, a baby jumper is an entertaining platform to try.

The jumper is a contained activity center with various objects to explore, helping your baby with hand-eye coordination, sensory stimulation, and motor skills.

The choice of the best baby jumper is enormous in today’s market, and not every mum can make a profound buying decision.

Therefore, in our top 10 ten selections, we have carefully considered all the features you would want your baby jumper to have.


Bright Starts Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Peekaboo Activity Jumper is our top pick. The product is the most liked jumper and bestseller.

It is the ultimate best choice for enhancing your baby’s hand-eye coordination, sensory stimulation, motor skills, and muscle strength.

The Best Baby Jumper

1. Bright Starts Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Peekaboo Activity Jumper

Your baby girl will love this entertaining jumper.

The comfortable seat spins in every direction, allowing your baby to reach all her toys.

This adorable baby jumper responds to your baby’s movements.

The irresistible bow has an electronic toy station with lights, sounds, and volume control.

The lights and music turn on whenever your baby jumps.

Your little princess will love the heart-shaped self-discovery mirror with spinning balls and beads.

The sturdy platform takes up very little space, and the machine-washable seat pad makes clean-ups a breeze.

Height adjustments are more manageable with the adjustable design that adjusts to four positions to grow with your baby. This fantastic baby jumper will grow with your baby until.


  • The design is space-saving but sturdy
  • Provides the ideal amount of support for your baby’s first steps
  • Electronic toy stations keep your baby fully occupied
  • Loops allow you to add additional toys for plenty of entertainment
  • The seat pad is removable and machine washable


  • Some models may come with a faulty toy station

2. Disney Baby Finding Nemo Sea of Activities Jumper

This colourful and bright activity jumper is themed around funny and entertaining underwater friends like Dory and Nemo.

The jumper has over thirteen activities, including a rollerball with a big fish inside, a teether, dancing lights, ocean sounds, a mirror, and so much more.

The adorable sea turtle has a piano built right into its belly for extra fun. The tad and pearl characters are detachable from Mr. Ray.

There are four height adjustments for your baby to grow into, and the 360-degree rotation allows your baby access to all the toys.

The seat of this baby jumper has a high back for extra support.

It is a tremendous first interactive seat pad for your baby because of all the activities that encourage hand-eye coordination.


  • The seat pad is supportive and comfortable
  • Four height settings that grow with your baby
  • Ocean-themed tunes keep your child entertained
  • Tad and pearl toys get your little one to jump more
  • It rotates 360 degrees for all-around playing and exercising


  • It needs AA batteries that are not included in the package
  • Some models may come with missing toys

3. Fisher-Price CHM91 Roaring Rainforest Jumperoo

This sizeable colourful jumper for babies features some friendly rainforest pals.

The Roaring Rainforest has 12 amazing toys and activities for your baby to enjoy, such as lights and sounds.

The seat spins a full 360 degrees, allowing your child to explore her fun zone to the fullest.

The seat bag is deep with a high back for full support, and it is soft as well as machine washable.

Two soft monkeys, a mirror, rollerball, teether, and musical options are all part of the play.

The sounds and lights turn on as a reward for encouraging sensory stimulation. There is no shortage of stimulating play with this jumper, and your baby will enjoy all the noise-making objects.

The Roaring Rainforest does an excellent job of reinforcing your baby’s spine, scooter skills, sensory, and exploration.

There are three height adjustments to grow with your child. When not in use, this Jumperoo folds in for more compact storage.


  • Encourages your baby to jump and boost gross motor skills
  • Lights, music, and sounds reward baby’s jumping
  • Many activities to boost fine motor skills
  • Three height settings that grow with your little one
  • Folds easily for portability and storage


  • Batteries are not included
  • May come with a faulty music centre

4. EastSun Baby Jumperoo Bouncer Swing Chair

Your baby will love this charming Jumperoo from the very beginning.

There is plenty to keep your baby entertained and all excited whenever he or she jumps, including lights, sounds, and music.

The colourful toys and Xylophone sounds rattle, spin, click, and ratchet to keep your little one playing and exercising.

This baby jumper has an innovative bungee powered platform, which is great because it gives your little one plenty of bouncing fun moments. It also ensures baby’s feet are off the floor.

It rotates 360 degrees, making it easier for your child to reach his or her favourite toys. It grows with your little one; all you have to do is adjust the height.

Another impressive feature is the detachable electronic organ that you can attach to the crib to play soothing tunes and sounds that will help your baby sleep.


  • Baby jumping turns on lights, sounds, and music
  • Bright and fun toys and activities
  • Has a space-saving design
  • The removable seat pad is machine washable
  • It is height adjustable and grows with your child


  • Could be better if it was a walker
  • It may come with faulty or missing parts

5. Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper

This is a colourful Jumperoo with over twelve activities for babies to enjoy.

The full 360 degrees mobility allows baby to engage with the piano-like buttons that play classic melodies and sounds and languages like French, English, and Spanish.

It features entertaining toys, including a mirror, teether, rattle drum, and frog bead chaser for engaging multi-sensory activities such as hand-eye coordination.

Unlike conventional jumpers, the Neighbourhood Friends Activity Jumper from Baby Einstein has five height settings that grow with your baby for long-term use.

The frame is super steady when in use and folds easily for storage or transport.

Apart from the Neighbourhood Friends Activity, you can get this model in Neighbourhood Symphony and Neptune’s Ocean Discovery styles.


  • Jump platform contains more than twelve activities
  • Spinning bead chaser helps with sensory stimulation
  • Seat rotates 360 degrees to encourage all-round activities
  • Five height settings grow with your child
  • Great for motor skills and hand-eye coordination


  • It folds for storage but not completely flat
  • Some models may come with a faulty music station

6. Red Kite Baby Go Round Jumper

The Red Kite comes with stimulating and interesting electronic features, such as musical toys, sounds, and lights.

The musical toys are very interactive, helping your baby develop good hand-eye coordination and other sensory activities.

Your child has several unique toys in his or her surrounding to ensure that he or she never gets enough of playing.

The padded seat is supportive and comfortable, and it rotates 360 degrees to allow your baby access to all the surrounding interactive toys.

The bouncy action makes playing more enjoyable whilst boosting coordination and motor skills.

It is a great choice for babies who are six months or older, and it has adjustable height settings to suit your growing child.

It has no integrated wheels, making it a stationary play platform.


  • The height is adjustable to suit your growing baby
  • Musical toys are interactive and useful for hand-eye coordination
  • It rotates 360 degrees for easy access to all toys and activities
  • Effective bouncy action that boosts coordination and motor skills
  • AUX input allows you to play your baby with your own music


  • Could be more fun for playing if it had wheels
  • Possible quality control issues with some models

7. EastSun Baby Rainforest Learn Jumperoo Activity Jumper

Encourage your baby to develop good coordination and motor skills with this incredible baby jumper from EastSun. It is a great choice for babies who are six months or older.

With this model, you get a luxury activity platform that consists of a sunflower mirror, rolling ball, bead set, and owl.

The mirror tells the baby precisely who she is, and in time, she will master her own face. You can easily attract your baby’s attention by patting the rolling ball.

The beads help her develop hand coordination and flexibility whenever she pinches them. She can also develop more hand skills by patting the rotating owl.

In addition, the interactive electronic keyboard produces attractive lights and lovely sounds that encourage your baby to jump and play.

The bouncing board responds seamlessly to your child’s movement to support muscle development.


  • Bouncing board helps build thigh, waist, and back strength
  • Interactive electronic keyboard encourages your baby to play
  • The seat bag is comfortable and rotates 360 degrees
  • Patting and pinching toys help with hand coordination and flexibility
  • Three adjustable height settings grow with your little angel


  • May not be a suitable choice for heavy babies
  • Could be easier to set up with a good instructions manual

8. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Activity Jumperoo

If you are looking for a jumper that will get your baby up and jumping, the Laugh and Learn Activity Jumperoo from Fisher-Price fits the description. It has two modes of play, musical and learning.

In the musical setting, music and lights turn on when your little one pats at the buttons. In the learning setting, your child gets to hear words, sounds, and songs in different languages.

A light-up toy bar teaches your baby shapes, numbers, and colours through his or her eyes.

There are a significant number of dangling toys attached to the bar for improving hand-eye coordination.

It comes with a seat bag that turns 360 degrees for easy access to toys and activities. The seat is deep, supportive, removable, and machine washable.

This baby jumper adjusts to three different heights, and three springs get your baby moving his or her legs to improve muscle strength.


  • Colourful toys and music stimulates daily senses
  • Bouncing and jumping turns on lights, sounds, songs, and music
  • Rotates 360 degrees for all-around discovery
  • The freestanding frame is sturdy and supportive
  • Customizing your baby’s jump is convinient with three height settings


  • Could be a better jumper if it had wheels
  • Wish it had additional height settings

9. Children’s Activity Centre Baby Jumper

Have you been looking for a colourful activity centre for your baby? This jumper is what you should buy.

It offers great support for your baby when playing and exercising. Your little one has toys all over for boosting coordination and motor skills.

There are dangling toys for developing hand-eye coordination and spinning objects for enhancing flexibility.

The activity centre has an electronic piano, which is great because it interacts with your baby through songs and sounds. The piano is also detachable.

It comes with an innovatively made bouncing board that responds promptly to your baby’s movements, which promotes jumping and bouncing to develop strong muscles.

You can also adjust the height of the bouncing board to make your baby more comfortable as he or she grows.


  • The bouncing board responds quickly to your baby’s movements
  • Seat bag rotates for all-around fun when playing
  • Electronic piano keeps your baby entertained and educated
  • A variety of toys helps develop superior hand-eye coordination
  • Multiple height adjustments grow with your child


  • The AA batteries are not included

10. Fisher-Price Colourful Carnival Space Saver Jumperoo

Inspire your child to get up and get active with the Carnival Space Saver Baby Jumper from Fisher-Price.

You do not need a doorway for this one because it is self-standing, and it is super fun for babies who can hold up their heads on their own up to 12 kilograms.

This Jumperoo has toys, lights, and music. It is a complete fun zone for your baby with lots of toys for playing and exercising.

There is a teething frog that your baby can grab and teeth whenever he or she wants to.

Your baby will be thrilled with the musical lighting piano that has different fun colours for sensory stimulation.

There is a spinning wheel in the middle of the piano for playing. The various dangling toys keep your baby busy.


  • Dangling toys help enhance baby hand-eye coordination
  • Lights and sounds encourage baby to jump up and down
  • Teething frog provides her with something to grab during teething
  • Soft padding on the seat improves comfort
  • The design folds easily for storage


  • Possible quality issues from one model to another
  • A little bit pricy

11. Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Babies and animals are a great combination and the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo by Fisher Price does not disappoint.

Spin, Jump, Rattle in the jumper along with the bright colours and the fun sounds and music your baby will be happy and content to be around their animal friends.

Fisher Price are one of the largest brands in the world for childrens toys and products from new born baby up too young child stage.

Every product is made with extreme precision and caters for all your childs needs and entertainment requirements.


The strength of this baby jumper and the non slip finish helps keep this product a safe choice for any parent.

The durable steel will help keep parents minds at ease as your baby can jump around and be extremely safe.

The adjustable seat to 3 separate positions also ensures your baby can grow into the jumperoo and legs are supported when they are jumping about.


Removing the tubes on the jumper will help you travel with this jumper as its easy to take apart and put back together.

This also helps for easy storage to help put away whilst baby sleeps freeing up some much needed space in your lounge.

12. Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

Slightly different to the previously reviewed baby jumpers is the Jolly Jumper. Much like a door jumper except, no door.

The jumper is on a stand that is secure and great for exercising and helping during walking training.

The seat is comfortable and secure and the whole product, although looks very simplistic, caters for your childs development needs including strength, rhythm and coordination.

Easy to take down and take anywhere, the Jolly Jumper will be a great accessory at friends / relatives houses.


The back support in the seat will help support the spine and bones of you baby meaning your child can entertain themselves with this product every time without worrying they will develop posture issues.


The height can be easily adjusted with a simple movement of the chains.

You will not need another jumper again as this has 4 more adjustable heights, even when a baby is 11months old ensuring they will still fit.

Things to Look for When Buying a Baby Jumper

You have most certainly come across many baby jumpers, but not all of them are ideal for your baby.

As such, we advise you to consider the following factors when looking for the best model.

Sturdy Design

The most important factor is always the design. You must keep off flimsy structures that can easily crumble and hurt your baby.

The best design must be sturdy and capable of withstanding your baby’s weight without collapsing when he or she jumps.

Manoeuvrability of the Activity Centre

The design should be stable as well as easy to manoeuvre. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a model with a seat bag that rotates 360 degrees.

This will allow your baby easy access to all the toys and activities. If you can find one, choose a model with wheels for mobility.

Toys and Activities

Apart from the design, what really makes a baby jumper stand out are the toys and activities it comes with. The many toys and activities it has the better.

Some of the most popular toys to look for are teethers, spinning objects, lights and sounds, electronic pianos, and dangling toys.

Babies, who are in a jumper-age, like to chew objects, especially when they are teething. Therefore, it is essential to choose toys made of hypoallergenic materials that are safe for your baby to chew.

Also, choose toys with contrasting patterns and colours. You need to help your baby develop superior hand-eye coordination through colourful objects. The best colours and patterns are those that help your baby focus.

Final Thoughts

The winner of “the best baby jumpers” is Bright Starts Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Peekaboo Activity Jumper.

This is a fantastic toy and not just because it is one of the most liked baby jumpers, but also because babies love it the first time.

The design is sturdy and durable. The seat rotates 360 degrees, allowing your baby to reach all toys with ease.

It also comes with numerous activities and toys with extra toy loops. It is the ultimate best activity centre for developing coordination, motor skills, and sensory stimulation.


My name is Christine Elliott, I have been trying out chairs, swings and jumpers for my kids. And I has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, and this site is my great hobby.

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