Affordable Easy Clean Best Baby High Chair 2020

Having children is a wonderful experience leaves me personally with a sense of pride watching them grow.  One of my biggest stresses is ‘What Do I Take When Going on a Road Trip? Or Visiting Grandma and Grandad?”and “Where do I find the best baby high chair?”

Push Chair – Check, Comfortable Carrier – Check, Best Car Seat – Check, Toddler – Check… What else can I take?  What about a door bouncer? Activity Centre? Or even one of the Best Baby High Chair?

As a first time parent, we tried to take anything and everything with us on days out and this became difficult for space.  It also took a long time to actually fill up the car, causing stress and argument between me and my partner.  With our second child, we quickly learned that we don’t need to take half the stuff we were trying to travel with.

What we did find though was when we were out, high chairs were difficult to get hold of OR were uncomfortable for baby.  This meant going out for meals wasn’t the best experience as we had to sit baby on our knee.

Owning on of the  Best Affordable Easy Clean Baby High Chairs was a huge benefit to our home life.  Getting our child to sit down with us at meal times helped with engagement activities and ensured he felt part of the family.

Too help you to choose the Best Affordable Easy Clean Baby High Chair we have provided an extensive list below and some supportive information to help you make an informed decision.

Affordable Easy Clean Best Baby High Chair

OXO Tot Sprout Chair – The BEST High Chair for your Babybest baby high chair

OXO Tot Sprout Chair is our number 1 choice Easy Clean Baby High Chair due to three main reasons; Affordability, Comfort and most importantly, Safety.  The style of the chair is also something that will sit nicely in any room that you and your child will love. Lets take a detailed look into the OXO Sprout.


The OXO Tot Sprout comes complete with 3 different height and depth settings.  Ensuring your child is safe and comfortable is a key function of this high chair and the 5 point harness and adjustable foot tray supports this.  As any child grows this chair remains comfortable and supportive during every development stage.  Food can be easily reached on the food tray and once you are comfortable your child can support themselves, the chair converts into a toddler chair.

Safety and Well-being

The design of this chair helps promote great posture and comfort as your child can sit up correctly and reach the tray whilst eating.  The harness provides support for the most fidgety of children, keeping them still and secure in the seat.

You can also rest assure that even the messiest of children are safe and secure as the tray is simple to wipe down and keep clean.

Cleaning the chair requires little effort as a simple wet wipe will ensure that chair and tray and kept clean making it look brand new.


Assembling the chair is quick and simple as it can be unfolded quickly.  The tray can be adjusted by hand without the need for any special tools.  As the chair is simple to fold down, it can easily be stored away or taken with you when visiting grandparents plus it is also lightweight.  This space saving high chair is a great addition to any home as the perfect wood finish will fit any room in any home.

Finding a long lasting chair can be difficult and more often than not you end up buying 2 or 3 chairs for your child.  With the OXO Sprout you only need 1 chair throughout the kinder years.  From 6 months to 5 years old, this chair will remain safe and comfortable.

2 Boon Flair Pedestal Highchairbest affordable easy clean high chairs - BOON

Choosing the best affordable easy clean highchair is an important decision. Being comfortable and safe is the most important part of any babies growth as being comfortable will help protect your babies spine.  The Boon Flair Pedestal Highchair provides comfort, safety, stability and overall has the WOW Factor.  It looks amazing and stylish and very very modern.  Made with extremely good quality materials and comes with Safety Guarantee,  you will never need another chair again.

The 5 points extremely strong harness will help keep your child safe and comfortable and prevent sliding.  Once you have placed your child in the char, simple secure the harness and your child will be instantly protected.

Quick-Braking System

Adjusting the chair is simple and problem free as it is so easy to use.  Complete with a pneumatic lift , your toddler will sit on the chair comfortably and at a height you choose.  The quick braking system helps maintain the height set so that the seat will not move up or down whilst in use.

The Boon Flair Highchair is very easy to move around anywhere you want.  There are 6 Urethane Casters that help you push and pull the chair without any problems and prevents damage to your laminate / tiled floor.

This amazing Boon High Chair offers unbelievable features and superb performance with safety and comfort.  Lunch times will be a huge success once your child is seated in this chair.  You can also choose from a variety of colors and designs to help keep the chair matching your décor in your house.  If you have anymore children then this chair will be great for them too.

Below are our remaining Top Picks for Best Baby High Chair

3 Sixti Cosattocosatto high chair

Cosatto provide a huge range of baby products and none come more stylish then the Cosatto 3Sixti.  This chair can be used from six months up too 5 years and has an amazing swivel chair that turns a full 360 degrees.  Babies will be able to enjoy there meals with the rest of the family and sit at a comfortable height.   The pedal and gas lift chair helps with the adjusting and maintains posture at all times.  The backrest also reclines in 3 different positions to ensure your child is comfortable at all times.

4 Chicco Polly

Covered in easy clean wipeable plastic that helps easily maintain cleanliness. The Chicco Polly comes with deep padded cushions that support any child from 6 months to 3 years old. Complete with 7 different height adjustments, your child will be able to sit with you at lunch times.  The footrest is adjustable and the seat also reclines into 3 separate positions.

5 Cosatto Waffle Highchair

The Cosatto Waffle Highchair is simple to adjust and with the extra padded seats your child will be comfortable even as they grow.  The footrest is adjustable and the harness is extremely secure.

6 BabyBjorn Highchair

BabyBjorn Highchair is a very basic looking but classic design.  The surfaces are easy to clean plus the seat and the tray hold your baby in place safely.  From 6 months up too 3 years old, this chair is perfect to help your childs developments and growth through there younger years.

7 Cosatto Noodle

Being able to remove the seat pad on the Cosatto Noodle helps you wash it easily.  The five point harness will ensure your child is safe during all meal times.


Choosing the Best Affordable Easy Clean Baby High Chair for You

Finding best baby high chair that fits your living space and dining table is a difficult decision.  Anything to make your life easier and several things with the best easy clean baby high chairs need to be taken into consideration.  Firstly, simple to clean.  Whether it be in a dishwasher or a quick wipe down, being able to remove and clean the tray with ease it’s an absolute must for any baby high chair.  Now, secondly is the height of the chair, how easy is it to adjust? Does it fit the table and seating area comfortably?  Your child should be as comfortable as you at the dining table.


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