Best Baby Door Bouncers – Baby Development Improved with a Bounce

As with all baby products there are hundreds of different baby door bouncers available, choosing the right one can be extremely difficult. This article will help you choose the best baby door bouncers for your home.  Choosing the right size, one that supports your babies weight, does it entertain your child? Each of these specifications will help you ensure that your child can build up their strength and be entertained while you carry out some of your daily chores.

We have reviewed the top 6 best baby door bouncers for you looking at safety, style and price.

What Are Baby Door Bouncers?

Baby door bouncers are a great exercise tool for babies helping develop muscles in their legs whilst also freeing up time for yourself. They have been around for a long time and continue to be a popular choice among parents.

The design of all baby door bouncers remains pretty much the same; a sturdy comfortable seat / harness with a secure suspension strap and safety clamp. Using a baby door bouncer regularly will greatly improve your toddlers’ strength but also help burn energy. This is also great to help with bedtime as the additional exercise can help your child sleep at night.

Babies continue to laugh and giggle each and every time they use a baby door bouncer, even if there are no activities included. This is because of the freedom the feel when in the seat. Many baby door bouncers include characters or fun activities and others are just a plain seat but all have the same goal, to help exercise and improve your toddlers’ strength.

Without taking any more of your time, let’s take a look at the Top 6 Best Baby Door Bouncers

Best Baby Door Bouncers For Developing Babies


1 Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Bouncer

Finding a budget doorway jumper is not always easy or practical however, the Evenflo ExerSaucer is just truly amazing. Every one of the tiny little users of this product have been satisfied and continue to use it. Brightly coloured and simple to move around, there would be no reason why you shouldn’t purchase this doorway jumper. There are also many different models and colours available to keep your toddler excited and wanting more.

The exersaucer is a popular bouncer due to its nice design and thick comfortable padding.  As with all door bouncers it is very simple to setup and once your baby is inside, they will love every second.  The price is also amazing for such a popular product and Evenflo have really captured the market with this.


Thick padding and nice design
Springy – Adjustable heights
Can attach toys to straps – Easy setup
Works with tall door frames


Difficult to wash
Springs can be a bit noisy during use – May not work for smaller babies
Some Babies Find It Difficult to Balance



Graco’s range of baby equipment continues with the Bumper Jumper. The Bumper Jumper is a great choice of baby door bouncer due to its simplistic design and easy installation. The seat pad can easily be removed for cleaning purposes and it also includes to great soft toys that can be removed for play time outside of the door bouncer.
With two amazing non twist straps you can put your child in and out with ease and not have to worry when you’re your baby is in the bouncer.

You can add toys with this bouncer for additional entertainment and with the extra padded side to prevent your child bumping its head, this door bouncer is a great purchase.


Good for shower doorway
Easy to Move Around
Complete with Fun Toys
Easy Assembly and Very Easy to Clean
Safety Bumpers to Protect Bumps to the Head at the Side


Balance issues Causing Baby to Lean to ONe Side
Doesn’t Attach to Larger Doorways
Adjustable but not enough for Taller Babies

3 Baby Einstein Sea and Discover

Bab y Einstein have provided you and your child with a brightly coloured, comfortable and extremely safe baby door bouncer in the Sea and Discover.  This is truly a great piece of equipment that your baby will love.  The lightweight design helps you easily carry this about and move around the house.  Simple to put your child in and take out with a simple adjustable strap you can ensure your child can continue to use as they grow.

The toys include a mirror, some flash cards, and a rattle so there is plenty of activities to carry out to while they play and bounce and explore the world from a new angle.


Lightweight and Brightly Coloured
Easy to Move Around
Simple to Adjust
Low Price and Complete with Toys


Doesnt Fit All Door Frames
Hard Plastic Sometimes Digs INto Babies Neck

Conclusion: Best Baby Door Bouncers

Baby Door Bouncers have been around for a long time and are the first baby jumpers that were available. Keeping your baby safe is a priority in these baby door bouncers and making sure your baby is within the right weight range will ensure your baby is kept safe and enjoys the experience. Once your baby is the in the door bouncer, they will be entertained and have lots of fun for as long as they are using them.

The Top 6 Best Baby Door Bouncers reviewed above have been researched and made the top 6 based on price, durability, entertainment value and above all else – QUALITY!

With so much to learn about the best baby door bouncers and making sure you choose the right one for you and your child please continue to read on. Our buyers guide will further help you to make a decision on which bouncer to purchase as a gift or a baby door bouncer for your own toddler.

Best Baby Door Bouncers Buying Guide

Door bouncers have always been a very popular choice for parents and gifts for new parents due to the freedom they give you. Simply placing the attachments onto the door frame and putting your child into the seat, you are free to go about your daily duties whilst your baby entertains him/herself.

Providing a great level of exercise for your child, improving strength in their legs. Baby door bouncers also provide a high level of development in key areas especially balance.

Why Should You Buy a Baby Door Bouncer?

Developing your babies muscles is important and a baby door bouncer will help find a suitable and safe way to help your baby grow. The best baby door bouncers are a great way for babies to continue to be in an upright position whilst they feel like they are standing and jumping, walking and running in their baby door bouncers. Eventually, your baby will realise they can bounce and move in their baby door bouncer and they will start to enjoy themselves and have lots of fun.

Every parent wants their child to sleep and owning a baby door bouncer will really help that sleep pattern. It will wear them out and will ensure they get the exercise they need.

What Ages Should I Buy A Baby Door Bouncer?

First rule – DO NOT buy a baby door bouncer until your baby can hold its own head. Baby door bouncers are amazing for exercise increasing entertainment time whilst freeing up some personal time for yourself.

20 minutes is plenty of time for your baby to be in the door bouncer as many experts have suggested that these can delay growth and walking in babies however, this is not proven to be true.

Most mothers that have purchased a baby door bouncer have experienced their child have bounced and enjoyed themselves and this has ultimately helped their child improve their walking skills. Any parent should make the decision on their own whether a baby door bouncer is the right thing to purchase, we are just here to try help make that decision a little bit easier.

What’s the Difference between Jumpers, Bouncers and Swings?

Between the three there are some very simple difference that will easily distinguish a jumper, swing and bouncer from each other.

  • Swingbaby swing move without any aid or encouragement from your baby. They will move side to side or front to back and can be used from birth. Some of the later more modern models have lights, sounds and soothing options that help rock your baby to sleep.
  • Bouncerbaby bouncer chairs are a rocker that you must strap your baby into. Most have an adjustment on them, so they can be used as a chair also. Some have music and vibration features many of them have additional toys. The babies movement will cause the chair to rock / bounce and this in turn can help the toys rattle and rock entertaining your child more.
  • Jumpers – Baby door bouncers are generally attached to your door frame via a strong clamp. Your baby will sit in the comfortable seats and jump up and down or practise walking a couple of steps.

Best Baby Door Bouncers: Product Features

Each of the best baby door bouncers come with many of their own special features. When looking through the best baby door bouncers reviewed above, you will need to make sure you look out for many of these additional features to ensure your baby is suitable;

  • Weight – baby door bouncers need to be able to hold your babies weight. Look for any that support up too 25-30 lbs – these will last you long enough before the baby can start walking
  • Seats – Majority of the seats included on a baby door bouncer are very well padded and will ensure that your child is comfortable when playing.
  • Suspension – Avoid the door bouncers that have a suspension cable. These might seem a good idea but your baby will swing too much or even bounce too high and can cause problems with legs.
  • Adjustable – Full adjustable door bouncers are a great idea to help you increase the height to help when your baby grows but also help allow for heavier babies too. Some door bouncers only allow one or the other so a fully adjustable is much better.
  • Toys – Toys in baby door bouncers are not always necessary but can increase the entertainment value. One of our best baby door bouncers comes complete with a sound mat that you baby can jump on and make more noise. These or some clip on toys can make a great addition.

SAFETY: Using a Baby Door Bouncer Safely

Keeping your baby safe in a door bouncer is absolutely the parent’s duty and how safe the door bouncer is. Following some simple safety instructions that all parents or child minders should adhere to help keep your baby safe.

  1. ALWAYS stay in the same room as your baby when they are in the jumper. Do Not leave the room.
  2. Try not to attach toys to anything, let you baby hold the toys instead. By Attaching them you could create a strangling hazard.
  3. Make sure the floor is clear underneath your babies feet
  4. Keep away from stairs
  5. 15 minutes is plenty of time to be in a baby door bounc
  6. Check the door frame requirements before using
  7. Once you baby can walk, do NOT put them in a baby door bouncer.
  8. Only use a door bouncer when your child can hold its own head.

Summary: Best Baby Door Bouncers

Baby door bouncers are an excellent choice of exercise and help your child to improve leg muscles and provide the right amount of exercise in a safe way. Can be used from ages 4 months plus or up to your baby being able to walk. They help babies explore the world from a different angle but also allow them to jump and play.

We have tried to provide enough information to help you choose the right baby door bouncer for you and your baby. We have also provided some safety tips. Please remember that the views shared here at that of our own from extensive research and personal use to help you finding the right door bouncer. We always recommend that you do your own research as well and use this page as a guide to help you along your way.

We hope you choose one of our baby door bouncers as these are the tones we have researched and believe to be the best baby door bouncers on the market today.

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