The 10 Best Baby Bouncers (2022 Reviews)

A baby doorway bouncer is a for-fun playing and exercising device.

A fabric seat bag suspended on a spring, hanging from a doorframe, usually by clamps. Babies enjoy the up and down bouncing motion, the device provides.

It is one of the best ways to help your baby develop coordination, balance, and muscle strength.

However, overload baby doorway bouncers in the market prevent the parents from choosing the best baby door bouncer UK.

Therefore, in our top ten selections, we have considered all the essential features you would want your baby’s doorway bouners to have.


There is the one and only answer for The Best Baby Door Bouncers UK: The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Door Bouncer.

Because It is the most liked baby doorway bouncer and the bestseller.

It is sturdy, adjustable, durable, and safe for your little angel. It will help promote your baby’s natural breathing, coordination, balance, and strength.

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10 Best Baby Door Bouncers

1. The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Door Bouncer

Encourage your baby stand up and have some fun with the incredible Jolly Jumper.

It offers balance and allows your baby to develop a rhythm. It is the perfect choice for developing coordination and strengthening the muscles.

Jolly Jumper has a sturdy design that will fit your doorframes with ease. It does not come off quickly once you attach it to the frames.

The tension spring works seamlessly to offer your baby the most enjoyable bouncing moments.

The wraparound sitting bag has an innovative and spacious design suitable for babies weighing up to approximately 13 kilograms.

Adjusting the height of the bouncer is easy, just remove the hook of the tension spring and attach it to another space in the chain.

The crotch area is spacious and very comfortable. It will not pinch or hurt your baby as he or she bounces up and down.


  • The design is super sturdy and easy to fit on doorframes
  • Has a spacious and comfortable wraparound sitting bag
  • Provides firm support for your child’s spine
  • It is a great device for developing coordination and muscle strength
  • The height is adjustable for added versatility


  • The spring may not be long enough for some babies
  • It is a little bit costly

2. Graco Bumper Jumper in Little Jungle

This incredible baby jumper and bouncer has a well-made spring that will help your baby grow strong muscles.

The structure of the clamp features high-quality material that is strong enough to hold a baby of up to 12 kilograms.

The clamp has a no-mark doorframe to protect your doorways.

This baby door bouncer is super easy to transport from one place to other thanks to its lightweight and portable design.

The nylon seat pad is not only supportive and comfortable, but also easy to maintain, as it is machine washable.

A play tray allows you to place a number of toys in front of your child to encourage playing and exercising.

It is easy to adjust the height of the jumper to help your baby play better.

Getting your baby in and out of the seat pad is stress-free due to the non-twist straps.


  • Nylon seat pad is supportive and comfortable
  • No-mark doorframes help protect your doorways
  • It is height adjustable to accommodate a growing baby
  • Play tray ensures your baby has toys within reach
  • Helps your baby develop coordination and muscles


  • The plastic dome keeps the straps too far apart

3. Munchkin Bounce and Play Baby Door Bouncer

It is time for your baby to bounce and play for as long as he or she can with the Munchkin.

This unique baby door bouncer features a supportive seat that helps your baby maintain the ideal posture when bouncing up and down.

The soft padding on the seat provides extra support and comfort. The adjustable buckle and Velcro closure make it easy to achieve a snug fit.

The heavy-duty clamp is suitable for an interior doorway that measures around two meters high, and the doorway must have a strongly attached trim.

The clamp features firm metallic parts that can withstand a maximum weight capacity of up to twelve kilograms.

The high-quality spring is not only strong but also rust and corrosion-resistant.

It gives seamlessly to allow your baby to bounce with ease. The drawstring is also adjustable for added versatility.


  • The seat is supportive and very comfortable
  • Adjustable straps and Velcro closure makes fitting easy
  • Superior padding on the seat improves comfort
  • Tether rings encourage your little one to bounce up and down
  • Helps your baby develop muscle strength and coordination


  • It has a limited maximum weight capacity

4. HI SUYI Baby Door Jumper and Bouncer

This incredible jumper and bouncer from HI SUYI is a comfortable baby strength and muscle builder.

Its design provides adequate back support and promotes natural breathing. This doorway bouncer holds your baby firmly.

Therefore, no matter which direction your baby bounces, he or she will never fall out. It is a superior choice for helping develop coordination skills.

You will need your coordination skills in check too, as getting your little one into the bouncer seat with one hand while adjusting the drawstring with the other hand may prove challenging.

The strong metal clip guarantees to provide a powerful lifting force for a baby weighing up to 16 kilograms.

The high quality, strong spring does not rust or wear out easily. The adjustable slid fixing buckle allows for effortless adjustments.

What is truly amazing about this baby door bouncer is the comfortable cotton fabric seat, which helps protect your baby’s spine and tender back.


  • It functions as a baby jumper and bouncer
  • Adjustable straps grow with your baby
  • Helps your child develop good coordination skills
  • Improves natural breathing when playing
  • Soft padding on the seat bag improves support and comfort


  • May prove challenging to place your baby inside the seat bag

5. Bright Starts Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Door Bouncer

We have not just chosen this model because of its unique features, but also due to its budget-friendly price tag.

This amazing baby door bouncer comes with a sturdy and durable clamp for the doorway to prevent the bouncer from falling. The clamp is strong enough to support babies of up to six months old.

It has adjustable straps, which is great because it allows you to adjust the height to support maximum bouncing and jumping experience.

The padded ring seat offers maximum comfort when playing, and the Mickey Mouse head encourages your baby jump and bounce.

The seat pad of the Bright Starts Disney is machine washable. All you have to do is detach the snap fasteners from the speeder bar. This model is also extremely lightweight and portable for easy storage and transportation.


  • Sturdy doorframe clamp fits securely into the doorways
  • Lightweight design is easy to carry around in a handbag
  • Adjusting your baby’s height is easy with the safe strapping system
  • Superior padding on the seat bag improves comfort
  • The seat bag is removable and machine washable


  • The spring may not be strong enough
  • Too many plastic parts that are susceptible to damage

6. Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper and Bouncer

Put a smile on your baby’s face and help him build strong muscles with the Evenflo ExerSaucer.

You do not need any special skills to get this baby bouncer attached to the doorway.

The innovative design attaches easily to most interior doorways. The clamp can support a baby weighing up to 11 kilograms without breaking.

With the adjustable straps, you can customize your baby’s height easily and quickly to allow him or her enough vertical distance for jumping and bouncing.

The fastener straps provide your child with something to hold on as he or she bounces or jumps back and forth.

The seat bag has superior padding, especially on the crotch area and around the collar, to improve support and comfort.

With the cushiony nature of the seat, you can insert your baby boy in the seat with or without pants, and he will still be comfortable.


  • The clamp is easy to install on the doorway
  • Customizing your baby’s height is comfortable with adjustable straps
  • Fastener straps provide your baby with something to hold on
  • Bouncing and jumping support healthy baby activities
  • The seat is removable as well as machine washable


  • May not be the best choice for super active babies

7. Costway Baby Jumper Door Bouncer

This durable and safe door bouncer allows your baby to bounce and have more fun.

It comes with a durable and non-slip clamp that ensures the trampoline does not slip when your baby is having fun.

This is one of the easiest bouncers to set up because the installation is tool-free.

Once you have hooked up the clamp, the next step is to attach the chain to the hook.

The integrated spring has an adjustable length that ranges from 29 to 93 centimeters to accommodate the growth of your baby. The maximum loading capacity of the spring is 12 kilograms.

The bouncer combines play and training, which is exactly what your baby needs to learn different skills and develop strong muscles.

The fabric used to make the seat bag is breathable and comfortable. It also has a high-quality zipper that makes it easy for you to get your baby in and out of the bag with ease.


  • The height is adjustable to accommodate your baby’s growth
  • Tool-free installation is quick and easy
  • Sturdy structure has a high bearing capacity
  • Promotes muscle development and playing skills
  • The seat bag is breathable and comfortable


  • Could be comfier with more padding

8. Hauck Jump Baby Jumper Door Bouncer

Do you have an active baby who likes to jump and bounce? This incredible baby door bouncer from Hauck is a perfect choice.

You do not need to drill any holes in order to set up this bouncer because its clamping system attaches easily to the doorframe.

The high-quality spring has a superior load-bearing capacity of up to 12 kilograms, making it ideal for up to six-month babies.

What is unique about this model is the seat bag, which includes a plastic frame and the padded seat bag.

It has three fastener straps that are strong and durable. The strapping system is adjustable to accommodate your child’s growth.

The playing and exercising skills of your baby will develop exceptionally when he or she is playing in this bouncer.


  • Clamp attaches easily to the doorframe
  • It is height adjustable to accommodate your growing baby
  • Soft padding on the seat improves comfort
  • High spring loading capacity of up to 12 kilos
  • It conforms to minimum safety standards


  • The fastener straps are too far apart
  • The spring is a little bit stiff

9. Baby Einstein Sea and Discover Door Jumper and Bouncer

Can your baby hold his or her head up now? You can help them learn how to play and exercise with this fantastic baby door bouncer from Baby Einstein.

It has a sturdy doorframe clamp that offers a secure fit into the doorways. The straps allow easy adjustments concerning your child’s weight and height.

The lightweight frame makes entertaining your baby easy when traveling away from home. The seat bag features soft padding for support and comfort.

The seat also comes attached with four toys that you can easily reposition and rotate.

The fastener straps are strong and evenly spaced, providing your baby with something to hold on when bouncing up and down.


  • It is easy to attach the doorframe into the doorway
  • Lightweight design is portable and easy to store
  • Adjusting the strap is easy to suit your baby’s height
  • Comes with toys that are easy to reposition


  • The design may not prevent your baby from banging the door

10. Bright Starts Bounce ‘n Spring Deluxe Door Jumper

Provide your baby with hours of bouncing and jumping with this fantastic door jumper.

This unique baby door bouncer comes with a strong doorframe that fits securely into the doorways to provide your baby with a sturdy door bouncer.

The padding on the seat ring ensures your baby is comfortable. The soft pillow helps improve your baby’s fit.

Your little one also gets four toys (two plush toys, a leaf teether, and a mirror) that you can easily reposition.

Another good thing about this jumper and bouncer is the adjustable strapping system that allows for easy adjustment according to your child’s height.


  • Comes with toys for encouraging your baby to play
  • The seat pad is soft and comfortable
  • Strap adjustment allows you to increase or decrease your baby’s height
  • Attaches firmly to doorframes
  • The soft pillow ensures your baby fits securely


  • The spring may not be as strong as you hoped

Things to Look for When Buying a Baby Door Bouncer

Generally, any doorway bouncer is safe and baby-friendly. However, not all models will be ideal for your baby.

Here are a few things you can consider when looking for the best model.

Sturdy Design

When choosing a baby door bouncer, always go for a sturdy design.

A heavy-duty clamp made of high-quality material will be able to withstand the weight of your baby when he or she is busy jumping and bouncing.

Check the weight limit of the design and make sure it is the perfect choice for your baby.

Height Adjustment

A good door swing for babies must have adjustable straps if you want it to grow with your baby. The strapping system should adjust seamlessly.

Comfortable Seat Bag

The comfort of your baby depends entirely on the seat bag. The seat needs to be deep and supportive for it to be safe for your baby.

Choose a seat bag that has enough padding for superior comfort. Also, make sure that the straps that attach the seat bag to the suspension bar are of high quality. They also need to be adjustable for a snug fit.

Ease of Installation

Before you invest in a baby door bouncer, make sure the clamping system will fit your doorway. Most clamps have a doorframe width of fewer than thirty-five centimeters.


What Are Baby Door Bouncers?

Baby door bouncers are a great exercise tool for babies helping develop muscles in their legs whilst also freeing up time for yourself.

They have been around for a long time and continue to be a popular choice among parents.

The design of all baby door bouncers remains pretty much the same; a sturdy comfortable seat / harness with a secure suspension strap and safety clamp.

Using a baby bouncer for doorway regularly will greatly improve your toddlers’ strength but also help burn energy.

This is also great to help with bedtime as the additional exercise can help your child sleep at night.

Babies continue to laugh and giggle each and every time they use a baby door bouncer, even if there are no activities included.

This is because of the freedom the feel when in the seat.

Many baby door bouncers include characters or fun activities and others are just a plain seat but all have the same goal, to help exercise and improve your toddlers’ strength.

Why Should You Buy a Baby Door Bouncer?

Developing your babies muscles is important and a baby door bouncer will help find a suitable and safe way to help your baby grow.

The best baby door bouncers are a great way for babies to continue to be in an upright position whilst they feel like they are standing and jumping, walking and running in their baby door bouncers.

Eventually, your baby will realise they can bounce and move in their baby door bouncer and they will start to enjoy themselves and have lots of fun.

Every parent wants their child to sleep and owning a baby door bouncer will really help that sleep pattern. It will wear them out and will ensure they get the exercise they need.

What Ages Should I Buy A Baby Door Bouncer?

First rule – DO NOT buy a baby door bouncer until your baby can hold its own head. Baby door bouncers are amazing for exercise increasing entertainment time whilst freeing up some personal time for yourself.

What’s the Difference between Jumpers, Bouncers and Swings?

Between the three there are some very simple difference that will easily distinguish a jumper, swing and bouncer from each other.

  • Swing – baby swings move without any aid or encouragement from your baby. They will move side to side or front to back and can be used from birth. Some of the later more modern models have lights, sounds and soothing options that help rock your baby to sleep.
  • Bouncer – baby bouncer chairs are a rocker that you must strap your baby into. Most have an adjustment on them, so they can be used as a chair also. Some have music and vibration features many of them have additional toys. The babies movement will cause the chair to rock / bounce and this in turn can help the toys rattle and rock entertaining your child more.
  • Jumper – baby jumpers are contained activity center with various objects to explore, helping your baby with hand-eye coordination, sensory stimulation, and motor skills. Your baby will sit in the comfortable seats and jump up and down or practise walking a couple of steps.

Using a Baby Door Bouncer Safely

Keeping your baby safe in a baby door bouncer is absolutely the parent’s duty and how safe the door bouncer is.

Following some simple safety instructions that all parents or child minders should adhere to help keep your baby safe.

  1. ALWAYS stay in the same room as your baby when they are in the bouncer. Do Not leave the room.
  2. Try not to attach toys to anything, let you baby hold the toys instead. By Attaching them you could create a strangling hazard.
  3. Make sure the floor is clear underneath your babies feet
  4. Keep away from stairs
  5. 15 minutes is plenty of time to be in a baby door bounce
  6. Check the door frame requirements before using
  7. Once you baby can walk, do NOT put them in a baby door bouncer.
  8. Only use a door bouncer when your child can hold its own head.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the winner of this roundup is The Original Jolly Jumper Baby Door Bouncer.

This bouncer is an amazing choice for your baby. Not only does it provide play, exercise, and entertainment for your little one without taking too much floor space, but the product also is a great bouncer for building coordination, balance, and muscle strength.

The sturdy, strong doorframe clamp offers a secure fit. You can rest easy knowing that your baby is safe, thanks to the heavy-duty spring.

The bouncer is height adjustable, which means it will grow with your baby (and then you should buy a baby jumper). The padding on the seat bag provides your little one with superior support and comfort.


My name is Christine Elliott, I have been trying out chairs, swings and jumpers for my kids. And I has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, and this site is my great hobby.

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