Best Baby Bouncer Chairs UK Reviews

Purchasing one of the Best baby bouncer chairs for your baby an investment that will be a great one for you and your family.  These chairs are a great way of giving yourself some free time when you need to get some jobs done around the house.  They will also entertain your baby with music, vibration or even a toy bar in front of them.

There are literally hundreds of different baby bouncer chairs available and each offer different features.  Some come with a nice simple adjustable seating position, some have a vibrate feature to help baby relax and some have a mobile / toy bar for your baby to entertain themselves.

Price of baby bouncer chairs varies also but no matter what, you will find one suitable for your price range.

2-hour seating rule

Different Types of Baby Bouncer Chairs;  What are they?

  • Baby Jumpers are great for infants from 9months old.  These can keep your child entertained whilst strengthening their legs.
  • Baby Bouncer chairs – usually come complete with a toy bar / mobile to keep your baby entertained.  Baby Bouncer Chairs can last until your baby is about three years old and are great for your baby when sitting upright.
  • Baby Swings – If your baby will only settle when being rocked then these are ideal.  These swings can be used from newborn up to approx 6 months old.

Now lets take a look at our Best Baby Bouncer Chairs available to purchase TODAY.

Best Baby Bouncer Chairs


1) Fisher-Price Newborn to Toddler

 As one of the most recent Newborn to Toddler Rockers that are available on the market, parents can choose a design that is not only portable, but functional and stylish too. The Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Rocker is great for any new parents that are seeking an easy to move rocker to be able to take this to babysitters, grandparents or family gatherings.  Features of the Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Portable Rocker include:
  • Adjustable chair that can easily accommodate infants and toddlers – and every stage in between
  • Multiple toy bar toys are used to encourage and stimulate growth and development in the infant
  • Soothing vibrations can help with conditions like colic and general fussiness
  • The lightweight design of the chair allows parents to easily move the chair from room to room and even bring the chair on vacation
  • The folded design is lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The toy bar is easy to remove to accommodate toddlers that are using the chair and increases the versatility of the chair
  • The Fisher Price portable rocker can accommodate children up to the maximum weight of 40lbs, the average weight of children nearing three years.

The popular design also features a toy-arm, this is a much sturdier feature than the traditional toy bar. The toy arm allows parents to easily move the toys out of the way rather than having to remove the toy bar completely to take the child out of the chair or put the child in, and is an innovative feature not found on other styles of similar infant to toddler chairs.

2) Bright Starts Fun on Safari

The Bright Starts Fun on Safari gives any parent an suitable and easy alternative to carrying baby in your arms. The popular and gender neutral bouncer provides a safe place for infants to rest, play and sleeping in the bouncer.

Features of the Bright Starts bouncer include:

  • Vibrations that are easily controlled with one hand and that can be used to calm the infant through fussy times
  • The toy bar can be easily removed from the bouncer when your child is going to sleep and rest inside of the bouncer chair
  • Three stimulating toys are used to encourage grabbing motions and development in the infant; including a lion, star shaped rattle and teething toy for older infants
  • The cradling seat design comforts the child mimicking the arms of the parent to soothe and comfort the infant

Vibrations throughout the seat can be used to soothe infants that are suffering from colic and other conditions, as well as infants that are hard to soothe. Easily controlled, the vibrations are a soft and calming way to put the child to sleep before transferring the child to the crib to sleep or while traveling, even in various rooms of the home.

Bright Starts bouncer is perfect for parents looking for a better option to getting a few minutes peace, rather than moving larger toys and cradles from room to room. The bouncer can easily move upstairs and downstairs, and manoeuvre throughout the home.The bouncer is designed for infants and is an economical choice for parents seeking to cradle and soothe infants but does not accommodate toddlers. The maximum weight limit of the bouncer chair is 25lbs, which will allow the chair to be used up too 1 year old, or have begun to walk. The affordable price tag that comes with the bouncer chair, and the easy availability to purchase the bouncer from leading retailers both in store and online make the Bright Starts model one of the most popular choices for parents.

3) BABYBJÖRN Babysitter Balance

Looking for a simple, high quality, baby bouncer, the Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance is the perfect option for a baby bouncer that comes with high style and function. As one of the leading brands of baby bouncers, parents have come to associate Baby Bjorn with a high quality of baby products, including the Babysitter Balance.

Gone are the fluffy colors and other pieces of juvenile baby gear. The Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance is a durable and high fashion option for parents that are seeking functional baby gear that is going to blend in with their modern decor.There are three positions that can be used for the infant that is sitting in the bouncer. Parents can choose from play, rest or sleep. Each position is well suited to its purpose, allowing the parent to position the child best for engaging in play, or even sleeping.With the ability for parents to have their hands free, while maintaining close contact of the infant, it can be simple to get everything done as the young infant is spending time in the baby bouncer.

Used in combination with other baby gear items and one on one time with parents, it can be a great way to create independence between the parent and the child.  Unlike other complex bouncers that are available, the BabyBjorn requires NO Batteries. Parents can easily rock the bouncer without their hands, ensuring that the child remains safe and is able to engage in the environment around them – without being distracted by toy and activity bars. The bouncer will generate a steady bounce when baby moves however it can also be a good opportunity for regular contact from you to help steadily rock the bouncer also.  It’s also a great choice for parents on the go. The Baby Bjorn can be folded flat so ythat you can store away in a nice and tidy space, even under the couch. The stylish and classic option is a must have for parents that are seeking quality items that can be used for multiple children.

4) Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer Under the Sea

Suitable from Newborn to 8 months, this gold award-winning is the best baby bouncer chair and is full of amazing fun features.  These include lights and music which is baby activated plus a standalone crab toy.

With a semi upright position and simple adjustable arches, your baby can easily explore their surroundings whilst the recliner can be moved into two separate positions.  This can help when weaning your baby as you can use the chair to feed your baby.

Always remember that baby bouncer chairs, baby swings and baby rockers should only be used for a certain amount of time.  No longer than a consecutive 2 hours without a reasonable break.

The Tiny Love Gymini Baby Bouncer Chair is bright and colourful and fun for your baby.  The arches of the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer adjust form one state to another. You can place the arches in an open position so you can keep eye contact with your baby.

Each arch has three integrated hooks so you can easily attach a range of toys to increase the opportunities for your baby.

5) BabaBing LoBo2

BabaBing LoBo2 gives your baby all the comfort and soothing it needs from a baby bouncer chair.

The BabaBing Lobo2 has a two position recline and silky smooth rocking motion.  Complete soft fabrics and a 5 point harness this baby bouncer chair is an amazing accessory for any home.

A great feature of the BabaBing Lobo2 is that the fabrics are machine washable.  Keeping the baby bouncer chair clean and fresh and will ensure it lasts that little while longer.

Along with the Tiny Love Gymini the BabaBing Lobo2 is one of the best baby bouncer chairs around.  The price of this baby chair is also amazing which is why this is one of the best on the market.

6) Chicco Hoopla Bouncer

Age suitable for: Birth – 8 months

Suitable for babies from birth to 8 months, the Chicco Hoopla has a very well padded seat, adjustable headrest and is a widely popular choice amongst mums.

With a four position recliner, extremely comfortable headrest plus its rather cute design, this baby bouncer is a fantastic bouncer for any home.

The four position recline can act as a great accessory for you to sit and interact with your child.  It can also accommodate nap times as the comfortable headrest will quickly act as a cushion for your little one.

Remember to stick to the 2 hour rule.

The Chicco Hoopla also comes in a variety of amazing colours to help you find the perfect chair for your baby.

See full product review here

7) Fisher-Price Adorable Animals

Bright colours and animal toys found on the attached toy-bar are just two of the features that are found on the Fisher Price Adorable Animals Baby Bouncer. Being a really bright bouncer your child will  be engaged with the set of available matching toys.  Features of the Fisher Price Adorable Animals Baby Bouncer include:
  • Bright colours and animals stimulate and encourage development and growth in the infant through interactive play
  • Soft Fabric that can be easily removed and tossed into the washer, creating a durable seat
  • Removable toy bar to easily transition between play time and resting time in the baby bouncer seat
  • Lightweight design will help move the bouncer around on your travels
  • Designed for infants under 25 pounds, or between the ages of birth to six months

Fisher Price have a large range of baby bouncers but this is the most affordable of the Fisher Price range. shopping around, parents have found the Adorable Animals very cheap.  Parents are easily able to convert the bouncer between play time and rest time with the toy bar that can be easily removed from the bouncer seat. Parents are also able to remove the cushioning from the chair and place it in the washer to deal with those inevitable spills that happen while caring for an infant.Plus, parents that are searching for the best price can take advantage of the baby bouncer available from online retailers like Amazon, that offer customers free shipping and discounted prices compared with the local department stores.

Baby Bouncer Safety Concerns

Baby bouncers are the most common baby activity in any household. The bouncers can be a great way for the child to be amused while the parent fixes dinner or simply has a few moments of trying to get the room tidied. The bouncers can also be a great way for the child to learn independence and be encouraged and stimulated by the lights, sounds, and textures that are attached.  This will also encourage development within children that use the bouncers.

Many parents are often concerned with the safety of the bouncer and how the bouncer is going to influence the development of the child.  Although they are convenient, parents worry on how they are going to support the development that is required for the muscles that are used while learning to walk and to crawl.

Safety concerns that parents have include:

Inhibiting the child to walk or to crawl
Some parents are under the impression that the baby bouncers available will inhibit the child to walk or to crawl or even delay the child from walking or crawling at a normal pace.

Parents need not be concerned with the effects of the baby bouncer on the natural development of the walking and crawling as long as used for the recommended time.

Hindering the development of the spine
Parents are often widely concerned with the development of the spine and whether the child is going to be able to bounce while in the contraption without injuring themselves.

As long as the child is able to sit upright, parents can rest assured that the child is going to be safe and development is going to be on key while in the bouncer.

Bouncers with wheels are unsafe around stairs
The models of bouncers that allow the child to move freely throughout the home using wheels to propel the child can be foreseen as dangerous.

Parents that use the precautions like baby gates and other measures to ensure that the child remains safe in the bouncer can help to prevent injury and therefore allow the child to be safe while in the baby walkers, or baby bouncers.

Where To Buy a Cheap Baby Bouncer

Baby bouncers can be a great way to further along the development of infants.  One of the big things that parents consider when it comes to buying a baby bouncer is the budget.

Babies are expensive, and all the gear that is needed for the infant can be quite expensive as well – costing upwards of several hundred dollars for the common nursery items. Therefore, when it comes to the extra items that can be used for the child parents are often struggling to find room in the budget to accommodate the purchase.

Finding ways to save money in the budget, including finding cheap baby bouncers, can be a great way to reduce the stress that comes with the baby budget. :

Big Box Stores
Big box stores like Target, Wal-Mart, Tesco Direct and Argos allow the customer to shop in store or online, taking advantage of large selections of baby bouncers from leading brands.

Since there are many styles that are available, parents can use reviews and compare prices to find the bouncer that best suits the budget. While shopping in store or online, parents can take advantage of sales and promotions, even coupons that can be used to find a cheap baby bouncer.

Used Baby Bouncers
Baby bouncers are one of those items that are child-specific. Some children love the baby bouncer and will tolerate spending time in it, where other children are not as enthralled and won’t tolerate it. Finding used baby bouncers is simple, as there are lots of parents that had purchased the bouncer and have children that won’t tolerate it.

In addition, baby bouncers are often used between the few months of the child being able to sit and walking, and therefore many parents sell the bouncers after a few short months of use, making them common and easy to find through online classified ads and outgrown it sales.







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