Top 5 Best Baby Booster Seat For Feeding And Play Time

As a parent to young infant, I often wonder when I’ll be able to get back some of my time. Or perhaps put down my babies for couple of minutes while I resume household chores. Well, it is possible when your baby is ready to sit.

One of the most signification milestones during the development of a baby is when they start to sit up. At 4-6 months, a baby can typically start to sit with some support. Towards 9 months, they would usually be able to sit by themselves. It is also one of the signs to determine if you baby is ready to ingest solid food.

Sitting up is exciting for your baby. Suddenly, their perspectives changed from a lying down or tummy down position into a straight up one. It provides them with a holistic view of its environment.

Baby products come in all shapes and sizes with add-ons that serve different purposes. They key elements one should pay attention to when choosing the right baby booster seats include safety, durability and how versatile they are.

A good baby booster seats not only help your baby sitting in the correct position, but also secure your baby in a seating position in a safe manner whilst you complete your jobs. It would help your baby to sit perfectly, play with toys, feel secure and allow you a little breather to complete chores.

Here are the reviews of the top 5 best baby seats.

Top 5 Best Baby Booster Seat

1 Bumbo – 3-in-1 Multi Floor and Booster Seat

Bumbo arguably was the the first to introduce soft foam based floor seats for very small babies. It became really popular amongst parents of young infants has won many awards including Made For Mum Award 2020 (UK) and Loved by Parents Award 2020 (UK).

Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat can fit babies securely in the chairs and the soft foam attached within the chairs provide great comfort to sit in.

Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat comes with two height settings to accommodate growing children.

It can be used as a floor seat, strapped to an adult chair for feeding in place of a highchair, or used as a booster by removing the pad.

Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat serves children aged between 6 to 36 months.

Another key feature is that it comes with a stow-away tray that can be easily detached and stored right at the back of the chair. The included tray will help your child play and eat whilst sat in the Bumbo Multi Seat.

Secondly and just as important, materials used were of high quality and is one of the most durable booster seat in the market. Using quality, strong, materials should be at the forefront of your mind to ensure you child is safe and secure at all times.

All parts of the multi seats are easy to clean. Parents simply just need to wipe off using a damp cloth and a mild detergent as required.

Overall, Bumbo 3-in-1 Multi Seat gives you a relatively better value for money as it is adjustable as your baby grows. Besides that, it also offers durability, stability and comfort for your children.

2 Summer Infant Forest Friends Super Seat

The second baby seat that makes on our list is the Summer Infant Forest Friends Super Seat.

It comes with a 360 degree rotating tray with toys. It serves as an activity center for your child. They can enjoy lots of fun with the bright colors and animals on the tray. The included tray is made from high quality materials. It’s offers great help during feeding and play times.

In addition, the overhead bar helps for babies vision and attention to detail. If you have a child that plays a little rough as well, this tray will support this.

It is easy to clean and take on the travels with you.

Its 3-point safety harness are strong and adjustable and ensure your baby is safe sitting in it.

We pick this baby seat due to its bright colours and activity tables, offering your baby great fun.

3 Infantino Music & Lights 3-in-1 Discovery Seat and Booster

Do you baby love music and sound? The Infantino Discovery Seat made to our list for its great sensory play. It aids child development for providing interactive music and found for exploration. It has more than 6 engaging activities that assist sensory and fine motor development of your baby.

It has three functions: interactive play, snack time seat and secure booster.

Simply slide the toy pods apart to reveal a meal time tray with cup holder. The stimulating play tray can be easily removed when acting as a booster by the table.

It is lighter than the Bumbo Multi Seat and Summer Infant Super Seat. Unlike the two seats mentioned above, the seat pad is made with plastic instead of soft foam materials. However, some babies may just prefer the rich interactive play over soft pads.

Overall,  the Infantino Discovery Seat made to our list for its great sensory exploration for babies and toddlers.

4 Mamas and Papas Baby Bug 3-in-1 Booster Seat

Other than the Baby Bug 3-in-1 Booster Seat, Mamas and Papas’s introduced many baby seating options that receive overwhelmed popularity amongst parents. Some seating options include Mamas and Papas Snug Seat and Mamas and Papas Baby Bud Seat. But today we’ll be focusing on the Baby Bug 3-in-1 floor and Booster Seat.

Baby Bug Booster Seat can fully replace Snug Seat and Baby Bud Seat altogether. It is not only a floor seat but a more versatile option for tabletop feeding.

The seat accommodates growing little ones as the seat insert can be removed for extra space, while the ergonomic design offers comfort when it’s time to sit and relax.

It features a stable base with twist-out-feet, making one of the most secure baby booster seat. The activity tray is equipped with colorful toys that can keep baby happy and engaged.

Baby Bug Booster Seat has been widely compared by parents with the Bumbo Multi Seat. It has a slightly better pricing point if you consider Bumbo Multi Seat does not come with its activity tray known as Bumbo playtop safari.

However, Baby Bug Booster is bulkier compared to Bumbo Multi Seat. Baby Bug Seat’s item weigh is 3.25 kg vs Bumbo Multi Seat’s 1.89 kg. The dimension of Baby Bug Booster is also greater than Bumbo Multi Seat. If you are a family without storage issue, Baby Bug Booster may be your option.

5 Baby Einstein Dine & Discover Multi-Use Booster Seat

If you are looking for a simple booster seat without over complicated functions, Baby Einstein multi-use booster seat may be just right for you.

Similar to other baby booster seats in this review, you will find Baby Einstein multi-use booster seat come with add-ons that promote interactive play and sensory exploration but in a simpler form.

While it does not boast similar popularity compared to other baby booster seat, it is competitive in pricing. Having said that, it also provides the safety and security a baby needs when exploring the surroundings. It has a 3-point harness that keeps the baby safe in the seat.

What’s more, it includes a global recipe ideas to help families discover fun at tables.

Albeit simple, it certainly does the job of a typical baby booster job.


Giving your baby opportunities to practice sitting upright is important. It helps them to gain the strength to sit independently, and eventually enables them to be fed in a safer and more secure position, or self-feeding if you choose to practice baby-led weaning (‘BLW’).

You will find all of the baby booster seats with very thoughtful design to help parents. All of the above do come with the highest of quality and provide greater support for parents.

Baby booster seats is an excellent way to teach your baby to sit and play whilst you get your jobs done. While baby is sitting comfortably on its own, you can also free up your hands to read books for them, flash picture cards and interact with your baby.

For family that cares about portability and storage space, baby booster seats are certainly great seating options for feeding and play time.


My name is Christine Elliott, I have been trying out chairs, swings and jumpers for my kids. And I has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, and this site is my great hobby.

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