Best Baby Bean Bag Chairs – Convenient Baby Rocker Alternative

For many years parents have used baby bouncer chairs or swings to help pacify there baby.  It helps as they come in a spectrum of colours and a variety of soft tunes and vibrations that help your baby sleep and play.  Although there are the traditional soothers used for babies, they can be quite expensive.  Babies can also quickly outgrow the rockers and chairs quickly, which then makes them quite dangerous.  When your baby is playing or sleeping they should always be in the most comfortable, quiet and soothing environment.  A new addition to households that provide additional comfort and can be used at any age are Baby Bean Bag Chairs.  These make a suitable alternative for soothing your baby and helping them to sleep but are also great as your baby grows.  Bean bags for babies are quickly becoming a popular household item and over time can save you a lot of money.

What are Baby Bean Bag Chairs?

Bean bags for babies are just like adult bean bags.  Stuffed with a dried bean or polystyrene, they easily and comfortably mold around your babies body shape and size.  The soft fabric surface also gives your baby a supple comfort that traditional bouncers and rockers don’t usually provide.

What are the Benefits of Baby Bean Bag Chairs?

  • Bean Bag StuffingBaby beanbags have a special stuffing that makes it extremely soft. According to pediatricians, baby’s skull is deformed when it comes in contact of any hard or tough surface. The comfort a bean bag chair or cushion can provide will help prevent any health risks going forward.
  • SupportBean bags for babies are incredibly soft. They mold around the babies head keeping it in a proper shape and helps to desist babies from disorders like “the Flat Head Syndrome.” There are many small springy beans inside baby bean bag chairs that support good body posture.
  • Helps with refluxAfter each feed, keeping your baby in an upright position helps with proper digestion and therefore reduces reflux. Many medical professionals have been known to prescribe bean bags for babies to reduce the effect of reflux and for giving assistance in better digestion.
  • Fights Stresses in tissuesIf any nerve in the brain is compromised by being compressed, inflamed, or overstretched, its sensory or motor function may be affected. These bean bags for babies will also help to relieve such stresses and strains in the tissues.

Aside to all these benefits, these beanbags are also easy to wash, durable, lightweight and portable. So whenever you buy a baby bean bag chair, look for all these benefits and welcome a new member of your family with warmth and comfort!

Lets take a look at the best baby bean bag chairs

Top 5 Best Baby Bean Bag Chairs

1 Bambeano Bean Bagbest bag bean bag chairs bambeano

Top of our list of best baby bean bag chairs is the Bambeano Bean Bag.  Winner of Mother and baby award, the Bambeano is a high quality product and very popular choice for all parents.

Three layers of extremely comfortable foam, your baby will find the most comfortable seating position on the bean bag.  This is one of the many standout pros of the Bambeano.  The bean bag chair also helps reduce colic in babies as the resting position is so great.  Complete with 100% cotton fabric, this chair helps your little one enjoy every second of their time in the chair as it is soft to touch and complete hypoallergenic feel.

Although this baby bean bag chair is designed especially for babies to 6 months old, it is crafted so well that it can be used up to approx. 9-12 months with the harness depending on the size of your baby OR up to 5 years old without the harness.  The harness is so durable and adjustable that your baby will not feel uncomfortable in the harness as it will not press against their belly.

If you are searching for an environmentally friendly, extremely comfortable, safe durable and adjustable bean bag for your baby then the Bambeano is exactly that.  Babies and children love this chair and enjoy every second of the day they spend in it.  Whether sleeping or playing, your baby is guaranteed to love this chair..

2 Gaga Baby RUComfy StarsGaga Baby Best Baby bean bag chairs

Our second choice for best baby bean bag chair is the Gaga Baby RUComfy Stars Bean bag Chair.  This chair is one of the best bean bags for babies we have ever seen.  The Gaga Baby Stars chair is durable, adjustable and extremely comfortable for your baby.  The harness is adjustable enough to hold your baby in a safe upright position keeping them secure.  The chair is also comfortable enough for your baby to nap,  RUComfy have made the chair with a 100% polyester protective cover guaranteeing a nice cozy sleep for your baby.

When it comes to purchasing a baby bag chair, you must always ensure that meet all safety standards.  The Gaga Baby does just that.  The sitting spot is so soft and comfortable your baby will be able to have a nap.  Some baby bean bag chairs are known to be too soft that your baby could sink into it but the Gaga Baby is perfect.

Bean bags for babies come in all shapes, sizes and designs but the Gaga Baby is different.  Why?  The manufacturer, RUComfy, offer personalisation to your bean bag chair by adding the babies name to it.  Making the chair unique to you and your baby.

So many positives for the Gaga Baby Bean bag chair and the price is another amazing feature.  Being a cost-effective bean bag chair the Gaga Baby is a popular choice for parents.  Although the harness is designed for babies up to 6 months old, the bean bag can be used as your child grows more, just without the harness.

3 Mama Bababest baby bean bag chairs Mama Baba

Next up is the fantastic baby bean bag chair by Mama Baba.  Safety and comfort is the priority for all the best bean bags for babies and the Mama Baba does not disappoint.  Using the best quality materials to make this near perfect bean bag chair helps babies and toddlers grow to love it.

Mama Baba have created a velvet padded seating area that adds to the overall comfort of the bean bag chair.  The rest of the chair is made from a coated polyester that make the whole chair very easy to keep clean with a wet wipe or cloth.   There are also many different colours to choose from helping you match your home décor.  Additional to the range of colours to choose from, the covers are also easy to remove so they can be machine washed.  This is ideal for those babies that have little accidents that a wipe just wont clear.  One point to note though is when removing the covers, you will need to place the bean bag chair out of reach of your baby so that they cannot get inside to the beans and cause a mess or even worse, choke.

When your baby outgrows the harness, it can easily be used as a comfortable chair in the home.  The harness is very adjustable and safe for when baby is young.  Keeping them safe in the chair always during use.

For a reliable chair at an affordable price, this bean bag chair will do the trick.  Your child will experience extreme comfort when using this chair and you will have the peace of mind that your child is safe.


4 RUComfy Gaga Baby Bean Bag – Camper VanrucOMFY cAMPER vAN BEST BABY BEAN BAG CHAIRS

RUComfy are back with a high quality bean bag chair for your baby.  RUComfy provide the safest and most comfortable products which helps them to get a sound sleep and have constantly been developing the bean bag chair to try and deliver an overall perfect chair.  Well made and easy clean, the Rugagagacerise is a nice chair fit for any home.

Made completely of 100% polyester that waterproof to help avoid any accidents ruining your chair.  It requires very little maintenance as the cover just requires a simple wipe down or can be put in to the washer.

Keeping babies safety at the forefront of your mind is what RUComfy thrive on and this model is designed to ensure they cannot reach the beads inside.  The three point harness system that comes with the Ruggagacerise is completely adjustable and secure helping baby to relax comfortbale.

Furthermore, the Ruggagacerise comes in multiple choice of colours to help fit any room in your house.  .

5 Small World Baby Shop best baby bean bag chairs Tatty Teddy Small World

Finally, last but by no means least, the Small World Baby Shop baby Bean Bag Chair.  Providing baby items such as nursery accessories and furtniture, clothes and many other products for many many years. That being said, the Tatty Teddy Small World baby Shop chair is a fantastic bean bag chair suitable for your baby.

Made from a very stylish, soft, velour which provides additional comfort that supports your baby when resting on the chair.  Filled to perfection so that your child is lay in a very natural position helps them keep relaxed more and eventually fall asleep much quicker than a conventional rocker chair.  You can also get a personalised version of this chair just to make it unique to you and your baby.

As your baby will generally sleep in a bean bag chair then safety is the priority.  It has been designed so that comfort and safety is a priority for this chair and for your baby.  Everything the could lead to a dangerous situation has been strategically placed and hidden away and the three point harness is perfect in every way.

Cleaning is simple and the cover can be removed quickly and easily and washed in the washer.  You can even remove the harness when your baby is older and keep it as a chair

In summary, the Tatty Teddy version of the Small World Baby Shop Bean bag chair is a perfect choice for any child.  Looks great, feels fantastic and overall extremely comfortable.

Overall, if you are searching for a unique baby bean bag chair that is safe and comfortable, the Tatty Teddy model is the right choice. Not only does it boast a great appearance but also it is super comfortable for a baby’s rest.

Summary:  Best Baby Bean Bag Chairs

Overall, baby bean bag chairs are a great replacement to baby bouncer chairs or swings.  They provide additional comfort and durability that a bouncer chair and can also be much more fun.  Many different designs and colours are available in bean bags and there are hundreds of different choices available.  We have only provided the best 5 baby bean bag chairs available and these are only our choice.  We always recommend that you do your own research.

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