10 Best Baby Bean Bags (2022 Reviews)

Babies can be at risk of flat head syndrome and reflux because their skull remains pliable and soft in the earliest stages of their lives.

You can help protect your baby from flatting head and reflux with the best baby bean bag UK.

The soft velvet-like material on the upper side of a baby beanbag conforms to the shape of your baby, which enables to protect pressure points and prevent flat head, acid reflux, and colic.

The choice of baby beanbags, however, is huge in the market, and not every parent can make the best buying decision.

In our top selections, we have considered all the essential features your baby beanbag should have.


MamaBabaBebe Baby Beanbag is our top pick for this roundup. Why?

This pre-filled design features a soft velvet top that contours to the shape of your baby for the best performance. In addition, it has a durable base that is anti-slip and waterproof.

The Best Baby Bean Bag UK

1. Iconic Campervan Gaga + Baby to Junior Beanbag

When it comes to your baby’s wellbeing, the one beanbag that you can always count on is the Iconic Campervan Gaga+ baby bean bag.

This innovatively made baby pod is the best for comfort and security.

The soft seat design is suitable for preventing flat head while the unique angle of the beanbag helps avert reflux. These combined features will give you peace of mind knowing that your child is always safe and happy.

What truly sets Iconic Campervan Gaga+ apart from the rest is the detachable three-point harness: It fits your baby like a diaper for maximum security and comfort. When your baby is older, you can remove the harness for him or her to relax and play freely.

It comes with a moisture resistant and anti-slip base that does not get wet easily. You can also personalise the beanbag with your baby’s name.


  • Has a very soft and comfortable seat
  • The three-point harness offers maximum security
  • The base is moisture resistant and anti-slip
  • It is great for preventing flat head, acid reflux, and colic
  • Grows with your baby to junior age


  • May not be the best choice for a tight budget

2. MamaBabaBebe Baby Bean Bag

If you are looking for a premium quality beanbag with a luxurious texture, then the MamaBabaBebe is the ideal choice for your baby. (It’s also my top baby bean bag)

This product is pre-filled, which is great because you can use it right away.

The top of this baby bean bag is made of soft velvet material that gives your child a hugging experience when she is sleeping.

The base material is made of PV coated polyester that is not only strong, but also waterproof and extremely easy to clean.

It has a three-point harness, which is adjustable and suitable for babies of up to nine months old. Older babies can also use this beanbag without the harness.

The bright and colourful animal patterns are visually appealing because they make the beanbag stand out in the baby’s room.

The bag does not have a zipper tag, which is good because your baby will not be able to access the filling. It also has double-stitched seam for better durability.


  • Pre-filled design is ready to use out of the box
  • Three-point harness keeps your baby safe on the bean bag
  • Soft velvet material keeps your baby cosy when sleeping
  • Extremely safe for your baby because this baby bean bag does not have a zipper tag
  • Double stitching improves durability


  • Your child may quickly outgrow the bag
  • Could be comfier with additional padding

3. Sleepy Fox Gaga+ Baby to Junior Beanbag

Give your little one a place to relax and enjoy her precious moments with the Sleepy Fox Gaga+ Baby to Junior Beanbag. It is one of the top rated baby bean bag for newly born babies.

The 100 percent cotton cover is removable as well as machine washable, which makes it a practical option for busy parents.

This newborn baby bean bags is fitted with a foam panel insert that gives your little one the much needed support and superior comfort.

The adjustable harness with two clip openings makes getting in and out of the seat super easy.

The padding around the waist area of the harness provides your baby with a snug, comfortable, and secure fit.

This model conforms to all the minimum British safety requirements, which means it safe for the delicate skin of your baby.

The soft seat also helps protect your baby from flat head syndrome and acid reflux.


  • Safe materials are suitable for delicate baby skin
  • The design is lightweight and extremely portable
  • Easy to get in and out of the three-point harness
  • Padding around the waist improves fit and comfort
  • Helps prevent flat head and reflux


  • Could be better with more soft padding on the head rest

4. Mermaid Ombre Kids Classic Beanbag

Your kid will relax and play comfortably on the Mermaid Ombre Kids Classic Beanbag. It is a remarkable choice for kids ranging from two to eight years of age.

The beanbag is supportive and comfortable because it moulds around your little one’s shape.

This helps protect the pressure points of your child while relieving acid reflux and colic. Your baby will feel the unmatched comfort as she relaxes on the bag.

The Britain-made design features high quality fabric that is tough, easy to wipe clean, and machine washable. Therefore, do not worry about your messing up the fabric with coloured drinks.

The mermaid Ombre design is not just colourful but also visually appealing to your child when playing or relaxing in her bedroom.


  • A great choice for older kids, two to eight years old
  • The fabric is highly durable and easy to keep clean
  • It is supportive and comfortable when your baby is relaxing
  • Helps prevent flat head and relieves reflux and colic
  • The colourful design is what any baby girl will want to see in her bedroom


  • It is not a suitable choice for newly born babies and infants

5. Cuddle Soft Gaga Baby Beanbag

With an innovative design, the Cuddle Soft Gaga baby bean bag is the perfect relaxing spot for your baby.

It has a soft, comfortable, cuddling seat that offers extra comfort. The soft seat does a great job of distributing your baby’s weight. This helps to prevent flat head as well as acid flux. Your baby’s pressure points can rest easy.

The washable cover features a water-resistant lining, which is great because the contents of the bag are free from moisture or the elements.

The base is also anti-slip, making it suitable for smooth or slippery floors. The cover, however, does not feature any type of decorations. It is just plain platinum grey.

Another good thing about this beanbag is the three-point harness, which fits like a diaper for support and comfort.


  • This baby bean bag’s design is feather-light and easily transportable
  • Soft seat helps prevent flat head and acid reflux
  • Washable and water repellent cover
  • The base is anti-slip for safe use on smooth floors
  • Three-point harness keeps your baby secured when you step away


  • It is only suitable for babies who weigh up to 8 kilos
  • The delivery of the bag may take longer

6. Cotton Pink Stars Bean Bag Child Size

The Cotton Pink Stars provides your child with the luxury and intimate experience without hurting him or her.

A classic favourite baby beanbag for most UK parents.

It is made of 100 percent cotton, which makes the whole structure fluffy yet sturdy.

It features a soft and durable fabric with high quality stitching for added strength and safety.

Designed with dinosaur patterns, it is lightweight enough for easy moving and tossing.

It weighs less than two kilos, so your kid can use and play with it easily.

This baby bean bag comes with a set of matching duvet for added convenience. Not to mention that it is one of the easiest beanbag to clean.

We highly recommend sponge cleaning for this model.


  • Cotton-filled beanbag is very fluffy and comfortable
  • The full inner lining improves safety
  • Decorated with colourful pink stars patterns
  • A matching duvet set is available
  • Easy to keep clean through sponge cleaning


  • The product’s size is a little bit smaller

7. RuComfy Gaga Baby Beanbag

This baby beanbag provides your baby with the perfect napping and relaxing spot.

This unique bag will grow with your baby from birth. You get two colour options (platinum and baby pink) for preference.

The seating area has a super soft fabric that moulds and contours to the shape of your baby to provide maximum comfort.

It prevents flat head as well as acid reflux. The seating area also has an adjustable harness that helps keep your baby safe and secure on beanbag.

The outer fabric is water repellent and easily machine washable because it is pre-filled.

The base of the bag is anti-slip to prevent accidents when you are not nearby.

You can also personalise the cover to feature the name of your baby.


  • Soft seating area cuddles your baby for superior comfort
  • Prevents flat head and acid reflux
  • The adjustable harness ensures your baby is safe and secure
  • The pre-filled design is machine washable
  • The base is anti-slip to prevent accidents on smooth surfaces


  • There are not many colour options to choose from

8. Racing Car Gaga+ Baby to Junior Beanbag

Give your baby boy a thrilling experience when he relaxes with the Racing Car Gaga+ Baby Beanbag.

This incredible beanbag is available in five different colours for preference, including platinum grey, charcoal, red, royal blue, and cerise pink.

The available colour options feature printed front and rear wheels and a number plate.

However, you can always personalise the number plate to feature your child’s first name and year of birth.

The seating area features a super soft fabric that cuddles your baby to provide him with a hugging experience when sleeping.

This design helps to prevent flat head as well as treat reflux and colic.

Another incredible feature of this beanbag is the adjustable harness, which allows you to acquire snug and comfortable fit for your baby.

The harness is also removable when your baby becomes a toddler.


  • Unique design that grows with your baby
  • Available in five different colours
  • You can personalise the number plate printing
  • Soft seating fabric helps prevent flat head
  • The high-quality harness is adjustable and removable


  • Some models do not have breathable fabric
  • It is possible to get a late delivery

9. Counting Sheep Gaga+ Baby to Junior Beanbag

Give your little princess the comfort she deserves with this incredible baby bean bag from Gaga+.

It comes pre-filled with beans that support as well as mould to the shape of your baby’s body.

This ensures the pressure points of your baby remain unaffected. Therefore, it helps prevent flat head and soothe acid reflux and colic.

The comfortable seat features a soft fabric that provides a hugging feel.

The cover connects to a water repellent and slip resistant base fabric.

The well-made harness features adjustable buckles that help you achieve a snug and comfortable fit.

The harness is also easily removable, transforming this model into a toddler beanbag for playing.

Another good thing about this baby bean bag is that you can imprint your child’s name on the base.


  • The soft seat is good for preventing flat head
  • Great for relieving acid reflux and colic
  • The harness is adjustable and secure
  • The base is anti-slip to prevent accidents
  • This beanbag is a very colourful and stylish design for baby girls


  • Quality control may be an issue with some models

10. Personalised Unicorn Gaga+ Baby to Junior Beanbag

What a stunning little beanbag for a baby girl. The Unicorn guarantees support and comfort when your baby is fast asleep.

Unlike conventional baby bean bag designs, this model has a cuddle-soft seating area that contours to the shape of your little princess to help prevent flat head and ease acid reflux.

The top fabric and the cover feature a waterproof barrier for protecting the beans against accidental spills.

Do not worry about your child messing up the beanbag because it is easy to wash.

The base of the bag is anti-slip, making it safe to use on smooth surfaces. You can personalise the bean with unique texts or the name of your child.

The seat has a good quality safety harness that helps keep your baby from wriggling free.


  • Lightweight, portable and easy to transport
  • The cover is removable and machine washable
  • It is easy-fill compatible
  • Cuddle-soft seat prevents flat head and relieves reflux
  • A great choice for young babies


  • May come without the personalisation you requested
  • Your baby may easily outgrow the beanbag

What are the Benefits of Baby Bean Bag?

Bean Bag Stuffing

Baby beanbags have a special stuffing that makes it extremely soft. According to pediatricians, baby’s skull is deformed when it comes in contact of any hard or tough surface. The comfort a bean bag chair or cushion can provide will help prevent any health risks going forward.


Bean bags for babies are incredibly soft. They mold around the babies head keeping it in a proper shape and helps to desist babies from disorders like “the Flat Head Syndrome.”

There are many small springy beans inside baby bean bag chairs that support good body posture.

Helps with reflux

After each feed, keeping your baby in an upright position helps with proper digestion and therefore reduces reflux.

Many medical professionals have been known to prescribe bean bags for babies to reduce the effect of reflux and for giving assistance in better digestion.

Fights Stresses in tissues

If any nerve in the brain is compromised by being compressed, inflamed, or overstretched, its sensory or motor function may be affected.

These bean bags for babies will also help to relieve such stresses and strains in the tissues.

Aside to all these benefits, these baby beanbags are also easy to wash, durable, lightweight and portable.

So whenever you buy a baby bean bag chair, look for all these benefits and welcome a new member of your family with warmth and comfort!

Things to help you buying The Best Baby Beanbag UK

Bean bags for babies come in all shapes and sizes, but top baby bean bags should have the following features.

Quality of Materials

The material that makes the beans matters a lot, which is usually fabric or any other soft material.

The most popular types are beads, PVC, polystyrene, or Styrofoam.

You must be sure that the beads are hypoallergenic, and they will not trigger any form of reaction.

The material used to make the beans should have high-quality compression, firmness, and conformance to help prevent flat head and reflux.

Choose a Shape that is Safe

Apart from the size of the beanbag, you must decide a shape that is aesthetically appealing and safe for your baby.

The baby beanbag should be more of an oval shape with a slightly raised head section to encourage natural breathing and blood flow.

The base should be flat and anti-slip to help keep the beanbag glued to the floor for added safety.

Top and Base Covers

The fabric on top of a baby beanbag needs to be soft, smooth, and safe for your baby’s skin.
It needs to conform to your baby’s body for the best performance when he or she is sleeping or relaxing.
The base cover must be waterproof or water repellent to keep your baby safe from accidental spills when you have stepped away for a while.
It should also be removable and machine washable for easy maintenance.

Strapping System

It is so easy for your baby to slide and fall to the ground when you move away from the beanbag.

Therefore, you can put your mind at ease knowing that your baby is safe on the beanbag with a strong strapping system. Preferably, a three-point harness.

Final Thoughts

The winner of “The best baby bean bags UK”  is MamaBabaBebe Baby Beanbag. This high-quality beanbag offers reliable performance.

Your baby will love sleeping and relaxing on the soft velvet top because it contours to his or her body for maximum support and comfort.

With this model, you should not be worried about the flat head syndrome or reflux.

The materials used to make this product are safe and durable. They will not irritate your baby’s skin or cause respiratory issues.

The shape of the beanbag is just perfect, and the strapping system holds your baby firmly in place.


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