Top 5 Best Baby Bathtub UK Reviews 2021

When Isaic was first born, our first child, we didn’t realise just how much we needed.

High chairs, baby bouncers and what we almost forgot was a baby bathtub.

Babies are soooooo messy and once you realise this, then you will understand just how important a baby bathtub really is.

The first bath we gave Isaic, there was literally water everywhere.

He splashed his little feet away until half the water had disappeared.  What do we do?  We didn’t expect it.

We owned a bathtub but it was a table top one which made it difficult if using inside a normal bathtub.

Choosing the best baby bathtub became difficult because there are so many to choose from.  I am hopefully going to make that process simpler for you.

Top Newborn Baby Bathtub Reviews

Fingers crossed, the following reviews and products will make choosing a baby bathtub a much easier process.

TOMY Boon Naked Collapsible Bathtub

Next up we have the incredible Collapsible Bath Tub, the Tomy Boon Naked.  Such a beautiful bathtub for your babies.  One of the biggest reasons why this stands out as a great bathtub is just how safe it is.

Simple to empty, clean and also move around, the Boon Naked Collapsible bathtub is simply amazing.

It has an outstanding design which increases the safety aspect and also the comfort when using the tub is supported by how beautifully designed it is. Normal baby bathtubs should be a thing of the past when you start using this.

If you want to enjoy bath times, then this bathtub is great.  You can get your baby clean in little time and the qualities this tub has makes it by far our number one choice for best baby bathtub.

Easy to Clean.  Easy to look after and care for.  Stain free.  What more could you ask for.  Little maintenance and Lots of fun to be had.

One more amazing feature is the rotational device  This helps to ensure you are extremely comfortable when bathing your child as you can quickly rotate and adjust the position of the bath to suit you.  You don’t need to worry about storage as, once collapsed, it becomes super thin.

Perfect for newborn babies and toddlers, the TOMY Boon Naked Collapsible bathtub is fantastic.  The design, quality and overall product is just fantastic and one I would highly recommend.

If you do not like the look of the TOMY Boon Collapsible bathtub then why not try the normal Boon Bathtub.


  • Support in 2 positions
  • Newborn to Toddler
  • Secure
  • Basin Expands


  • Surface can be quite slidy

PRIMO – EuroBath

WOW! Just WOW! The Primo Eurobath is an absolutely amazing baby bathtub.  This pearl white bathtub will be the most comfortable and refreshing baby bathtub.

Designed to absolute perfection, the PRIMO Eurobath comes complete with innovative compartments for easy access to your essentials.

Making bath time safe and fun is the perfect way to enjoy bath time.  Being the parent, bath time needs to be simple and stress free.

PRIMO Eurobath have ensured you get all of this and a lot more.

Owning this bath is like getting a helping hand at bath time.  The super strong design and structure of the bathtub makes this one to keep for a long time (should you have more children maybe).

Bathing your child is a great experience for first time parents.  Holding them in the perfect position can be difficult whilst trying to wash them with the other hand.  Many times I accidentally dunked Isaic under the water through lack of concentration.

PRIMO have ensured that your baby is always in the perfect position and to prevent slipping accidents have added safety stoppers.  These prevent your child from sliding under water whilst you pick up the hair wash.  Furthermore, it is easy to clean.

This baby bathtub is suitable for babies from day one up to two years old.  As your baby grows just use the dual position adjuster and to make sure your baby continues to fit.

If your baby likes to chill in the bath, no worries, PRIMO have included arm and leg supports for them to rest their little feet and arms.  Being one of the largest babu bathtubs on the market, no matter how large your baby, he/she will fit.


  • Large Inside
  • Great Unique Shape
  • Safety:  arm and leg supports
  • Prevents slipping
  • Easy clean


  • White gets stained quickly

First Years Sure Comfort – Deluxe

Second we have the First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe bath tub for Newborns.   This bathtub is an amazing tub that not only gives you security to its fullest, but is also extremely convenient and comfortable for all parents and especially your newborn babies.

Being such a high performing bathtub in a very competitive market helps keep the First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe bathtub up there with the best.  With its superb design, you are able to keep your baby nice and safe and comfortable when enjoying bath time.

One stand out feature of the First Years Sure Comfort bathtub is the netting.  As with any new born baby,  being able to support them in the bath can be difficult.

This netting provides a safe and secure netting to cradle your baby.  This then frees up both hands to be able to wash and enjoy your babies first bath times without stress.

When your baby is strong enough to sit up themselves then you can remove the netting and allow them to comfortably sit.  This allows you to get plenty of use out of the First Years bathtub and enjoy each and every bath time.

When looking for value for money, this bathtub gives you that.  Suitable for babies from newborn up to 25lbs  you will not be sorry.  At first glance you will know you want this tub and with the first use your baby will be delighted.

For longevity the bath tub is simple to clean and is very difficult to break.  Netting can be removed and machine washed and First Years have also include mildew resistant pads for that extra cleanliness.


  • Mesh sling Included for extra support
  • supports larger babies
  • Deep design
  • Suitable for toddlers too
  • design


  • Mesh Sling not that durable compared to the tub

Muchkin inflatable Bath Tub

Bright, Colourful and shaped like a duck.  What more would a baby / toddler want?  Well, a toy duck to play with – that’s exactly what this inflatable duck bathtub comes with.  The centre of the duck is the bathtub

Getting your babies in the bath has never been easier.  Although it is quite large, it fits perfectly in a standard bath tub and with such a great price range, why not be a little bit different.

Although this it not ideal for babies it’s great once your child can sit up right on their own.  You can put your baby in but you must always hold them making it difficult to bathe.  The toys are suitable for all ages and are a superb addition to the amazing bath tub.

This Munchkin inflatable tub has one outstanding feature.  Built in technology that will let you know if the water is too hot for you baby / toddler.

This is a cool feature for any bath product and one that is rarely seen.  Also, you will quickly notice that the tub is watertight and easy to clean.


  • Suitable for all children
  • Unique design.
  • Superb thermometer addition
  • Easy to travel with
  • Simple to clean.


  • Some people find it quite small

4moms Bathtub

4moms returns with another amazing product.  Just like the 4moms mamaroo, the 4moms bathtub is amazing.

4moms always think about what is best for your and your baby and there is no exception with the bathtub.

A superb draining system ensures that your dirty water can easily be removed whilst your bath continues to use clean fresh water.

Being extremely comfortable for both baby and parent, your 4moms tub is just fantastic.  It also has an in-built thermometer which quickly tells you the temperature of the water in the tub.  This is a great way of preventing scolding.

One unbelievable feature of this amazing bathtub is the constant flow of water provided.  This will always ensure you are bathing your baby in a clean fresh bath.

No other tub provides such technology.  The colour coded thermometer always shows you quickly that the temperature is correct for your little one.

Other included features are the cup and holder.  Helping you gain easy access to be able to rinse your little on at arms-reach.

Furthermore, your toddler will be extremely comfortable safe with the cushioned sides.

Preventing any banging when splashing, your little one will enjoy each and every bath time.  Simple to clean, simple to use and above all else – SAFE!


  • Removes dirty water
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Colour Coded Readings
  • Ultra Safe
  • Classy design.


  • Expensive
  • Since been recalled

What should I consider?

Always buy the best!  That is our recommendation.  Cheaper, flimsier models, are just not good enough when you want your toddler to be clean and healthy.

A baby bathtub should always be simple to clean, safe and free from spills and germs.

You need to be comfortable also as you have to supervise bath time 100% of the time your child is in the bath.

Trusted products are the best way to ensure you and your child have a safe environment.

Some of our reviewed baby bath tubs have an included thermometer.  This is a great addition when you are bathing regularly.

Your babies skin will be sensitive to hot and cold so bathing in the right temperature will keep the experience nice and comfortable.

Digital or colour coded thermometers work just as good as each other, if one is included then its always a bonus.


Being able to store your bath tub can be difficult as some are bulky. Always check your storage space before going out and just purchasing anything.

Otherwise you could end up with a large bathtub and nowhere to hide it in the day.  Some have a hook to be able to hang on the back of the door, others collapse and fold.


Bigger tubs are great when you want a lot of space to put your child. A larger space will allow more room for your growing baby to move and splash.

Some will also find these more comfortable.  Smaller tubs are better for smaller babies however this could mean a second tub is required when your baby is too large for the tub.


Best Drainage helps the water quickly leave the baby bath tub.  If your tub does not drain properly then you can end up with scum and limescale on your tub making it harder to clean.

Once the bath is complete, drain the bath and clean and dry.  This will ensure you get a long lasting bath tub.  Always great if you decide to have another child so you can reuse the baby bathtub.


Last but not least is baby safety when using the bath tub.  Non Slip, Comfort and being out of reach of soaps etc.

All these aspects should be considered when purchasing a bath tub.  Being able to clean them quickly and easily and above all else, the temperature in the tub.

Having a quick identifier for the temperature in the bath is a great way of preventing burns on sensitive skin.

In Summary

You should never leave your baby alone.  No matter how safe the bath tub is you have purchased, your babies can be quick and before you know it, face down.  NEVER LEAVE THEM ALONE.

I have tried to review out Top 5 tubs to help you have a nice, comfortable and safe bath time with your baby.  We always recommend you do your own research however, we believe you wont need to with these best baby bathtubs.

They are all comfortable, well designed, highest of quality and long lasting.  Plus your babies will LOVE THEM!!

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