Best Baby Bath Seats and Chairs UK Reviews 2020

Challenges as a parent come in thick and fast and none more challenging that bath time. Using a baby bath seat is a great way of improving the management of your baby during this time. Reducing the nerve wracking experience to a more enjoyable one. Using a baby bath seat will prevent you having to hold your baby, freeing up both hands. Placing the baby bath seat on the floor of the bath can be adjusted to lie down or sit up. The comfortable, bucket shaped seats are designed to help your baby keep in the sitting position.

If your baby is not strong enough to sit on their own then reclining baby bath seats are available so that you can lie the baby down.   Most baby bath seats have buckles and straps to secure the baby and keep them safe. Others come complete with toys built in to keep baby entertained.

Your babies age is one of the key factors of choosing the perfect baby bath seat as this makes it easier for fitting and comfort. Some of the best baby bath seats come with suction cups to help grip the bath tub surface. These prevent slipping and sliding when your baby moves and keeps baby secure. Some also come with a gripping surface to keep some traction. High quality suction cups are the best and most reliable option. Check the quality of them before purchasing your baby bath seat as poor quality will be less reliable.

One of the most important things to remember is when bathing your child, even if you are using one of the most secure baby bath seats available, you should never leave your child unattended. Your child could still manage to escape the chair and cause itself harm or worse, drown. Baby Bath Seats still remain controversial amongst parents as even though the chairs are safe for your child, some parents still choose to leave them alone for small periods of time. Children / babies should not be left alone in the bath no matter what. This is extremely dangerous.

Top 5 Best Baby Bath Seats for Bath Time Support

1 Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Seat – Lie Down

Bath support seats come in all shapes, sizes, prices and quality. None of which stand out more than the Angelcare Soft Touch. This baby bath seat is the number 1 selling bath seat on Amazon today. With a great price tag and a nice blue or pink to choose from, this baby bath seat is great for boys or girls. To ensure your child has that extra support and comfort the Angelcare baby bath seat will give you just that. The Anti-Slip base helps securely fit the Angelcare to your bath and allows for babies to be active without worrying that the seat will slip.

Also included are 2 carry handles which will help you lift and move your baby around until you find a suitable place to put them. This also helps when bath time is finished as you can carry them out of the bath into a much easier place to get them out and dry. Once you have finished with bath time, you can hook the Angelcare up so it is out of the way.

Angelcare have produced a superbly designed bath seat that allows your baby to lie down comfortably. Made with a mesh material that not only grips onto your baby but allows water to quickly and easily drain out of the chair. Furthermore, the chair is completely mould resistant which is great for a bath product.

Finally, the price of the Angelcare is one of the best pro’s to this baby bath seat range as it is low cost, affordable and superb quality.

Suitable for New Born up too 6 months old this chair is a very popular choice for parents around the world

2 Angelcare Bath Seat – Sit Up

Were back with Angelcare bath seat, this time to sit up in the bath. Made with the same care and attention as the previous model, the only difference is this seat is designed to allow you to sit up. As it is a sit up seat, it is designed for older babies that can hold their own heads, normally around 6-12 months old. The three legged design comes complete with super suction feet that will help prevent baby from moving around in the bath and causing itself harm.

As previously stated the Angelcare seat is completely mould resistant helping keep it clean. The plastic used to make the baby bath seat is soft and keeps babies temperature up whilst draining water quickly when not in use. There is also a water indicator that allows you not to overfill the bath and keep the right level of water.

To help pro-long the life of the suction feet it is advised that the chair be stored upside down. The Angelcare seat is more suitable for babies from 6-12 months old as this is the best age for baby to hold its own head

3 Rotho Babydesign

Next up we have the Roth Babydesign Bath Seat. This sit up bath seat has a large comfortable back support and 2 arm rests to help support baby with sitting up. A non-slip seating area helps prevent the baby from slipping and sliding when wet in the bath and keeps them upright.

The four feet are super strong suction cups that will make sure that the baby bath seat doesn’t move. With a fold up front and safety catches your baby will be safe and you can put in and take out the baby with ease.

Rotho have designed this baby chair in many different colours and is suitable for babies age 6-12 months

4 Dreambaby Super Comfy

Although the Dreambaby bath seat is more expensive than the previous models, it is still an amazing baby bath seat. Suitable for sitting upright and babies aged 5-10 months old.

Dreambaby have ensured that getting your baby in and out is simple with the wide opening at the front. Dreambaby have also added a neat little feature to ensure that the water temperature is right for your baby. The star on the front changes colour when the water is hot or cold.

Like all our reviewed baby bath seats the Dreambaby has some strong suction feet than holds the seat firmly in place in your bath. The seat is padded for comfort however some customers have reported that the seat needs a little more cushion. The front also tends to rub on babies belly which can cause a bit of distress.

The seat is well liked by users of the bath seat and Dreambaby have ensured safety regulations are met. Its easy to use and install and putting your baby in and getting out is so simple and spacious.

5 Swivel Chair from Safety 1st

Finally we have the Swivel Bath Seat from Safety First. If you are looking for a simple, effective and cheap bath seat then this is for you. Although the quality is not perfect, it does the job and at such a low price why not add this to your baby gifts.

Complete with a roller ball for your child to play with whilkst in the bath, the seat has a back support suitable for keeping baby sat upright. Four suction pads prevent the seat from moving around and the bath seat is suitable for babies aged 6 to 12 months old.

Although not as good as the previous models it definitely does the job and supports your baby throughout the bath time. You can also turn your baby using the swivel function so they can face any which way you require

Benefits of Using a Baby Bath Seat with your Child

Bath time should always be a fun, enjoyable experience for you and your baby. On occasion, bath time can become extremely difficult and challenging. This can then make the whole experience difficult for your child and future bath times become less enjoyable.

There are so many positives and benefits of using a baby bath seat with your child. They can quickly reduce the strain and pressure you put on yourself as you don’t have to hold your child whilst washing them. Making bath time more comfortable by using a baby bath seat suitable for your babies age. This then keeps baby snug whilst you use both hands to clean and wash your child.

Baby bath seats are also lightweight and extremely low priced considering the huge benefits they bring. Most parents are comfortable enough to bathe there child without the use of baby bath seat however, using one is a great benefit. Because they are so lightweight, they are simple to clean and store away.

Although they are amazing for freeing up both your hands and make bath time much easier you must ALWAYS remember, NEVER leave your child alone at bath time.


Angelcare is the best bath support and bath seat available in our opinion. It supports your child in each and every bath. High Quality plastic is used to construct and the shape allows for extra comfort. Another huge positive for the Angelcare bath seat is that it is mould-resistant and so easy to clean.

Using a baby bath seat is a great way of being a little more comfortable when bathing your child. It also helps you to free up both hands for that nice comfortable bath time. Being safe and secure to the base of your bath helps your toddler enjoy bath time whilst being safe and secure at-all-times. Even though you have the peace of mind that your child is safe and comfortable, it is a MUST that you stay with your child at all times during bath time.

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