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BabyBjorn Bouncer is a  stylish and streamlined bouncer can grow and change with your child and turn from a newborn bouncer to a chair.

Beautiful and comfortable, this bouncer is amazing and stores away nicely into small spaces.  The sleek design will be one less baby toy left lying around the house.

Adding the BabyBjorn to your wishlist would not be a bad idea.  Any baby bouncer is an absolute must but the BabyBjorn provides just a little more than other bouncers on the market.  With the stylish and sleek design, the BabyBjorn Bouncer will last until no longer required as it can be put away and out of harms way.

Product Features

One great feature of the BabyBjorn is that it bounces naturally with babies own movements.  This makes bouncing comfortable and relaxing for baby.   There are also 4 different settings from flat pack style so you can store and take on your travels, all the way to upright.  When on the floor the sturdiness of the bouncer is noticeable and the harness is quick and easy to attach and fasten keeping baby secure.

The BabyBjorn is a complete basic bouncer with no toys, vibrations or music so no batteries are required for this one.

The greatest feature for any parent is the weight and size of the product.  Weighing in just under 5 pounds you can easily carry it around with you to the grandparents.  This also helps when you are wanting to take a shower or do some chores so you can move baby around the house to whatever room you are in.

Product Performance

The main reason for purchasing a baby bouncer is for child enjoyment and comfort.  Parents who have purchase the BabyBjorn have said that their child looks very content when bouncing in the chair and comfortable when sleeping.  Once baby can hold their own head, the bouncer to be adjusted to a more upright setting which also provided comfort and stability.

Some babies do however get bored as the chair provides no stimulation to the brain with lack of toys, music and vibration.  You can purchase one of several cute toy bars but these come at additional cost and are sold separately.

Some parents buy a bouncer to replace a baby swing but these are an alternative that babies will love just as much.  Using a swing can provide a more relaxing environment for your baby to rock to sleep.  Then when babies do grow, Jumperoo’s are a great idea to help stimulate babies minds and also allow them to enjoy themselves with all the lights, sounds and vibrations.  Also, the bright colors of the Jumperoo’s helps with baby sensory.

Product Designbabybjorn bouncer reviews

Noticably the BabyBjorn modern design and shapes will help it to fit any room and match most décor.  As it folds flat, you can simply stow away under the couch once baby is asleep at night.

Support to baby neck and back was one of the key details in the BabyBjorn design.  The BabyBjorn can be used from new born all the way too toddler age and can be simply changed with the switch of the cover.  You can then change this to a chair when baby is old enough by simply setting to the highest most upright setting although, most kids at this age have their own chair.

The cover is easy to clean and is machine washable which will make this long lasting if kept clean.

Summary: BabyBjorn Bouncer Review

Beautiful, stylish, sleek and simple – just a few words the describe the BabyBjorn Bouncer.  Several downsides are the lack of toys, sounds and vibration, and of course the price, however the BabyBjorn Bouncer makes up in comfort and durability.

If you have a smaller sized house and wondering where all the toys and baby equipment is going to go, this is the bouncer for you.  When not in use and put away correctly, you will not even notice it.


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