Welcome to BabyChairsNow and my reviews of some of the amazing Baby Chairs, Baby Swings and Baby Jumpers available

But before all that, lets talk about me.  My name is Elliot I am a baby, obviously my dad writes my content for me.

I have an older brother and live with Mum, Dad and Brother.

I have recently been introduced to my Fisher Price chair and I love it, i sleep in it, i watch TV in it and I play with the toys on the mobile.

Sometimes my brother even gives me his toys to play with.

I have been trying out other chairs, swings and jumpers but I am too young yet but when I can start using them myself I am sure my dad will be uploading videos for me.

My dad has been writing reviews for approximately 2 years, he tells me, and this page is a great hobby for him.  He works all day in his job and then comes home to us.

Over time this page will grow and grow and will continue to be developed to deliver some amazing reviews for you on the best products available.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions using the contact us link or by clicking here.

Any messages received I will try my hardest to respond, where possible.