4moms Rockaroo, Bounceroo and HighChair Review

Whilst reviewing some of the best bouncer chairs or highchairs, we have regularly come across the 4moms range.  Although we have not listed these in the other reviews, there is a reason for this.  These are the best of the best and to ensure they get a fair review, we have created a very own 4moms Review page to look at the 4moms Rockaroo, the 4moms Bounceroo and the 4moms Highchair.

We are going to start by looking at the 4moms Rockaroo.

4moms Rockaroo Review

Baby swings, bouncer chairs and other types of comforting rockers are quickly becoming a must have 4moms rockaroo reviewsaccessory for anyone having a baby.  Finding the right chair though can be difficult.  For a much more cost friendly range check out our Best Baby Bouncer Chairs page. If you are looking for the ultimate in baby bouncer chairs / rockers then the 4moms Rockaroo is just that. Reliable, compact and adjustable, the 4moms Rockaroo is an amazing rocker chair for your baby, but is a little more expensive than your conventional chair.

Features of the 4moms Rockaroo

Free Time: Baby Chairs are a great way of keeping baby safe and comfortable as well as giving you some free time.  Rest your arms, or even catch a quick nap whilst baby sleeps, the 4moms Rockaroo offers a great comfortable space for this to happen.  The 4moms Rockaroo will also rock your baby to sleep for you so you don’t have too.  Alternatively, if you prefer then a Baby Nursing Chair / Gliding Chair will do the trick.

Soothing Motion: Getting your baby to sleep is a difficult task, getting them to get themselves to sleep can be even harder.  The 4moms Rockaroo offers a soothing motion that helps babies to fall asleep on their own whilst just sitting in the chair. This removes the transition when you have rocked baby to sleep in your arms then have to move them to a chair.  This risk means that baby can wake up as soon as you move.

Compact: The 4moms Rockaroo can act just like a baby swing by helping baby to sleep.  The design of the 4moms Rockaroo helps save space and is easy to move around the house when required.  The motor for the rock is under the seat which allows to keep the design nice and compact.

Machine Wash: Finding machine washable baby products is an absolute must.  You don’t realise the importance of this until your baby has an unexpected leak or decides to store food.  Having machine washable items makes life so much easier and keeps them looking clean and fresh.  4moms Rockaroo has a removable cover which is machine washable.  Extra seat covers are available online if you wish to purchase on, which is a great idea so you can still use the chair whilst you wash the other.

Design: 4moms have designed all there products to be modern looking and aesthetically pleasing on the eye.  If you want a bright looking rocker in your nursery or home then the 4moms Rockaroo comes in a multicoloured version, or you could stick to the nice sleek grey design.

MP3: Some babies require white noise or soothing sounds to help them to sleep.  The 4moms Rockaroo has a nice little MP3 plug in that will support a phone or MP3 player to provide your own.  This is a huge bonus as most nature sounds that come with these products tend to distract the baby and not soothe them.

Mobile: A great feature of the 4moms Rockaroo is the bright coloured mobile with removable toys.  As your baby gets a little older they will find this mobile easier to interact with.  Mobiles on rockers and bouncers are the best way to help keep your baby entertained whilst in the chair.

Electric: Battery operated baby chairs quickly becomes a huge expense as the price of batteries constantly increases.  The 4moms Rockaroo is a mains-powered rocker.  This will ensure that for the time the chair is being used, you know it will never run out of power.


Free up some “Me” time
Soothing and comfortable motions for baby
Portable and Compact
Sleek and Modern and runs from Electric


Can only be used until baby is 6 months old

Summary: 4moms Rockaroo

Popular amongst parents everywhere, the 4moms Rockaroo is a chair that is compact and simple to use.  It also provides a wonderful experience for your child when trying to get them to sleep with the gently back and forth swinging motion.  Some babies will love this chair and others will hate it, but that’s just how babies are.

There are cheaper models on the market and looking at our best baby rockers or baby swings pages that are a little less expensive.  However, this is a widely popular brand and 4moms have done an amazing job.



Now let’s take a look at the 4moms Bounceroo.

4moms BounceRoo Review4moms bounceroo review

Being a huge fan of the 4moms Rockaroo I was keen to see just what the 4moms Bounceroo had to offer.  4moms provide some of the most creative and innovative baby gear.  4moms have set the bar with some of their products and in my opinion the 4moms Bounceroo is just another amazing product that looks like something from the future.

Features of the 4moms Bounceroo

Design: Some people love bright colours and jungle creatures on there baby chairs.  Others like a modern, plain coloured, simplistic design.  The bounceroo is just that.  In a solid grey colour, a nice silver colour or if you fancy, a confetti style.

Storage: 4moms Bounceroo has a fully collapsible chair and is just 29inches in length.  This allows for easy storage and helps keep it out of sight when not in use.  It is also lightweight so is easy to carry around should you wish.  The plastic quality is of the highest standard and is well made making the 4moms Bounceroo an exception piece of equipment.

Simple Bounce: Much like the Baby Bjorn bouncer, the 4moms Bounceroo bounces and soothes your child when they move.  With a natural bounce, the 4moms Bounceroo is comforting and helps keep your baby calm, especially when they are tired.

Modes: A great feature of the 4moms Bounceroo is that it is battery operated, although can become a little expensive.  The batteries operate the three different vibrating modes that the Bounceroo has.  Each of the vibration modes have a different intensity but unlike others chairs, these vibration modes actually help get your child to sleep and not keep them awake.  Named Heartbeat, Wave and Bee, the vibration modes are great little features.  Just three AA batteries and your up and running.

Easy to Assemble: This is by far one of the easiest chairs to put together.  Even for DIY Novices, this chair is simple.  With just a couple of instructions to follow you will be on your way.

Lightweight: The 4moms Bounceroo actually weighs less than your average new born baby (Just 6 pounds).  This makes the 4moms Bounceroo extremely portable and helps with travel or baby sitting if you need to take your baby anywhere, you can take this with you.

Machine Wash: Just like the 4moms Rockaroo, the 4moms Bounceroo is also machine washable.  Just unzip the cover and put in the washing machine.  This helps as bouncing in a bouncer chair tends to generate the odd poop to appear.  Any mess from this can easily be cleaned in the washer.

Mobile Accessory:  4moms tend to provide a mobile with most of there products and the 4moms Bounceroo is no exception.  The mobile comes in black and white on one side and coloured on the other.  The only problem faced is it does seem quite loose.


Available in more pleasant of colours
Easy to put together and to wash
Portable, Compact and lightweight
Three comfortable vibration modes


Mobile does not fit well and is quite loose

Summary: 4moms Bounceroo

The 4moms Bounceroo is a great bouncer chair for your child which will help free up some time for your self but also entertain your toddler when needed.  There are enough options on this bouncer chair to keep baby happy for a good 45 minutes to an hour.  Any longer and your child could get bored.  The mobile doesn’t fit too good however, overall, it’s a great piece of equipment and 4moms have provided yet another amazing product.

If you want to spend a little extra then go for the 4moms Bounceroo.  For a cheaper option, the Baby Bjorn Bouncer is our alternative preferred bouncer chair.


And finally, lets look at the 4moms High Chair.

4moms High Chair Review4moms highchair review

4moms futuristic feel to anything they produce have done it again with the 4moms High Chair.  Feeding time can be a struggle with spaghetti Bolognese sauce or tomato ketchup covering every inch of your toddler and your high chair.  4moms have tried to take away as much stress as possible with the amazing 4moms High Chair which is fully of clever little features to help improve meal times all round.

Features of the 4moms Highchair

Removable Tray: Removing the tray from a high chair can be very difficult and in some cases, near impossible.  With the 4moms Highchair, that struggle is no more. The highchair has to powerful magnets that the tray sits on preventing the need to line up slits and grooves.  To remove the tray there is a simple button under the tray that you press and life and the tray pops right out.

Eating Accessories:  Another fantastic feature for the 4moms Highchair is the accessories.  Plates, bowls, knives and forks can all be used with the magnetic tray.  This helps prevent your child from being able to lift the bowl or plate and throw everything on the floor.  Obviously they can still pick up the food but its easier to stop that that a whole plate full at once.  This will also help reduce the mess created and teach your child to self feed.

Each 4moms High Chair comes complete with a bowl.  Any other accessories you may wish to purchase come separately.

Adjustable:  Being able to adjust a highchair is not always featured.  However, with the 4moms Highchair there are several adjustments you can make to ensure the highchair grows with your baby.  Three tray positions ensuring the tray is perfectly placed for meals times.  Adjustable straps to ensure your child is secured comfortable and firmly in the chair.  Finally, the chair height can be adjusted in 3 different places with the lowest being suited for sitting at a table (without the tray)

Clean:  Being able to keep a highchair clean is near impossible however, the 4moms high chair is made simple.  Why?  Removable tray liner that is easy to clean or put into a dishwasher.  There is a foam insert that is also easy to clean in the sink or wipe clean.  And Finally, we searched high and low to find any small places for food to get trapped, but we found nothing.

Summary: 4moms Highchair:

If you are looking for a modern highchair that is easy to clean, beautifully designed and simple to use then this is it.  Comfortable, clean and simple makes the 4moms Highchair our number one choice for highchairs for children.  We have not reviewed this with other highchairs as it’s a more expensive chair in comparison and we wanted to keep the 4moms range separate as they are much more superior models in our opinion.

Overall, we found the 4moms range to be an amazing experience for our little one.  We would highly recommend any of these if you have the budget but if not then check out our other review pages.


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